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Mystical Journey Chapter 961

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“Reserve food in advance… easily said. Have you calculated thoroughly the amount of food you need? And how long will the aerial Predators be out in the air? Do you know? The Big Wild Wolves will no longer have the opportunity to replenish after I leave. You lose one of it, the number will be one lesser. With such a small bit of strength, can you say that you can be safe?” Garen frowned.

“It doesn’t matter. We have worked it out. If the food is properly stocked, we can hold out for more than a year!” East Perrin nodded and her eyes flashed with a fierce light. “If it is really not enough, we have alternative methods.”

“What methods?” Garen narrowed his eyes.

“Since our current physique has been modified, we could even eat Predator meat…” East Perrin said in a low voice.

Garen was quiet, but he could comprehend it. Now that everything in the wild had been eaten up by the Predators, once the food was not enough, the only thing that could be used as a food source was the Predators themselves. In the radiation belt, there were many cases of people eating people. What was more, Predators were no longer in the category of human beings.

“Are you all worried about the training method and training techniques?” he asked.

“Yes.” East Perrin nodded fiercely. “What you have given to us is too precious. Once people find out about this, it might be more dangerous in the wild. The radiation concentration here is very high so most people would not come here. It is the best natural barrier to completely isolate outsiders’ view.”

Garen pondered carefully. The others did not matter to him, but East Perrin saved him before. He could not completely abandon this debt of gratitude no matter what. He must consider her future moves clearly.

He asked about the arrangements and plans of East Perrin and the others here, the farming situation, and so on. After careful calculations, perhaps they might be able to survive here, provided that there were no accidental, unforeseen incidents.

“Since you have already decided, I won’t stop you then. But, I’m sure to leave. You must understand this.” Garen said quietly.

“We know. From the time you appeared in Leo City, I know that you would not stick with us for long.” East Perrin nodded.

“Sinno can follow me. Her modification has not yet been completed. Of course, this has to be on her own accord. The modification thus far has been successful and she now has a strong resistance to radiation. But, there will also be more risk if we continue it.”

“I have no opinion.” Sinno slowly entered from the outside. The doorway gradually revealed the appearance of others. Clearly, everyone had arrived. This was a critical moment that would decide the direction of their future development. Garen’s departure was a very serious matter. This means that from now on, they would have to protect themselves with their own strength rather than relying on the number of Big Wild Wolves. Of course, thirty Big Wild Wolves were enough for them to protect themselves for a period of time. There would not be any pressure in encountering small scale of Predators.

Garen had long heard their voices outside. He glanced at them and slowly nodded.

“Since all of you have reached an agreement, then I too…”


Suddenly, there was a thunderous roar in the distance. The whole mountain seemed to shake violently.

Ah~~Ah! ~~~~! !

A piercing screaming-liked sound travelled from far to near, penetrating the rock formations of the mountain and drilled into everyone’s ears.

Immediately, there was a painful expression on everyone’s faces.

A vague music rang in the air, as if many people were singing psalms or chanting. Layers upon layers of choruses kept on sounded non-stop.

Garen’s face changed. He rushed up and knocked out everyone. Sure enough, once fainted, the crowd’s faces quickly became much more normal. This kind of voice belonged to a mental attack.

He rushed out of the basement, passed through the third and second floor at the fastest speed and jumped out of the exit.

Whoosh! The sound of wind… sound of singing… a sharp whistling sound from the battleships swishing past the in the sky above!

A glaring white light approached and came into view. In the distance was a multi-colored, transparent, illusory huge tree. It was slowly extending into the sky and those layers of ballad seemed to be coming from there.

From far, the tree looked a few thousand meters tall. The thick trunk was constantly flowing with illusory translucent colored energy liquid. It was surrounded by a large number of Mech dots that were tinier than ants.

The eruption of energy fluctuations by these Mechs looked like the size of a fingernail from far. Time to time, some Mech dots would explode in the sky and fall. Fleets of warships farther away were flying towards the giant tree. Countless Mechs continuously darted out of the battleships. At first glance, there were thousands of them, almost covering the entire sky.

“What a spectacle…” Garen suck in a breath of cold air. Looking from afar, the battle situation was divided into three powers: black-white logo, gold line logo, and a completely silver force.

The Mechs and battleships of Blackboard and Polar Region had a black-white round pattern. The black-white symbol on them represented a force.

The combined fleet of Maria Region and Royal Region had gray-gold lines flowing on the surface of their battleship and Mech. Among them were powerful White Light Mechs. The gold line was their signature.

There was also a force that was entirely silver, whether it was the Mech or the battleship. The barrels on their body were far longer than that of others. Just a humanoid Mech would have no less than a dozen large barrels, looking savage like spikes. Among them was a leading Mech with a round silver rotating disk behind its back. On it were full of sophisticated and complicated mechanical structures. It was not known what its usage was.

The strangest thing was that the Mechs of this force was generally larger than that of the two major forces. They gave off a kind of inexplicable, peculiar aura.

The power situation of the three forces was very strange. Both Blackboard and Maria-Royal seemed to have only dispatched ordinary general pilots to fight and exhaust one another, whereas, the real powerhouse were still waiting and watching. There was no big move between them.

Similarly, the silver force was motionless here. Although they had the fewest number of people with only hundreds of them, they seemed to be taken seriously by all.

Garen looked up at the distant sky. The Mechs collided with each other and exploded, bursting out yellow-red flames like the blossoming of flowers in the sky. The sound of the explosion could be faintly heard, but more were the sound of muffled thunder rumbling. That was due to the infrasound vibrations formed by a large number of explosions together.

In the sky, hundreds of Mechs and dozens of huge battleships fired at each other, entangling in battle.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, black missiles fell down like meteoroids from time to time and left deep, empty pits of various sizes on the ground. White laser beams flickered and disappeared, like a flash of the sword which was quickly extinguished instantly.

Only a few laser beams would last for a while. They first gradually became thicker and brighter before they slowly thinned out and darkened.

Garen stood on the edge of the hill. Occasionally, dark colored battleships would break out of the clouds above him and flew towards the battlefield at high speed. At the same time, numerous Mechs would fly out of the battleships. Looking up to the sky, there was not a spot that was not occupied by the Mechs or battleships. The entire sky was slightly dim, even the light was obscured by these war machines.

Nobody bothered about the hills below, not to mention a little person on the top of it. Garen stood on the edge and looked at the battlefield. The leaders of the three forces seemed to be negotiating about something. After a while, the colorful giant tree began to move slowly and swayed its branches around. It seemed like something new had happened.

The three powerful forces suddenly became excited. Garen saw a Mech from the silver force headed straight towards the other two coalition forces.

“Central Sun Scorch, Hunter Whale!” A deafening deep groan burst forth from that Mech.

“Maria, Zero Rifle!” The gold line side flew out a slender, feminine white female Mech. Unmatched with her figure, she carried a huge heavy rifle several times longer than her body, looking anomalous.

After the two Mechs had revealed their names, there was no nonsense and they immediately engaged.

Now and then, Zero Rifle would shoot out beams of golden lines. The strange thing was these rays were actually able to bend and round the corners on their own. Their speed was extremely fast. From a distance, they were like golden nematodes, twisting and turning, constantly trying to penetrate into the body of the silver Mech on the opposite.

The silver Mech seemed to easily wave back and repel the attack of the golden lines. Occasionally, he would take a step forward. Behind him, several of the golden lines would automatically collide with each other and melt away as he closed in step by step. Zero Rifle was easily forced to move back bit by bit.

“How strong…” Garen watched from a long way off. The Mechs appeared as small dots due to the great distance. And yet, the energy attack that they broke out was actually the size of a palm. The proportion was astonishing. Even as Garen stood here, he could feel a slight sense of pressure, like a strong wind blowing on his cheek.

“Zero Rifle is being suppressed truly the powerhouse of Central Academy!” It was also Garen’s first time seeing the Mech pilot from Central Academy. All these pilots were gathered together at this time and seemed to be fighting madly for some secret treasure.

At this moment, a branch on the giant tree discharged a spot of white light.

This light spot was like stirring up a hornet’s nest. Instantly, the entire three forces of Mechs had no difference in faction. All of them rushed madly to the light spot tossed out by the giant tree, as if that was an extremely powerful treasure!

Even Zero Rifle who was still battling Hunter Whale, the Central Academy’s Mech, stopped fighting and darted straight to the light spot.

Unexpectedly, the light spot could automatically dodge. It twisted and turned, evading all the Mechs. Not even one of them could successfully seize it.


Suddenly, the giant tree spitted out a white light spot again, followed by the third and fourth. More and more light spots appeared, flying everywhere. All the powerhouses were dispatched to catch the light spots.

In particular, the Inherited Level powerhouses. Looking at each one of them from afar, their characteristics could be noted clearly. The ones that were covered with an unmatched Willpower shield and were rampant were of Inherited Level.

They appeared to consciously avoid colliding with one another that were of the same level, and shuttled around the general Mechs to catch the white light spots.

Garen soon found Seventh Divine Wind General from Blackboard Region. That blue long-barrelled gun Mech with its obvious characteristic had a mirror-like outer shell as blue as the sky. There were other similar blue Mechs around him. All of them emitted with a strong force field, directly clearing the site they were at.

Obviously, these were the four great Divine Wind General of Black Flood Party. They all wore the same one-shoulder cloak and a large word, Wind, was written on it.

“Hahahaha!! Black Flood Divine Wind General? Let me see if you are worthy of your title!!” Another acquaintance from White Light appeared in Garen’s vision. Ice Dragon! His familiar tone had always been very characteristic. It was difficult for Garen to forget after he had heard it once, or one could say that it was difficult for anyone who have heard of his distinctive tone to forget it.

A large Great Light Mech from White Light emerged and bolted straight towards the four Divine Wind Generals.

“Ice Dragon! Don’t get in the way!!” A Divine Wind General rushed out. With the two knives in hand, he gave a cross-slash and was entangled with Ice Dragon.

“Four, don’t get caught up with him!” The Divine Wind General leader bellowed, “Six and Seven, go force back that mad lunatic together!”

“I’ll use resonance skill, hurry!” Seventh Divine Wind General shouted. A dark cloud of black mass appeared in his hand and was gradually getting larger and darker. Very soon, it turned into a cloud of black airflow mass and was suspended between his palms.

Sixth Divine Wind General hurriedly darted out without saying much and provided close support. His single-broadsword was slashing out non-stop. The terrifying force field between the Inherited Levels constantly clashed together. Ice Dragon was only at a disadvantage for a moment.

“Resonance skills, Ice Cicada!! Hahahaha!!” Ice Dragon did not retreat but was even more fanatical. He seemed to be in full excitement and hysteria.

His Mech suddenly spewed out four white insect-like objects. The four things automatically turned and pierced towards two Divine Wind Generals. The speed was so fast that the two could not react. It was just a moment and those things were already in sight.

“Six, Four, don’t get entangled!” The Divine Wind General leader roared.

“Resonance skill. Black Dragon Sword!!” Seventh Divine Wind General incorporated the long spear pike in his hands with black mass and brought up a large gust of black wind. A huge force field power distorted the airflow, whirled and emerged before him, and then madlystruck the back of the Divine Wind General leader who was beside him.

Boom!!! Black gas tumbled all over.

The Divine Wind General leader’s body was pierced through from the back and the sharp tip of the spear pike penetrated the cockpit at the chest. The huge force thrust his whole body forward.


He looked down at the tip of the spear pike unbelievably.