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Omnipotent Sage Chapter 605


Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain was in an inexplicable space. However, for Zhou Bao, it was not a challenge to find it. No matter how secret its location was, it was impossible to go beyond the entire Heaven Realm or the Seven-deity Regions. From the top of the Nine Heavens Gang Wind Belt, to the 90,000 kilometers underground and sections of the Sea Area, all belonged to the Seven-deity Regions. Everything was within these regions, including Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain. It was not hard to find the mountain.

The space was enormous and empty and there was nothing special about it. A dazzling golden mountain floated alone in the void space.

It was Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain.

As soon as Zhou Bao entered, arrows of golden light shot toward him from the mountain, as if he had touched something forbidden. The arrows came at him quickly.

“Get out of the way!” Zhou Bao said coolly. A small green hammer was already in his left hand. With a gentle sweep, all the arrows disappeared without trace.

He gazed at the mountain and began to approach it. However, it suddenly twisted several times. The seemingly independent space produced an infinite amount of space, as if it had connected with the vast universe. As a result, Zhou Bao was unable to lock its exact position for the time being.

“Humph, cheap trick!” Zhou Bao squinted slightly and discovered that it was an automatic avoidance mechanism that was not being manipulated by anyone. Once someone intruded into the space without consent, this reaction would occur.

Zhou Bao believed that Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain already knew that he had entered the area.

“Zhou Bao, how dare you break into the forbidden grounds of Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain!”

Just as he expected, a sonorous voice rang out before he could make another move.

He realized it was the exact same voice he had heard when he emerged from the Transmitting Formation. He grinned, “Hey, Qi Ningbi, this is the fairy weapon I took off your son after he died, and I made him into my weapon. Now, try this weapon on. If you were crushed to death, I would not be responsible!” Zhou Bao shouted blatantly, brandishing two green hammers.

“You’re courting death!”

The Mountain Master was clearly irritated. Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain shook violently, and a golden light, 30 meters in diameter, appeared before Zhou Bao.

“Great!” He used his twin hammers to block in front.


The whole space shook, and Zhou Bao was forced back more than 30 meters. When he withdrew his two hammers, the golden light was completely blocked. He remained unscathed.

“Ha ha, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain is not that powerful!” Zhou Bao laughed grimly and raised the hammers.

The two hammers were cute, like two delicate watermelons. They were so pleasing to the eye, one had a desire to cut and eat them.

However, when Zhou Bao waved them, they generated a terrifying momentum. The shadow of a planet appeared behind him.

It was a planet, a planet from the void. It seemed remote, but the stress it brought was real. As soon as it appeared, the whole space began to vibrate.

This area was one of the myriad spaces in the Heaven Realm. It was just a space, not a world. A planet, on the other hand, no matter its size or pneuma, was a complete world. A planet was much better than a space. It was similar to when Zhou Bao’s Supreme Fairy Weapon could not coexist within a macro world, because there was a macro world inside the Supreme Fairy Weapon and something would go wrong if two macro worlds were too close.

Now there was an entire planet in this space. Although the planet was only a manifestation of Zhou Bao’s Hammer Spirit and a projection of the planet in his Fist Intent Space, the space could not bear it and started to reject the outsider. The repulsing force did not come from Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain, but from the entire space.

The planet’s shadow did not disappear from the force. On the contrary, it became real. With a howl, it broke through layers of space and smashed down on Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain as the green hammers moved.


The almighty crashes and echoes went on and on, as if nuclear bombs were exploding. Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain was shaking violently. Its golden halo rose desperately to ward off the ravages of the falling planet.

This was a major destruction for Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain. It had never encountered such a powerful attack.

After all, it was being hit by a planet. This so-called planet, although it had become a solid, in the end, was just a projection. And it was only one tenth the weight of a real planet. Even so, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain was badly damaged.

Like all other sects, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain had a strong defensive power, magic formations and lots of mysterious machines. Even a dozen Lords of Heaven joining forces to try and break down its defenses would not succeed. Unfortunately, for them Zhou Bao was quite unique.

Zhou Bao broke down all kinds of attacks with almost complete brute strength when he used his hammers.

He had extreme power, the Extreme Realm of Force.

That was the path he’d chosen. The path he was going to take. This decision would never change.

No matter what the magic formations, inhibition, mysterious machines or means, he did not need to worry. He had only one thing to do, and that was to destroy by force all that stood in his way.

He might not have been able to do it with his fists. But he had two hammers.

The effect was different!

Before the deafening crash and the echo of his first hammer ended, Zhou Bao’s second hammer came crashing down, followed by a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and, finally, seventh.

With his Eight Nine Mysterious Skill, the infusion of the Heavenly Jade Technique and the Snake-like Breath Holding Skills, the Dharma Power-restoring Skill recovering the speed of the Mysterious Divine Light, his super bloodline of the Primordial Demonic Ape Zhuyan, his fist intent of simulating universe at the Basic level, which he had a preliminary grasp of, and the weight and material of the twin hammers in his hands, he could make 16 hammer stricks in one breath and hit 10 breathes in a row. This meant he could make 160 strikes before he was exhausted. Eight hammer strikes were enough to destroy a small planet. He stopped on the seventh because it was a Critical Hit!

Less than half a breath.

Everything fell silent. In fact, by the time he hit the third, sound had vanished. The terrifying impact force had completely shattered the space. In the infinite space of the Heaven Realm, a huge hole formed, a hole of nothingness. There was nothing here. The area surrounding Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain was gone, the space did not exist. All vitality and matter, gone.

Hence, no matter how loud the sound was, it could not be transmitted.

So the changes that followed on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh hammer strick could only be described in one word.


Crush, crush, crush and crush again!!!

All went to nothingness and all went to oblivion!

Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain itself was an Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Device. It also possessed a myriad of forbidden skills and was very formidable. However, in the face of Zhou Bao’s attacks, especially after the seventh Critical Hit hammer strike, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain could no longer take it. The surrounding golden light shattered and disappeared. Huge cracks appeared on the mountain.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Dozens of divine thoughts came out.

“Four Lords of Heaven and 28 Venerables, Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain is really powerful. Hmm, what power is this?” Zhou Bao’s eyes twinkled. Among the divine thoughts, there was one imposing one, that carried the power to mend Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain when it came. Zhou Bao felt a vague instinctive fear of this power, for this divine thought was much more profound and obscure than those of the four Lords of Heaven. But he only feared it briefly. His hands, which held the twin hammers, tightened and he emanated a bloodthirsty battle intent.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking our Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain?”

Just when Zhou Bao’s battle intent broke out, the divine thought again showed wonderful power. It created a circle, and that actually produced a separate space. Zhou Bao was contained within the circle.

Zhou Bao knew that although the space was independent, it was not solid. With a little force, he could shatter it. But he didn’t, because the owner of the divine thought was attempting to speak with him, not trap him.

“Humph! Ask your Mountain Master why I attacked Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain. Ask him what he did.” Zhou Bao laughed wryly. This obscure divine thought was extremely strange, and also extremely powerful. It was easy to separate it from the divine thoughts of the four Lords of Heaven and 28 Venerables. Clearly the owner of this divine thought was more powerful than a Lord of Heaven.

In such a world where power was respected, the stronger a person was, the higher his status would be.

The Master of Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain was a Lord of Heaven. This person’s position in Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain was obviously above the Mountain Master. He was probably a Highest Elder who had been in a closed-door training deep in space. His sensitive nerves had been touched by Zhou Bao’s attack, so, worried that something would happen to Extraterrestrial Divine Mountain, he had come out.

“Oh, is that so?” The divine thought pondered for a moment, as if the owner understood. “You’re Zhou Bao. This is really our fault. I will give you an explanation. How about you come to our Divine Mountain and sit for a while. Do you mind?”

“Long-eyebrowed Patriarch, no!”