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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 73

"You" Li Qin was at a loss for words.

Those were the words Li Qin had once told Yun Shishi. She did not expect the latter to remember them.

Yun Shishi looked weak and defenseless in the past, but she was different now! One at a time, she would do to them what they did to her!

Li Qin grabbed her arm and was about to speak harshly when Yun Shishi gave her a withering look and commanded icily, "Take your hand off me."

There was an inviolable disdain in her tone.

Li Qin was angered by her defiance!

"Am I still your mother?"

Yun Shishi scoffed but gave a sweet smile before answering, "You've never accepted me as your daughter from the very start, so why are you asking me if I consider you as my mother now?"

Li Qin could not contain her irk. "It is good that your real mother deserted you, or your illegitimate son would shame her to death!"

Yun Shishi glared dangerously at her. "You'd better worry about your daughter. Ask her to tell you what troubles she's gotten herself into out there."

Yun Na incited, "Papa, look at her! She's trying to frame me! Yun Shishi, you b*tch! You are the one who is a disgrace to the Yun family for having an illegitimate child! People will laugh at us if they catch wind of it! You dare to accuse me of taking drugs; do you have any proof?!"

Yun Na had always been a little villain to Yun Shishi since young. Together with Li Qin, she had bullied and played tricks on her. She would often tell lies and sow discord between her father and Yun Shishi.

"Pa, do you trust me or her?" Yun Shishi asked resolutely, determined not to give in this time.

"Pa, don't listen to her nonsense! You have to believe me. I'm your biological daughter"

"Shut up!"

Yun Yecheng could not contain his chagrin. He had absolute trust in Yun Shishi as he saw how she had been suffering in silence all this while.

He could not stomach how she had suffered so much when he was not around. "Li Qin, you are getting from bad to worse. Shishi is still a child; how can you be so cruel to her? Do you still have a conscience?"

Yun Na also hung her head in shame and stood quietly in a corner. He knew she was guilty as charged!

"Great! Gambling and taking drugs? What a loss of face!"

"No, it's not Pa, listen to me; I can explain!" Yun Na's face was covered in tears.

"Shut up, you unfilial child!"

Yun Yecheng slapped her in a fit of rage.

That night, he gave Yun Na a good thrashing before Li Qin. The belt left bitter scars on her back.

When Yun Shishi left the Yun house, she could still hear Yun Na's wailing as the latter was made to kneel outside the hallway.

Yun Na had never been through such harsh treatment since she was young. She really hates me now.

However, such harsh punishment was nothing to Yun Shishi!

Li Qin and Yun Na had tortured her so many times in the past. Those were still etched in her memory.

Pricked, poked, slapped, hair ripped

What Yun Na was going through right now was nothing compared to all her sufferings!