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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 92

He could not understand why this was the case. All he knew was that something deep within him was mercilessly being torn apart.

He was unable to contain his fury, which was backed by other emotions desire, jealousy, unwillingness that he did not want to identify, from surging forth.

He was originally chasing after the Bentley, which had driven away earlier, upon catching a glimpse of an unknown yet oddly familiar young face.

He, who had been tailing the Bentley, was surprised to incidentally see Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi leave the hotel together.

At the same time, he saw Gu Xingze brush her hair so tenderly.

They were so intimate

Everyone knew how aloof Gu Xingze was.

He might appear gentle and mild-mannered, but, in actually, he greatly disliked getting close to any actresses in the entertainment industry.

He was with obsessive-compulsive disorder and preferred to keep his distance from everyone.

Was this woman the same as the others? She would use any means to rise above the rest?

This anger grew as he saw her get into the Bentley.

She Does she really have a husband and a child?

The thought of her being married and having a family made his frustration and aggravation reach a boiling point.

He closely tailed them all the way to this apartment complex. When the Bentley stopped and the mother-son pair alighted from it, he saw a man rush over and shield the two from the wind with his outer coat.

It was a heartwarming scene of a family. It hurt him to watch this.

He took a drag on his cigarette. His slender fingers then flung the cigarette butt out of the window as he slowly got off the car. Bump! The car door was shut with a bang.

She was alarmed by his forceful strides toward her and took a step back. Amid all the thoughts that crowded her mind, one firm desire surfaced.

Must not I must not let this man take Youyou away!

She was worried and scared as she turned around and hastily passed Youyou to Li Hanlin. She passed the house key to Youyou, ruffled his hair, and said with a trembling voice, "Youyou, you go upstairs and wait for mommy, alright?"

"Mommy" Youyou looked at her confoundedly and worriedly.

"Be good, mommy will join Youyou upstairs soon. Youyou must go first!"

Youyou's little hands clenched into fists as he pretended to obey. "Alright."

Li Hanlin looked confusedly at the scene and hurriedly carried Youyou upstairs.

Her slender body shivered in the cold gust of wind. She turned her pale face toward the approaching man with wintry eyes.

Mu Yazhe eyed her with bleak and chilly eyes that were as sharp as a sword. It was as if he wanted to see through her frail body.

His intense look, which seemed capable of piercing through her, made her uneasy.

"What What is this? Are you stalking me?"

She questioned him, but he remained silent. He inched closer to her.

His intimidating presence overpowered her and held her captive.

The man towered over her. His lanky height only made her appear even smaller and weaker, as if she could be crushed by him with a pinch.

"What do you want?" She widened her eyes defensively.

Before she could get into a defensive stance, the man dashed close and pinned her to the wall. He crouched toward her and effectively blocked her path of escape.