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Only I Level Up Chapter 140

After the minutiae were over, Jinwoo moved towards the Gate along the Knights

Guild and just before he entered…

“Wait a minute.”

Park Jong-soo and his Deputy Director, Jung Yoon-tae, checked the team’s equipment and its condition one last time.

The noisy atmosphere in front of the entrance disappeared and now it was silent.

Jinwoo liked that tension before entering Dungeons.

It calmed his mind.

He could not even count the times he got afraid just by imagining picking up a phone call from the Association with a Quest demand.

“There’s no problem, sir.”


Nodding, Park Jong-soo approached Jinwoo, who had stayed behind from the leading position.

Jinwoo’s eyes quickly turned to him.

“Sung Jinwoo.”


Jinwoo took his hands out of his pockets and faced Park Jong-soo.Then Park Jong-soo bowed deeply.

“Please take good care of us.” It was short but said a lot.

Jinwoo replied with the same words. “Please take good care of me as well.”

Park Jong-soo and Jung Yoon-tae took the lead, and the rest of the Hunters went into the Gate in unison.

Jinwoo made sure all the Hunters went inside and slowly walked into the gate

You have entered a Dungeon.

As always, the system message that others could not see, greeted Jinwoo. Hmm?

Jinwoo tilted his head.

The dungeon had a so huge passage that even giants could pass through.

He hadn’t been to the higher Dungeons floors for long, but he had seen them once.

However, Jinwoo was not worried about the size of the dungeon, it was the essence of the Dungeon’s air.


He didn’t know why but he felt comfortable inside the Dungeon.

There were countless times when he felt the ominousness that was in the air, but this was the first time he felt comfortable about.


“Here it comes!”

Unlike Jinwoos feeling, the raid encountered difficulty from the entrance.

“A Twin Heads Ogre!”

“Everyone, be careful!”

A Boss level beast, normally found in high level Dungeons, stood in front of the entrance with glowing red eyes.


The size of the Twin Heads Ogre was more than twice that of an ordinary one. It was hard to gauge its strength.

If a normal Raid team encountered a Twin Heads Ogre in the Dungeon, it would be busy running away from it.


-Knights Guild was different.

Park Jong-soo, the tanker, jumped in front of the Ogre.

The Ogre lifted a gigantic club over its head as if it had rooted a tree out and lashed it down as though it was a simple whip.


The shockwave resonated all over the cave.

However, Park Jong-soo, who had enhanced his body muscles with a skill, endured the tremendous power of the Ogre without bending his knees even a little.


“I’m okay!”

“Anyway, gramps, I’m coming too!

Jung Yoon-tae, who was the sub tanker, stood beside Park Jong-soo.

Park Jong-soo, who succeeded in attracting the Ogre’s gaze, let out a heavy roar.


The Knights counter attacks began.

Arrows, spells, swords and spears fell upon the Twin Heads Ogre.


Then, the wild Ogre went on rampage.


Park Jong-soo was not going to let him look away.

Sometimes, some attacks slipped past his defensive stance, but Jung Yoon-tae quickly took them all.

Wham! Thud! Bang!~

Jung Yoon-tae, who just received a kick from the Ogre, was pushed back drawing two long lines on the floor.

Thanks to that, the other hunters were unharmed.


The dealers attacks began to torn the Ogres body apart.


Jinwoo realized why Knights Guild had been the top Guild in Busan for a long time.


Eventually, the Ogre was pushed back dripping foam at its mouth.

Wham! Thud! Bang!~

And so, a Boss level beast fell down without a single casualty.

A neat victory.


Park Jong-soo clenched his fists.

-Was it because there was somebody else there?

The team and himself were more excited than usual.

-How did they look in the eyes of Sung Jinwoo?

‘If you are impressed by our teamwork and you decide to join our Guild, you will not have much to worry about.’


Park Jong-soo and Jinwoo’s eyes met.

Park Jong-soo was worried about Jinwoo reading his mind. Finally, he smiled and approached Jinwoo.

Ill take a break for a while.

Oh, sure.

Jinwoo nodded.

Unlike him, who was loaded with mana potions and unimaginable physical strength, the other Hunters had limited power and endurance.

-It was essential to rest for a while after fighting such a strong Magic Beast.

Park Jong-soo stood next to Jinwoo, looked at the Ogre’s body and said with a distorted face:

“This is a big dilemma.”

I dont think this raid is going to be easy, since the entrance was guarded by a Twin Heads Ogre.

He grinned touching his chin as he turned to Jinwoo.

“Do you know the nickname of the Twin Heads Ogre?”

Jinwoo shook his head and Park Jong-soo said as if he had waited for that response.

Tomb Being.

Is it a nickname given to it because there have been so many victims under its powerful kin?

However, Park Jong-soo’s explanation was different from what Jinwoo had expected.


He looked at the cave.

A sullen atmosphere seemed to flow from the other side of the darkened cave.

“This guy wasnt the Boss in this Dungeon, but since we meet him at the entrance…

Park Jong-soo spoke with a worried voice.

“…Undeads will come out.”

A phone call was received at the Hunters Association Call Center.

The caller was a young girl.

-Hey, is it the Association!?

As soon as the call connected, the sobbing sound coming from the earpiece made the receptionist aware that there was something unusual.

“Yes, that’s right. Could you tell me what’s the matter?.”

“Right now i- *sob* our school. Ther- *sob* monsters outside!”

“Outside? What is your position?

-I’m hiding. I was with a friend, but he wa- *sob* in the bathroom!

It was hard to communicate with her voice being interrupted by her own sobbing and crying.

But the experienced employee could connect the words to make out what the girl meant.

A message immediately was sent out to the headquarters.

[Magic Beasts appearance at school. Confirmation of one victim. The reporter is refugee inside.]

Did the school experience a Dungeon Break?

The receptionist shuddered with fear by the horrifying scenario and focused on saving the schoolgirl.

How many monsters are there? Are they nearby?

-I dunno, I don’t… *Screaming* *sob*. I can hear- many screams. Am *sob* goin to die?

Please calm down and listen to me.

She knew from experience how vulnerable humans could be at a dangerous moment.

Because of it, the person receiving the call had to remain calm, calm down the caller and elaborate the best solution for the situation.

That was her role.

The Hunters are on their way now, and they never give up on students, so you have to stay calm until the end, okay?

-Really? Then *sob* can I live?

The voice over the earpiece began to quiet down a little.

It was a good sign.

The receptionist, believing that she had succeeded in calming the girl, asked the most important question.

And those monsters… Do you know what kind of monsters they are?

-Y, Yes, I know. I know… I saw it. On TV…

Which one?

It was a good solution to hide in the bathroom if the beasts senses were dull and only used its eyes to chase humans.

The receptionist prayed that the monster that appeared in the school was of that kind.

-The… the body is humanoid, with *sob*, ugly face. Oh, and the skin is green.

For real?

The receptionist’s eyes widened.

Or… Orc?

-Yes, that’s the one. Orc.


The receptionist jumped up and shouted, unwittingly.

Run away from there! Right now! Orcs….


Despite the desperate wishes of the receptionist, the sound of the bathroom door being broken and a terrible scream was heard.


Knights’ raid was smooth.

It was so smooth that something felt strange.

Another one.


A gruesome beast, the size of a house, was running away from the magic attacks of the dealers but was caught and met its end.

The same thing happened repeatedly, and the Hunters started to get dubious about.

It’s weird

Why do they see us and then run away?

Don’t you think they’re being chased by something?

In the dungeon, powerful undeads such as Vampires, Liches, Dread Worms, and red Ghouls came out successively.

They were not easy opponents.

Extremely hard to kill, and one shouldn’t be careless when killing them because they would recover or come back and attack again at any moment


They did not bother fighting and gave up their lives to the Hunters helplessly.

-As if they were too scared to resist…

It was Park Jong-soo’s assessment of the magic beasts.

He even thought that he didn’t have to bring Sung Jinwoo.

No one knew what was going on in the Dungeon.

-Who knew that a top A-Class Dungeon could be so easily raided?

But still

It was not a bad thing to be able to finish the raid neatly without a single person getting injured.

It was fortunate, even though minor injuries happened here and there.

Jinwoo, on the other hand, was disappointed.

I expected it to be a top A-Class Dungeon

Although there was a ghastly magical power coming out from the inside, he wondered if he would be able to get any EXP if it continued that way.

He didn’t even have had a single chance to act because of Knights Guild

Jinwoo sighed in resignation.

But then…

Jinwoo’s footsteps stopped. Huh?

As Jinwoo turned around, Jeong Yerim came to a halt. What is it, Sung Jinwoo? Is there anything in the back? Jinwoo did not answer.

His heart began beating like crazy, unable to answer her question. Really?

Towards the outside of the gate, the pupil of Jinwoo shook sharply. Only then did Jeong notice that something was odd.

Sung Hunter…


Jinwoo’s face became stiff like a stone.



Terrific screams rang out from all over the school.

Only half of the students have left the school safe and sound.

Some of the other half had already become cold corpses and others were running around the school to avoid the Orcs.

-But it was just an insignificant resistance.

The hunting of the Orcs, starting from the lower floors, climbed upstairs and drove them all to death.


Students who were unable to escape and remained in the classroom covered their ears from the screams downstairs.

The third-grade classrooms were the top of the building.

Jinah was also among the third-grade students who could not escape.

The only means to defend themselves from the Orcs was a classroom door that was poorly blocked.


Damn it

The boys held chairs, mops, and anything that could be use as a weapon.

But neither one was strong enough to think properly.

They just hoped the Hunters arrived before the Orcs stepped into the classroom.


The crushed door fell off.



While the students were screaming, two bloodstained Orcs stepped into the classroom to see how many humans were there to be killed.


The boys, who were guarding the door, threw the mops away and ran to the back door and opened it.

But the Orc, that had been waiting in the back door, skewered an axe on the boy’s forehead standing in front of him.

Quiz! Chomp! Shhh! Stab! Crack!~

The boy, whose eyes were rolling, collapsed without force.



Both the front and the back of the classroom…

All the exits were blocked by Orcs.

The rest of the students stood screaming by the window, but everyone knew that jumping off from the sixth floor was the same as being caught by the Orcs.

Brother! Brother!

Jinah closed her eyes calling Jinwoo again and again amidst the students who tried to escape from the Orcs to the corner.

-Her brother was an S-Class Hunter.

She felt as if he would come running from somewhere at any time.

That was her only hope.



The Orcs, who had driven the students into the corners of the room, stopped. Then they talked in their own language.



Unlike ordinary humans, humans that could handle mana, were dangerous.

They was necessary to process them first.

The Orc that was ordered by the Captain, looked at the students and found Jinah.


The orc grabbed her wrists and dragged her towards the center of the classroom.



His subordinate was right.

She was weak, but the Captain could feel mana somewhere.

Whether it was the girl’s ability or a weapon, it did not change the fact that she was the first person to be removed.

The captain lifted his axe. Kky-kkyaaaagh…!

Jinah looked at the axe over her head and closed her eyes.


The captain snorted, and brought his axe down with a casual attitude.



And then…


Black smoke bursted out from Jinah’s shadow and instantly solidified.


The captain of the Orc scouts opened his eyes in surprise.



Before the Captain Orc could say anything

the High Orc slammed his fist against his head smashing it like a watermelon.