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Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 630

Inside the great hall, Ling Xian's lips curled up into a complex smile.

Ji Qian Bai and others were all chuckling and smiling teasingly.

They didn't think Ling Xian had the ability to fix the Array of Astonished Gods. To know that it was a legendary heaven level array and even when the array masters worked together to try and fix it, they were utterly helpless. What could a twenty-something year old do?

Therefore, everyone had a look of anticipation. They weren't waiting for the array to be fixed, they were waiting for Ling Xian to screw up.

At the same time, Ling Xian was anticipating too. He was looking forward to the moment he would fix the array.

Of course, more accurately speaking, he was looking forward to these people being embarrassed.

In other words, both parties were waiting for the other to lose face.

Though no cold words were exchanged and no killer's intent was revealed, this remained a battle of reputation. There simply was nothing in the open.

Plus, the two parties seemed very friendly on the surface. The importance of this wasn't about life or death.

It was about losing face and honor!

If Ling Xian could fix the Array of the Astonished Gods, then the ones lost face would be Ji Qian Bai and others. Not only would that be a slap in the face, but Ji Qian Bai himself would also feel ashamed.

If he couldn't fix the Array of the Astonished Gods, then what had said would be an arrogant behavior and a giant joke.

However, since Ling Xian dared to say it, it meant he had the confidence.

Don't forget, there was the Immortal of Arrays living inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals. Even if he himself couldn't fix the array, can't the immortal?

Therefore, Ling Xian was very confident and his expression was at ease.

"You sure are confident. However, only those with matching abilities deserve my admiration. Or else you will be treated as cocky and you will lose all your reputation."

Ji Qian Bai grinned. The seriousness in his eyes disappeared without a trace and it was replaced with mockery.

The four peak leaders and the three grandmasters behaved the same way as they looked at Ling Xian teasingly. They didn't think he had the ability to repair the array.

The grandmaster of the array, in particular, knew clearly how difficult it would be to fix the Array of the Astonished Gods. Even when he worked with the other masters, they couldn't find a solution. How could a twenty-something-year-old do this?

It was something impossible!

"Then let's try. When the result comes, we will know who wins and who loses."

Ling Xian faintly smiled and did not want to waste more time, "Headmaster, please give me the array board."

"I like the words 'win' and 'lose'. The situation between us is truly similar to a battle. If you can't repair it, you are slapping yourself in the face. Yet if you do repair it, then our faces are slapped."

Ji Qian Bai shook his head and teased, "I hope you will end up hitting our faces."

Then, he flapped around his sleeve and a gold round disc flew before Ling Xian while emitting the color gold.

At this, Ling Xian immediately frowned.

Normally speaking, when an array breaks down, there was no way the array board would still emit light. Yet the array board before him was sparkling. From certain angles, it meant this array wasn't broken.

But that didn't make sense. If it wasn't broken, why would the Sect be so anxious like ants on a pan?

"Young man, now you realize why it's difficult."

The array grandmaster chuckled, "There is a reason why we are without solutions. Because by appearance, the array isn't broken. But in reality, the array is not working. That is a fact."

"I see. It is no wonder why even when the masters worked together, it couldn't be fixed."

Ling Xian realized and infused his Qi into the array board. He wanted to inspect and pinpoint where the problem is.

However, after he scanned it inside and out, he found no problems with the array board itself.

This made Ling Xian frown. He inspected it several more times but reached the same conclusion.

The Array of the Astonished Gods wasn't broken!

"What is the logic? It is not at all harmed yet why can't this array work?" Ling Xian frowned and couldn't think of a reason why this was.

Luckily, he was no ordinary array master and in his mind, he contained an extremely valuable inheritance.

Therefore, he silently summoned it and the Immortal of Arrays' inheritance began to play itself in his brain. Then, he searched for strange occurrences related to arrays. After a little while, he found the right pages.

When a heavenly array doesn't appear harmed yet still doesn't work, then there is only one possibility the array had entered a dormant state.

And there is only one reason why the array would be dormant it was in the middle of a transformation.

Normally speaking, all heavenly arrays have the ability to transform. When they absorb enough heavenly energy, they began to metamorphose and intelligence is created.

As to what would happen after this metamorphosis process nobody knows for sure. Perhaps it gets stronger, perhaps it will become a being with consciousness, perhaps it will fail. The array may even lose its properties and uses.

"I see how it is."

After diagnosing the array, Ling Xian smiled, and relaxed. Since he now knew the reason, then there's no need to worry.

Just as he was about to tell everyone the truth, however, Ji Qian Bai suddenly spoke, "how is it going? Useless isn't it? So you basically slapped your own face."

"I slapped my own face?"

Ling Xian shook his head with a chuckle. He understood why Ji Qian Bai and others wouldn't believe him. After all, he was far too young and nobody would believe him. Plus, these people were nice enough and didn't say any mean words.

Therefore, he wasn't angry. He merely wanted to fix the array to prove himself and to make these important figures feel like they were blind.

Yet now, Ji Qian Bai had brought himself before Ling Xian and asked for a slap. If Ling Xian didn't slap him, then it would be too easy on him.

"Headmaster you are asking for it. Might as well, it will relieve my anger."

Ling Xian had a smile of sarcasm. He glanced around, "I have found the problem. If I tell you, you probably won't believe me, but it is the truth. The array is in a dormant sleep."

At this, everyone laughed.

Arrays go to sleep?

They've never heard of this. However, the grandmaster was frowning and was silently analyzing this possibility.

"Young man, I think you are feeling hopeless and are making up lies."

Ji Qian Bai's face was completely mocking now and declined Ling Xian's statement, "If you can't fix it, then just say it. We placed no hope in you so losing face before us is nothing."

The four peak leaders and the profession leaders also didn't believe him. They thought Ling Xian had merely found an excuse to lie to them.

"So none of you believe me."

Ling Xian smiled and found his normal calmness, "Then I will show you evidence to make you believe."

Then, he formed a hand seal and displayed a technique learned from the immortal. It was a technique that enables him to communicate with arrays with newly acquired intelligence.

Immediately, the gold array board began to shine brightly like the Sun in the sky.

Everyone at the scene had a look of surprise.

Because a voice was appearing in their minds and speaking a short one sentence.

[He is right]

That "he" was naturally Ling Xian.

In other words, evidence had been collected. The important figures of Yuezhou were about to be slapped in the face.