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Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness Chapter 190

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You dont have a w.a.n.gFei?

Although he had said this, when she thought of the look Princess Zhao Yang gave towards Long MuChen, she couldnt help to feel sour in her heart

If it wasnt that the two people had mutual affection towards each other, how could they be that upset and sorrowful

They have adultery! They must have adultery.

Duo Er, you really misunderstood me. Zhao Yang, I just treat her like my sister. I definitely dont have any other thoughts. Long MuChen watched as Qian DuoDuo seemed to be a little unhappy, hurriedly explaining.

Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes again. Dont believe this!

Long MuChen knew that this girl definitely was bothered by it. In his heart, he was slightly comforted by it. He lowered his head, moving closer to her face not afraid: Or does Duo Er wish for this w.a.n.g to marry her?

I dont dare if you want to marry her or notPlus this matter, you should go back to the prefecture to ask your w.a.n.gFei. Why are you asking me?! Qian DuoDuos tone slightly raised. She turned her head around, ignoring him.

w.a.n.gFei? Duo Er, this w.a.n.g doesnt have a w.a.n.gFei Long MuChen was stunned, answering honestly.

Really? Then you must have a couple CeiFei, concubines, or mistresses? Qian DuoDuo squinted her eyes. Suddenly, she was interested in Long MuChens love history.

No Long MuChen answered decisively. He watched as Qian DuoDuo doesnt seem to believe him so he added: I have always been in the military and going on expeditions on the battleground so I basically dont have any thoughts on having a relationship.

Qian DuoDuo thought that there was a problem. She fiddled about it for a while before replying: The sentence was quite good. Although most of the time youre in the military, after all, youre still the w.a.n.gye and held the power of the military. You have a lot of power and plus you look quite nice. No matter if its your status or reputation or within the hearts of the wealthy young misses, they always step over one another wanting to go into the door of the Cheng manorPlus, I see that Senior Concubine Lin and the Empress was rather happy with pulling the strings and acting as a go-between for marriages. How could there not be a single woman by your side?

She thought about this type of wealthy man and was elegant as well as graceful. He was rather handsome and if this was in the society of where she lived in the past, he wouldve become a Prince Charming. Many people would throw themselves in his arms!

Plus, this was also a feudal society. In order to keep the family line running, the man within the royal family usually forms families early on. Look at this Long MuChen. He was probably in his twenties. Normally, at this age, even his son would be born? How could he not have a woman?

Isnt this obviously not scientific?

I really dont! The woman that this w.a.n.g doesnt like, even if they firmly force me to accept them or give me medicine, I will not touch them in the slightest bit! Long MuChen exclaimed this statement with integrity!

Qian DuoDuos impression of him, in her heart, had increased by a lot!

She seemed to be excited, as though beaten with chicken blood: Then are you a virgin?

This girl, can she speak not so directlyIs she not embarra.s.sed?

On the other hand, Long MuChens gaze was mixed with an evildoers light. He softly coughed and turned his head around, nodding his head proudly

Qian DuoDuo held her mouth open out of shock and unbelievably stared at his face. Then she looked at his body and in the end, her gaze looked at

Long MuChen faced towards Qian DuoDuos teasing glances and the whole body felt uncomfortable.

Youyou are in your twenties and actually still is a virgin? Dont tell me that in the past, you had never met a woman you liked?

Qian DuoDuos question held a little reservednessOnly she knew.

Long MuChen nodded his head and moved closer to Qian DuoDuos ears