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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1108


Through the cracks on the ground, Qin Nan could easily see a middle-aged man wearing a black robe and a crown as he lowered his head. He was none other than the current Dark Emperor.

In front of the Dark Emperor stood a young man with an evil grin.

He was the Dark Emperors adopted son Tang Xiao, who was the current Vice-City Lord of the Dark Royal City.

Father, youve grown old. Its time for you to resign, but you are not willing to let go of your authority because of your greed. As such, you shouldnt blame your son for this... Tang Xiao waved his hand, signaling other four Vice-City Lords to surround the Dark Emperor.

The Dark Emperors eyes widened as his figure trembled furiously. He did not expect these people to betray him.


Qin Nan who was floating above the City Lord's Mansion struck without hesitation, firing a terrifying saber intent at Tang Xiao and his crew.

Whos there?

Tang Xiao and the others were startled, but they immediately let out a relieved sigh after being aware of Qin Nans aura.

He was only a first-layer Martial Progenitor.

Destruction Domain!

A shocking black glow was emitted from Qin Nans back, which suppressed the figure of the four cultivators like a giant mountain.

Tang Xiao and his crew were astounded as they never thought that the saber intent was just a ruse. They rapidly unleashed their artifacts and talismans to protect themselves.

Crack crack crack.

As the Destruction Domain descended, it shattered everything it came into contact with.

This... Tang Xiao and the rest were dumbfounded, as the fear of death arose in their hearts. They quickly let out a scream, Senior, please save us!


A colorful flower petal appeared from the rift like thunder, crashing in Qin Nans direction. Qin Nan flung his arm and slashed it into pieces, allowing the Destruction Domain to annihilate Tang Xiao and his crew.

Who are you? The Dark Emperor asked.

Someone whos trying to protect you. Qin Nan declared without turning his head around, Yu Qingtong, hurry up and protect the Dark Emperor if you dont want to die!

Yu Qingtong who was wearing a blank face floating in the air immediately collected her thoughts. She landed on the ground and unleashed a misty aura that encapsulated herself and the Dark Emperor.

Even though her strength was not comparable to Qin Nan and the others, she was still a genius ranked over a hundred on the Monarch Ranking.

Qin Nan, you...

Yu Qingtong stared at Qin Nan. She finally understood how outstanding Qin Nans strength was, which explained Chen Zilai and Jiang Bilans attitude toward him.

However, before she could finish, two shocking auras stepped out from the rift, which turned out to be two cultivators in black robes. They charged in Qin Nans direction like two flashes of lightning.

How strong!

Qin Nans eyes flickered with astonishment.

Even though the two cultivators were both first-layer Martial Progenitors, their levels of cultivation did not necessarily reflect their true strength. Judging from their strength, they could easily be ranked in the top twenty on the Monarch Ranking.

Ten Thousand Flower Blossoms!

One of the cultivators wearing a black robe suddenly reached out her jade-white hand and spreading her fingers apart, summoning countless petals to rain over the City Lord's Mansion, resulting in massive destruction.

Qin Nans figure shuddered as his eyes were filled with shock.

Why did he feel like he had heard the voice before?

Destruction Martial Tree!

Qin Nan had no time to hesitate. He immediately unleashed the Destruction Martial Tree which floated above the place, causing the Destruction Domain to expand rapidly.


As the petals dropped onto the Destruction Domain, a series of explosions took place, causing the entire domain to shake vigorously.

Wooden Dragon Claw!

At that instant, the voice of a young man could be heard as a giant dragon claw reached out from the rift and penetrated the Destruction Domain with brute force.

You are

Yu Qingtongs eyes widened when she saw the dragon claw, as her face was filled with disbelief.

Qin Nan was taken by surprise. He had managed to shatter the Destruction Domain?


Qin Nan slashed forward with the Heaven-Shattering Saber, shattering the dragon claw into pieces.

To his surprise, the man in the black robe uttered a strange cry as if he had realized something, causing him to rush into the distance.

Its him! Its him!

Yu Qingtong suddenly became excited as she executed a movement technique and chased after the man.

Yu Qingtong, what are you doing?

Qin Nan was startled. He was about to stop her when the other cultivator attacked once again, summoning countless strange-looking flowers with incredible power with an ancient hand seal.


The shock in Qin Nans eyes grew stronger.

He only knew one person who was able to execute this move.

However, it was impossible for her to be involved in this Monarch Horoscope Contest. If that was the case, who would this person wearing a black robe be?

Qin Nan quickly activated his left eye and glanced in the direction of Jiang Bilan and Sage Chen Zilai. Their auras were no longer inside the city, but fighting against two cultivators each wearing a black robe outside it.

Sage Chen Zilai was battling against a demonic cultivator, while Jiang Bilan was facing a saber artist.

Both of their opponents were extremely powerful, thus it was hard for the outcomes to be decided within a short period of time.

It was reasonable if they were to stumble into a strong opponent, but why would there be four strong opponents?

Martial Trees unleashed!

Qin Nan showed no hesitation as four Divine Battle Trees emerged from his back.

The Dark Emperor who was standing behind him was utterly stunned, as he never thought someone would actually surpass the rules of cultivation!


With a thought, the five Martial Trees rose into the sky and suppressed the rift.

The strange flowers that were initially growing rapidly came to a stop and began to fall apart.

The cultivator in the black robe remained silent as a few crystal vines grew out from her back like strings of magical hair, whipping at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan quickly dodged the attacks like a phantom.

Show yourself!

Qin Nan slashed the mask of the cultivator accurately in half.

He was interested to see who exactly the cultivator was to possess such impressive strength.

As the mask was unveiled, a glamorous face was exposed, causing everything in the City Lord's Mansion to become dim.

Qin Nans eyes widened as his figure began to tremble slightly.

Why was she here?

Why was it the Princess?