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Perfect Fiancé Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Obsession Like how a cat loves fish wayyy too much.

Ming Xuan

Su Jin suddenly lifted her head, "Ming Xuan? Ming as in the bright moon and Xuan as in day-lilies?"

A picture of what the flower, daylilies, look like.

Dr Sun was somewhat surprised at this rather emotional girl before him and he smiled faintly while he asked, "What's the matter? Do you know each other?"

What was implied was, that person was indeed Ming Xuan.

"Lu Xi" As she turned back to look at the man beside her, her beautiful phoenix eyes shone and twinkled; they held some excitement, some hesitation and a little doubt.

The person that the Ming family had poured so much resources and efforts to find, unexpectedly To have him simply appear right before them like this?

Lu Xi reached over to pull her to his side and glanced at Ji Min as he asked, "Miss Ji, how old is Xue Kai this year? Also, when is his birthday?"

Ji Min thought it was a little strange, but still replied, "Twenty-six years old, his birthday" She smiled bitterly as she shook her head, "When do kids who grew up in orphanages have birthdays?"

Twenty-six years old

"There is a high likelihood of it being correct, let's give Ming Xuan a call." Lu Xi lowered his head and told Su Jin.

"Mmm." Su Jin could not contain her bright smile as she went away to make the call.

"Director Lu." Ji Min frowned, "May I ask, is there something wrong?"

"Can we talk about it when Ming Xuan is here?" Lu Xi curled his lips slightly, showing a warm smile as he spoke in a deep, comforting voice, "Relax, it's good news."

Good news?

All the people at the scene looked at each other, a thought was slowly brewing in their heads.

Orphan, his bone marrow compatibility could it be?

Ji Min's eyes sparkled as she shot Lu Xi with an inquisitive gaze.

Lu Xi lips curled faintly into a smile whilst not replying.

In less than an hour, the Ming family came rushing in.

From the youngest generation Ming Xuan, the parents of the Ming family and even the doddering and feebled Ming Family elder came.

The four of them represented the three generations of the Ming family.

As people who were able to survive and make a name for themselves within the entertainment industry, they would definitely not be lacking judgement and So when they recognised the members of the Ming family, one by one, the cast and crew gave their excuses and took their leave. Even if they were curious, the private matters of the aristocratic families were not something they were privy to nor could they be involved in.

Moreover, if the situation was truly what they had imagined it to be, once everything was ascertained, wouldn't one's curiosity be a.s.suaged when the inevitable news was spread?

Watching the outsiders tactfully leaving, Ming Xuan walked quickly to Su Jin and asked anxiously: Xiao Jin, is what you said true? Where is he? How is he now?

The three people from the Ming family looked over as well.

"Of course it's real." Su Jin laughed as she reached out and pointed to the ward, "over there."

"Younger brother" Ming Xuan stood in a daze and promptly strode forward to enter the ward.

"Ming Xuan Jie!" Su Jin reached out to grab her, "Don't be in such a hurry."

"This is Miss Ji Min." She pointed at Ji Min who was standing beside her and said, " Grandpa Ming, Uncle Ming and Aunt Chen, Ji Min is Xue Kai's manager and his girlfriend. With regards to this matter, right now, it is still based on Lu Xi and my speculation, so I suggest you do a paternity test to verify. Well then, I'll leave the rest of these matters for all of you to discuss, we will take our leave first."

The discussions that followed were for the Ming family to talk about; even if the two families were to be united in marriage, it was not her place to interfere any longer.

In the end. It should be pretty close. Her lips curved up in a gentle smile as she pulled Lu Xi's hand, leaving the hospital together.

"Will you be going to tonight's news conference??" Lu Xi asked on the journey back home.

"I'm not going." Straightforwardly, Su Jin shook her head, Rather than taking the risk and facing the danger from any a.s.sociation with Su Jin just to watch a mundane news conference, she would prefer to head home and do more writing on her novel.

This silly girl, was she really trying not to blow her cover? She didn't want to. give him additional pressure?

"Have you heard of the idiom: the 300 silver taels are not hidden here?"(1)

[1] (w yn sn bi ling) this is a metaphor to say that one had revealed what one had intended to keep hidden/secret. The background story is about a man called Zhang San who managed to save 302 silver but was so worried that it would be stolen. Adding to that, he was mistrustful, so he nailed them to a wooden box and buried it. Thinking he was wise, he happily wrote on a tablet saying "there isn't 302 silver here". His neighbour w.a.n.g Er (aka name phonetically sounds like King and Two) saw this and stole his silver and merrily wrote on the tablet, "The King Two next door did not steal your silver. What this means is to essentially to be so 'clever' that one exposes the truth in order words, showing off one's stupidity.

"Huh?" Su Jin was dazed, turning her focus towards him.

"You mean" She furrowed her brow and thought, "If I don't go, I would be under scrutiny instead?"

Lu Xi curled his lip and nodded.

It was quiet again in the car, Su Jin leaned back on the seats and seemed lost in thought.

Mingyu Park.

The black Porsche stopped promptly in front of the Su house entrance.

"I'll come to pick you up tonight?" Lu Xi opened the car door and said to the person stepping out of the car.

"Okay." Su Jin nodded in response, paused, and hesitated for a while before asking, "Lu Xi"

"Hmm?" Lu Xi lowered his eyes slightly, and the vision in his attractive peach eyes was filled with the sight of this female.

"Xue Kai's issue You"

She wanted to say more but couldn't elaborate. However, Lu Xi was quick to pick up on her nuances. Helplessly, with a lift of his lips, he responded softly, "It was merely a coincidence, it's not like I could predict the future."

"Mm." Su Jin nodded her head and hurriedly waved her hands, "See you tonight!"

Watching from afar as the girl walked into the villa and her figure disappearing from his line of sight. Lu Xi drooped his head slightly, and his lip corners turned into a downward arc.

So this is what the idiom meant. Where water flows a ca.n.a.l forms(2).

[2] (shu do q chng) It means that if the conditions are met, then things will naturally fall into place or find success.

The news conference was set to start in the evening at six. At four, Lu Xi left the house to fetch the lady living next door for dinner.

The both of them weren't high profilers, moreover, Su Jin was going to be seated offstage as an audience today, so she dressed very casually.

Su Jin wore an ordinary white T-shirt and denim hot pants. Lu Xi, as usual, wore a white dress shirt accompanied by black long pants, only, there are just some people who were naturally walking 'clothes hangers' and carry the clothes they were superbly. Even with such simple clothing, it was obvious that he would attract much attention.

Like the welcoming of the summer's day, light rays streaked across these two people and filled the street like many pairs of slender legs. Su Jin suddenly recalled a video she had seen before she had learnt that Xue Kai had fainted and was admitted to hospital.

As they sat in the shop and felt the many surrounding gazes turning their way, while they watched the waiter who after confirming their order still dawdled around, Su Jin haplessly rubbed her temples impatiently.

"Next time, we should just get a private room ."

Lu Xi, who was sitting opposite her, nodded his head in total agreement.

His little miss should really be kept hidden.

"Speaking of which," seeing that he had nodded, Su Jin was not surprised at all and instead exhilaratingly, proceeded to address another matter, "What do you usually received in your email?"

"Email?" Lu Xi knitted his eyebrows when he had grasped her meaning, he nodded his head slightly, "Ever sinceHeart-pounding Excitement, constantly there will be some, however, the office inbox had always been managed by Qin An, he will screen through all the messages before reporting the relevant ones back to me.

"Why?" He leaned forward his eyes brimmed with slight gentleness, "Jin'er has finally realised that my market value isnt bad so you're beginning to look favourably at me?"

"Look at you?" Su Jin arched her dark brows, " What is mine is mine, no matter how pretty something is, if it's not mine, what's the point?"

"You are slacking off at work." Lu Xi looked her in the eye, "If you like something, you should put in the extra effort to get it."

"For example Like how you've treated me?"

"No." Lu Xi shook his head, "That's not just like."

"Su Jin, you are the obsession in this life of mine."

So, when will you, be willing to open up the door to your heart and accept me? When will you stop suppressing your feelings for me?

The person facing her had his back straight and the always smiling peach blossom eyes reflected a sense of stillness. His look was much too serious that Su Jin's heart wavered slightly, but she lowered her eyes and broke the connection with his eyes.

"Let's talk business." She said "Have you settled on the actor who will replace Xue Kai? Will he be selected from those we have shortlisted?"

Lu Xi's heart sank slightly but had changed the subject accordingly to hers.

"No." He shook his head, "A few days ago, someone contacted me already."

Six o clock, in the small hall of Shen Hai University.

Su Jin was seated at the corner of the first row, half of her person was hidden in the dark and propping her chin with one hand, she looked at the lithe man on stage.

"With regards to Xue Kai, his prognosis has already been confirmed to be leukaemia by Shenhai City's First Hospital."

This sentence sent a buzz through the audience. Even though everyone knew about the production team calling the ambulance, most of them suspected that it was just the flu, a fever or a superficial wound that occurred during the filming, they absolutely did not think that it would be as serious as leukaemia.

"However," Lu Xi frowned slightly, hesitating for a while, waiting for the audience to settle down before saying, "Thankfully Xue Kai was diagnosed with M3 type leukaemia, and the doctor says it is curable, but it will take a while. Xue Kai's manager, Miss Ji Min will elaborate further in detail the plans and future arrangements so I won't be adding anything further in regards to this matter."

Curable? With this word, the buzz grew softer.

"Director Lu, if this is the case, willSunflowerneed a change of actors?" One reporter asked from the panel off-stage.

"Yes." Lu Xi nodded, "This is the second issue that I was going to mention today."

"Even though Xue Kai's condition can be treated, it is time consuming so we regret to say that we have no alternative but to terminate our collaboration at this point. As for the new replacement actor", he curled his lip slightly, "Inviting Mu Cheng's latest actor to take the role "

The stage lights dimmed as a spotlight fell on the designated s.p.a.ce on the side of the stage and the audience craned their necks to look over.

A tall and slender figure appeared in the line of vision, he took steps forward to the centre of the stage and stood at Lu Xi's side.

"Director Lu." The man nodded his head at Lu Xi, his bright and handsome face lighted up with delight, "h.e.l.lo everyone, I am Zhuo Junan.

Su Jin, who was in the audience, widened her eyes.

So it was him?

For the Film Emperor to come forth to take the second lead role, this was certainly most startling news for everyone. It was no wonder that Lu Xi, this fellow, was keeping this a secret from her.

However Lu Xi did say that someone contacted him which also meant that Zhuo Jun An was the one to initiate the contact. She raised her brows, just how charismatic was Director Lu?

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