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Perfect Match Secret Marriage Chapter 314

It didn't take long for Wang Tingting to be noticed by the group of girls, but Zhao Fei did not acknowledge her until Wang Tingting stopped in front of her.

Looking up at Wang Tingting calmly, yet sinisterly, Zhao Fei smiled. "Where are the drinks?"

Hearing this, Wang Tingting did not pause and in a split second, she threw the money and the crumpled piece of paper straight at Zhao Fei's face. The bills rained upon the woman but the paper had hit her square in the face with a light pak sound.

Seeing this, the girl's around the two were completely dumbfounded. Some were deathly afraid while other's could not believe what they had just seen.

Wang Tingting had always been Zhao Fei's bitch. Zhao Fei would ask her to roll over and wag her tail, and Wang Tingting would do it despite her obstinacy and pride.

What could happen now? they wondered.

Most of them could not take their eyes off the situation, knowing that everything was going to turn to hell soon, and Wang Tingting would be destroyed. But many of them could not help but wish that Zhao Fei would be destroyed instead.

Truth be told, Zhao Fei's group was one with a mix of people. Some hated the girl, some loved the girl and some knew that it was best to hang out with the girl, if they didn't want to get bullied. But if there was something they all shared; it was fear.

Zhao Fei loved to be feared. So she purposely found ways in order to blackmail people and hurt them in order to gain their loyalty. This was the only surefire way Zhao Fei knew how to achieve it. She didn't believe that she could trust people if she didn't have their weakness.

A moment passed and Zhao Fei had not reacted. She just looked at the bills scattered on her lap. This was more nervewracking than if she had moved. Suddenly yet slowly, Zhao Fei moved her hand and grabbed one bill using her index finger and her thumb before she lifted her head to look at Wang Tingting calmly.

This look sent shivers down Wang Tingting's back. She wanted to run away, but if she did that, she would just be sentencing herself to true destruction; not only by Zhao Fei's hands but by her own self-hatred, which would come out of that action.

"What's the meaning of this?" Zhao Fei said as she waved the bill.

Wang Tingting was about to rant. She was about to explain how she was done with taking Zhao Fei's orders and that whatever Zhao Fei did to her, Wang Tingting didn't care anymore. But suddenly, Zhao Fei's gaze moved from Wang Tingting to someone behind the woman.

Zhao Fei chuckled before she said, "This is probably your doing, isn't it?"

Hearing this, Wang Tingting turned around to see the calm face of Lu AnLing, who stood close behind her.

Though due to Zhao Fei's words, Lu AnLing smiled politely.

"What did I do?" Lu AnLing asked innocently. "I'm just a simple bystander."

The way Lu AnLing slightly changed her voice, made her sound both innocent and sarcastic, at the same time. But that was not all. There was another thing in her voice and it took Zhao Fei a bit of time to pinpoint but when she did, she frowned.

It was arrogance

"Lu AnLing... what are you planning? Haven't you done enough damage?" Zhao Fei said curiously. Her white lotus mask was not the one she wore at the moment, instead, it was her usual self. All the people around her were her 'friends' so she could act as she always did; cunning and malicious.

Lu AnLing smiled dryly. "Me? Planning something? Oh no... I'm not you. I'm an open book and besides, I'm just here as moral support."

Hearing this, Zhao Fei laughed.

"Support for what? This?" Zhao Fei said as she pointed at Wang Tingting. To Zhao Fei, the girl wasn't even a person. She was more lowly than an ant. "Her little act won't last long."

She then smiled cunningly.

Seeing this, Lu AnLing didn't back away, she just stood there as arrogantly as she did in the beginning.

Seeing this, a person from Zhao Fei's group could no longer take it anymore.

"Bitch Lu AnLing, why don't you mind your own business!" Lu AnLing heard a familiar voice say.

Turning to look at some of Zhao Fei's friends, Lu AnLing couldn't help but laugh. There were many people that she had seen at the reunion. But the one who had spoken was one which Lu AnLing had believed Kang Jun had already taken care of for her.

Gu Ning.

Seeing Gu Ning so long after the reunion, Lu AnLing could not help but smile a bit viciously.

Despite Kang Jun and Lu AnLing announcing their marriage, the news had barely spread. Mostly the very rich in connection with the Kang family knew about it but the rest, not so much. Many were afraid of what Kang Jun would do to them if they started rumours. The man had decided to have a 'secret marriage' for a reason!

This only meant that a grand majority of people did not know Kang Jun's marital status and for now, Lu AnLing liked it that way.

Prior to the reveal, Lu AnLing had thought that now that she was Kang Jun's wife she would have to act in a way which she wasn't comfortable with, but it didn't take long for her to notice that this wasn't so.

The feeling was freeing...

Looking at Gu Ning, Lu AnLing smiled, "How's your uncle doing? Has he found a new job yet?"

Hearing this, Gu Ning stood up quickly and practically rushed her way towards Lu AnLing. The woman was ready to scratch Lu AnLing's face off but before she could reach her, Lu AnLing had been pulled back by Tang Bingyi.

Truly, Lu AnLing had not expected this. She was about to do something to Gu Ning on her own.

Turning to look at Tang Bingyi who held onto her arm, Lu AnLing smiled and then she turned to Gu Ning and said, "You should thank her, she just saved your life."

Hearing this, Gu Ning scoffed.

Meanwhile, From afar, Tang Yiling, who, by accident, had seen the scene, snapped a picture of Tang Bingyi and Lu AnLing together as they confronted the group of women and then she sent it to Tang Luoyi.

Tang Yiling: [Is there anything we can do with this?]