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Pet King Chapter 777

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Due to El Nio and global warming, the world’s wild, hard corals were facing an extinction crisis. There were even some people who joked about buying some hard corals now, and 40 years later they would be worth more than gold

Corals were strong, yet also fragile, creatures.

They were strong because they were constantly replicating and splitting, so they could survive for more than thousands of years. After they perished, the coral reefs formed from the accumulated remains would gradually rise out of the surface of the sea, forming a string of pearl-like reefs and even islands in the vast sea. For example, the Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands were both composed of coral reefs.

If there were no corals, China’s territorial waters would be much smaller than what they were today.

They were said to be fragile because, although most of them lived in tropical seas, they were unable to withstand water temperatures that were above 30 degrees for a long period of time. Otherwise, they would expel the Zooxanthellae that lived in symbiosis with them and they would quickly meet their death.

However, the intensification of the greenhouse effect had caused seawater around the world to slowly rise in temperature, and corals were not like fish; they were unable to swim to cool waters. It might not even be 40 yearsit could just be 20 years before wild hard corals ceased to exist in the world.

Aside from the rising temperatures, the acidification and eutrophication of seawater were also important causes of the collapse of hard corals, which were entirely attributable to the discharge of human’s domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

The seabed of Mirs Bay in Dapeng was a water-rich paradise with rich coral species more than a decade ago. Now, it was just a large stretch of underwater desert.

With the situation being as such, the country had decided to crack down on the aquarium market and ban the exploitation and trade of wild, hard corals, especially in the South China Sea. Currently, the hard corals circulating in the aquarium market were mostly cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australiatheoretically, it was as such; however, because of the profitability of coral mining, in addition to cultivating them in Indonesia, fishermen would also mine for corals to increase their production. Because they were mixed and sold, it was difficult to distinguish whether they were cultivated or were from the wild.

Soft corals, on the other hand, did not have that many prohibitions, because soft corals were more tolerant to temperature and there was no risk of extinction. The species of soft corals in the store were significantly more than those of the hard corals.

The female customer from earlier had browsed through the store, but it seemed like she didn’t find a coral that was to her liking. She couldn’t help but have a disappointed look on her face as she shook her head turned around to leave.

The owner of the coral specialty shop seemed to have the intention to keep her at the shop. He raised his chin and pointed at the Coral Importation Permit on the wall and proudly said, “I’m running a certified business here and I went through a great deal of trouble to get my hands on that permit. Those colleagues of mine that laughed at me in the past are now all having their meal in jail. You all came at the right time. You may wish to stay a little longer since there is a new batch of corals arriving shortly.”

“Oh?” The female customer was suddenly interested. “How long does it usually take before you bring in a new batch of corals?”

“It’s never fixed, but probably about three months or so,” the boss answered. “Usually we’ll bring in new ones when the corals are about to be sold out. We’ll bring in more of those that are popular while also a small number of new corals as a trial.”

The female customer frowned. “You are too conservative in running your business. There are too few types and colors, it’s hard to get customers interested, you know? Like this Cup Coral that’s only in gold and the Brain Corals which are all basically green Whether it’s the Open Brain Coral or the Aussie Doughnut Coral, it’s all in greendeep green, light green, dark green Do you just like putting green on your head?”


Snowy couldn’t help but laugh from listening to her. Even the netizens in the broadcast channel had their stomachs hurting from laughing too much. They only hated the fact that there was nothing to look at.

The female customer sounded like an experienced aquatic hobbyist. Her words were so sharp she got the boss looking all embarrassed. The boss tried to explain with a bitter smile on his face, “I do want to bring in more varieties, but corals are really too delicate There are also many of them that I’m not able to raise myself, such as those that have to be sold immediately after they’re brought it or they’ll just perish in my hands.”

Since the shop owner had the courage to run a coral specialty shop, he definitely had to be an expert in coral raising, too, and his standard of raising was most definitely higher than that of the female customer. There was just such a wide variety of corals that he had to care for, and each of the corals had different requirements for their water temperature, lighting, and raising environment. After some time, he would definitely be exhausted, and, if he was not careful, he would be making big losses.

Zhang Zian was deeply sympathetic, but he didn’t have any intention of getting involved.

He concentrated his attention on observing the corals that were currently displayed in the store, and it was just as what the female customers said. Although there were various varieties, they were all the common species. Their colors were also rich, but often lacked the rare colors, and the tanks with the Brain Corals were a patch of greeny green.

The color of the corals was an important factor in determining their price. Even if it was the same kind of coral, the price could be several times or even ten times more as long as the color was different.

Rare things were always more expensive, and everyone wanted to raise a coral with a rare color. So corals with rare colors were usually sold out immediately after they were brought in to the fish market, while those with the common colors were not as popular.

Zhang Zian had originally planned to visit the other coral shops, but after he heard that there would be a new batch of corals being shipped in soon, both Zian and Snowy decided to stay around longer.

Snowy was there to widen her horizon, while Zian and the female customer exchanged glances. They had a tacit understanding that the both of them were there to try their luck. If Zian was able to find a rare coral type or one with a rare color, it would definitely enrich his aquarium.

However, that also meant that he was going to burn a hole in his wallet.

Snowy asked, “Boss, the display area outside for aquascaping tanks did not allow photography is it okay here? I’m a network anchor, so if it’s okay, it might help your shop with some advertising effect”

The boss pondered for a moment. Seeing that Snowy was a beauty, he agreed. “Only in the shop, then Actually, I’m not hoping for any advertising effect since coral raising is actually a very small circle, so those that are interested in buying corals can only come here.”

With his permission, Snowy could finally take out her phone. She faced the camera to the inside of the store and walked around. The various strange and unusual coral tanks immediately amazed the netizens on the broadcast channel.

Some netizens were not happy with what the boss had said. They mentioned that they would head down in the next two days to buy some corals and to specify that they were only here because they watched Snowy’s live broadcast


The elevator stopped at the second floor. It was not the normal elevator for customers, but the cargo elevator that was meant for staff members. It had a wider door compared to an ordinary elevator.

“Move! Move! Move! The one in front, please make way!”

When the elevator door opened, the employee wearing the fish market uniform pushed the delivery cart and appeared in the elevator. He spoke loudly to the customers who were blocking his way in the front.

The cart was piled up with huge cooler boxes and they looked really heavy.

“It’s here.” The boss perked up immediately and exited the game he was playing on his phone.

Zhang Zian and the others were also looking forward to it.