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Plundering The Heavens Chapter 335

While Li Ying and Han Ying were quarreling at the valley entrance, Fang Xing was being immersed in the feeling of being completely covered in waves of Qi. His innate talent was ordinary at best so he'd never been too intimate with Qi, which was why he had to rely on pellets in the first place. This was his very first time feeling such a large amount of Qi rolling at him; it was the very first time he felt as though he was one of the heavens' dearly beloved child being given their most precious resource.

The Qi sliced through the sky, like an oar passing through a great and vast sea flowing into a lake.

Fang Xing experienced almost no bottleneck between the third and fourth tiers of Foundation Stage thanks to such plentiful replenishment. The tower of Dao's fourth section took shape almost immediately and began solidifying with Qi, yet only one tenth of the golden pellet had been used up thus far while its golden strands continued to extend outward.

Although Fang Xing's cultivation speed began to slow down once the fourth tier of his tower was completed, it wasn't because the golden pellet had lost its effect, but because all the Qi in the surrounding area had become thin after he'd inhaled so much. The golden strands within began to dim and retreat back into the golden pellet, while the golden pellet itself continued to float within Fang Xing's dantian. It didn't rise too high nor sink too low and there were no signs of it being used up; Fang Xing even felt that as long as he didn't purposefully activate the Scripture of Revered Spirit, this golden pellet wouldn't be used up at all and would remain within him forever.

"This isn't a f*cking pellet at all! This golden pellet it's some kind of cross between a pellet and a spirit tool" Fang Xing cursed to himself in shock after unintentionally discovering its proper use. The stuff within this Mysterious Domain truly couldn't be understood with common sense, and he had no idea how to categorize this pellet.

The things within the Mysterious Domain were nothing like what could be found on Tianyuan, and even some common knowledge was completely overthrown. The pellets within the land of Tianyuan typically contained large amounts of Qi, but this golden pellet overturned this basic principle and actually gathered Qi instead. It was like a core that directly drew the Qi between the heaven and earth into the user's body.

This single golden pellet had directly created a talented seedling on its own.

Fang Xing considered the possibilities and was unable to help but grow excited. Qi was extremely abundant within the Mysterious Domain, but each opportunity that appeared would take away a large portion and the amount had become much thinner by now. Regardless, even this thin amount was still enough for Fang Xing to enter the fourth tier within only a few breaths, and so Fang Xing began thinking about what would happen if he were to find a spirit vein in the outside world.

If he drew in the spiritual power of an entire spirit vein for cultivation like a mystical dragon sucking up water, just how powerful could he become? Fang Xing's eyes gleamed with lighthe knew what path he'd be taking in the future!

His purple foundation was innately difficult to develop and the sheer amount of resources required was extremely intimidating. Up until now, all he could do was take things one step at a time and try not to think about it too much, but now this golden pellet had given him hope. "Hehe, with something like this, it'd be nearly impossible for me to not become a public enemy." His eyes twinkled while he snickered to himself; the road ahead would be much more interesting..

It took a long time before Fang Xing was able to calm himself down. He was no longer in a hurry to increase his cultivation through pellets now that the golden pellet was inside his body, so he began to think of something else and brought out the Foundation Cleansing Pellets he'd plundered. His foundation was a low-quality purple, but since these Foundation Cleansing Pellets had come from the Mysterious Domain, perhaps they'd be useful to him as well?

Fang Xing gave it some thought and swallowed one of the Foundation Cleansing Pellets. As the pellet began to dissolve, he felt there seemed to be some kind of small spiritual flame sprouting about to entangle over his foundation, as though it was trying to cleanse the foundation and remove any impurities. In the end, however, this amount of spiritual flame had absolutely no effect on Fang Xing's foundation. He already had a purple foundation that was translucent with immortal's Qi surrounding it; where could any impurities be found?

Fang Xing opened his eyes and sighed with a bit of disappointment. "Seems like this opportunity was a waste."

There were numerous opportunities all throughout the Mysterious Domain, but they all had different effects catered towards different people. Fang Xing was extremely greedy, but he wouldn't be able to take everything for himself. This Foundation Cleansing Pellet was a good example; although it was a rare item that would cause an untold number of Foundation Stage cultivators to fight with their lives on the line if it were found in the outside world, it had no effect on Fang Xing at all. Consuming it was nothing short of a waste.

With these thoughts in mind, Fang Xing was about to disperse the spiritual flame and stop his attempt, but a strange phenomenon abruptly occurred.

The strands of flame from the Foundation Cleansing Pellet didn't behave as Fang Xing expected. Rather than dispersing outside his body after he stopped restraining them, the flames instead began to trace along his meridians as though pulled by an invisible force. They moved towards a certain direction within Fang Xing's Sea of Consciousness, too: the fog-covered location that existed beyond his control.

Fang Xing was left dumbstruck. "Could it be?" He quickly thought of a possibility and swallowed another Foundation Cleansing Pellet before entering his Sea of Consciousness to observe with his own eyes. The spirit flame directly flew towards the foggy area, and once it arrived, the fog was parted just far and long enough for him to see the spirit flame go directly into the cauldron of flame.

The cauldron of flame was where Fang Xing's True Samadhi Fire resided. This spirit flame from the Foundation Cleansing Pellet directly entered the cauldron and fused with the flames inside, causing the blue flames within to show hints of red.

Although surprised, Fang Xing was still filled with joy and hazarded a guess at what might be happening. "Could it be the spirit flames within the Foundation Cleansing Pellet is also one of the three flames of the True Samadhi Fire?" Back when Bai Qianzhang taught him the path of a battle cultivator, he'd told him the reason he was able to become one was due to the Flame of Wrath he'd obtained from the Decapitation's Portrayal. The flame represented the anger within the True Samadhi Fire, but the actual True Samadhi Fire consisted of the flames of wrath, desire, and hope, and it was only when all three had been brought together that it could genuinely be called the True Samadhi Fire.

These three kinds of flames were all mystic flames above the mortal realm, and so they could each cause extraordinary effects. Common sense dictated that only cultivators who'd gone through the Budding Soul Stage and passed the nine tribulations would have the opportunity to create such flames, but the opportunities within the Mysterious Coffin could not be understood with common sense. Fang Xing had obtained the flame of wrath while only in Spirit Stage, and now he'd unintentionally discovered another flame within this Foundation Cleansing Pellet.

"I wonder which of the True Samadhi Fire's spirit flames this one is?" Fang Xing couldn't help but to wonder in his surprised excitement.

It didn't take long for Fang Xing to speculate this was the most pure flame of "hope". The reason was fairly simple: based on Bai Qianzhang's explanations in the past, "desire" was the most difficult flame to control. Even a single touch of the flame of desire could lead a cultivator to lose themselves to Qi deviation and cause the self-destruction of their entire cultivation, but the flame of "hope", on the other hand, was the most widespread and relatively easiest one to control. Since these Foundation Cleansing Pellets were crafted to allow cultivators to cleanse their foundation, anyone who dared use such a flame to do so would utilize the flame of hope nine times out of ten, simply because it was easiest to control.

"Eleventh Uncle said if there's the chance to complete all three flames of the True Samadhi Fire, I must take it. Is this not a chance right now?" After finally understanding it all, Fang Xing was filled with happiness and swallowed a few more Foundation Cleansing Pellets. There didn't seem to be anything noteworthy happening inside, however, and the spirit flame contained within each pellet simply seemed too smallthere wasn't a large effect even after they fused with the True Samadhi Fire. Fang Xing hardened his heart, picked up a gourd full of Foundation Cleansing Pellets, and tilted his head back to toss them all like candy into his mouth.

Rumble rumble rumble !

Strands of spirit flame entered Fang Xing's body one after another and flew towards the fog like fireworks streaking into the sky. The cauldron of the True Samadhi Fire suddenly shot up into the sky, and its color constantly shifted between blue and red. Fang Xing watched the changes within his Sea of Consciousness, and before long, it looked as though the flames had started to overflow and float outwards. "It's reached the maximum limit."

The two flames of blue and red finally reached an equilibrium and began shifting about like Yin and Yang in a very mysterious manner. Further spirit flames were repulsed from the cauldron of and prevented from entering the Sea of Consciousness, causing them to disperse outside Fang Xing's body.

"I now have two of the three flames of the True Samadhi Fire. I wonder if trying to temper the tower will have a better effect now." While Fang Xing was thinking to himself, the True Samadhi Fire activated on its own and surrounded the tower of Dao. Much like what had happened when Fang Xing first formed his foundation, steam began to rise up as the flame calcined the gold of the formation, causing it to become even sturdier.

Fang Xing's foundation had reached achieved its uppermost limit before thanks to the tempering of the True Samadhi Fire and hadn't been able to increase any further, but now that his True Samadhi Fire had incorporated another flame, his True Samadhi Fire had grown more powerful and the effectiveness of its tempering was naturally greater. Although Fang Xing had a low-quality purple foundation, it seemed it was possible to improve even further. The tower of Dao began to shrink and condense while the purple color became increasingly prominent.