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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 325

Xiao Tianyao cant understand why he and Lin Chujiu ended up like this. It was very clear that everything was under his control. But after one night, their status has completely changed. And now, he did not only lose control over the situation but also to Lin Chujiu.

This must be a joke!

However, Lin Chujiu was now disobedient and unruly.


*Frown even more!*

Lin Chujiu was disobedient Truth be told, Lin Chujiu looked more refreshing and lively than before.

He wanted her to be like this. He doesnt mind Lin Chujiu showing her strong side. But the premise was, Lin Chujiu mustnt ignore him.

He must think of a solution to this problem.

Xiao Tianyao was sitting in the study room. He didnt do anything the whole morning. He only think about this problem.

How can he turn back Lin Chujiu to the way she was before? She, who does everything for his sake.

Should he forbid her for going outside?

Should he destroy the Meng Family, so that she wont have any backer?

These two methods seem to be good, but

Seems to be wrong?

He was above thousand of people and can destroy a city in just a minute. But at this time, he formulated a lot of method of how he will make Lin Chujiu surrender, but couldnt come up with the right solution.


Su Cha and Liu Bai have always been well-informed about the news. Everyone in Xiao Wangfu knew that Xiao Tianyao was shut outside by Lin Chujiu, so why wouldnt they know?

The two men came to Xiao Wangfu at the same time, saying they have important business to discuss with Xiao Tianyao.

It was indeed the case, but it was not something very important. At least, it was not the case for Su Cha. So right after they finished discussing their official business, he revealed his fox tail.

Tianyao, I heard that you were shut outside by Wangfei? Su Cha asked with a serious tone, but his eyes were smiling.

Su Cha endured it hard, but he couldnt help but laughed.

He can imagine how shocked Xiao Tianyao would have been.

At that time, Tianyao was definitely stupefied.

HahahaThe kitten that he raised at home suddenly became a tigress. And now, it even scratched his face. Anyone will get shocked by this.

Xiao Tianyaos face turned gloomy. He didnt say a word, but his cold eyes swept over to Su Cha. Its just, Su Cha was so busy in his own world!

Su Cha stayed calm and ignored Xiao Tianyaos sharp gaze: Tianyao, I also heard that Wangfei had warned you, not to climb up her bed without her permission?

After saying those words, Su Cha couldnt help but laughed again while holding his stomach.

Is it funny? Xiao Tianyaos body emits a cold energy.

Dont you think its funny? No, I cant talk about it anymore. I cant stop laughing at it. Su Cha busily held the chair, in fear of falling down for laughing so much.

Shut up! Xiao Tianyaos body emits an even more chilling atmosphere.

Ill stop, Ill stop. Su Cha busily sat down properly on his chair, but lowered his head and smirked. After a while, he opened his mouth again: Wangfei is really a heroine. I truly admire her. She had dared to drive you out, didnt she get scared of you beating her?

Su Cha was really confused when it comes to this. He and Liu Bai knew how Xiao Tianyao put importance to Lin Chujiu. But, the more he values a person, the more his expectation gets high. Lin Chujiu doesnt know how much Xiao Tianyao values her, so she doesnt act pampered and delicate.

When Su Cha finished his words, Xiao Tianyaos face darken

Lin Chujiu dared to do this to him because she knew he wouldnt kill her, nor beat her.

Seeing Xiao Tianyaos face getting worse and worse, Liu Bai busily wink at Su Cha and changed the topic: Tianyao, did you sleep well last night? You dont look so good.

Liu Bai was really trying to change the topic, but his words were only like salt that rubbed Xiao Tianyaos wound.

Liu Bai, Tianyao can sleep well some time ago. But now that he was driven out, how could he possibly sleep well? Xiao Tianyao has serious insomnia. Every time he falls asleep, he will have a nightmare. Once he woke up, he wouldnt be able to sleep again. Thats why he always has a bad temper before.

Su Cha was originally very sympathetic to Xiao Tianyao, but now he was only rejoicing for his misfortune.

He had already told Xiao Tianyao not to treat Lin Chujiu like his subordinate. Lin Chujiu was his wife, not his subordinate. She doesnt need to completely obey him. Everything must be done naturally. But, Xiao Tianyao didnt listen to him, so now he was suffering.

Liu Bai was so good at doing bad things unintentionally, so he no longer dares to intervene. He only said to Su Cha: You dont need to say anything anymore, Tianyao is already in a bad mood.

I know he is in a bad mood, but Ive told him long ago that he should be gentle and considerate to Wangfei. He shouldnt be domineering and arrogant. Wangfei originally likes him a bit. So if Wangye performed a little better and let Wangfei fall in love with him, this thing will never happen. Su Cha spread his arms and shrugged his shoulders while speaking with an innocent face.

He admitted that he said these words because he was distressed for Lin Chujiu. But at the same time, it was for Xiao Tianyaos good. It was very hard to find someone who can put Xiao Tianyao into sleep peacefully. But now, the two might stay away from each other.

You want Tianyao to be gentle and considerate? You might as well give him a sword to cut off Wangfeis limbs so that she could never run away forever. Liu Bais suggestion was in line with Xiao Tianyaos character.

However, Su Cha couldnt help but shout at Liu Bai: Liu Bai, dont you dare give Tianyaos such a bad idea. If Tianyao really does this, he will regret it.

Su Cha couldnt imagine Lin Chujiu without limbs and forever will be locked by Xiao Tianyao in a room. The picture was too cruel. He cant bear to think about it.

I just said it casually. If Wangye wants to do that, does he even need to wait until now? Liu Bai shrugged his shoulders as if what he said was not a big deal.

Su Cha released a deep sigh

It was really a miracle that he didnt turn crazy after staying with these madmen for so long.

You two are enough, Do they think this was a joke? Thats why there were only giving him useless suggestions? Xiao Tianyao find Su Cha and Liu Bai not pleasing to the eye. Especially those shadow guards that leaked this issue.

Last night, only a few shadow guards are aware of this situation. Let those people train again. They dare to make him look like a joke, then he wont be polite.

Wangye, that is not Liu Bai wanted to explain, but Xiao Tianyao has no intention to listen. He tapped his fingertip to the handrail and said: Benwang doesnt want this thing to happen again next time. Made sure you have all the shadow guards under your control.

Xiao Tianyao was really angry, so Liu Bai didnt dare to open his mouth again. But, Su Cha asked with wide-eyes opened: Will there be next time?

Wangye, you are so miserable. In the whole capital, only one you had a wife that dares to keep her husband outside.

Wangye, if this thing spread outside, your image will be badly hurt.

Xiao Tianyao looked up and stared at Su Cha coldly: It looks like you have a lot of free time, hmm?

No, no, I am busy, I am very busy I am going to be busy right now. Su Cha busily stood up to go outside. He doesnt want to put himself in danger just because he wants to have fun.