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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 355

Since Xiao Tianyao know that the Southern Fifth Prince secretly sneaked into the capital, how could he just let him go!

Nannuo Li sneaked into the capital, giving off rumors that he was looking for the last descendant of the Xia Family. However, the last descendant of Xia Family had already left the capital, but they havent left. If people will say that they dont have other intentions, even ghost will not believe it.

Moreover, Xiao Tianyao was assassinated several times, it cannot be said that the southern royal family has no involvement in this. Xiao Tianyao and Nannuo Li have no deep hatred, but he and the Southern Emperor have.

Xiao Tianyao once guarded the border in the South and had a fight with the Southern Emperor for several times, who was a general at that time. He seriously injured him for three times and almost took his life.

If he didnt injure him several times, according to his mindset and ability, he should have sat on the throne a long time ago. His civil strife in the South will not be suppressed for a long time.

So, it can be said that Xiao Tianyao played a large part in the long chaos in the South. He cant get away with it. The Southern royal family and Xiao Tianyaos relationship can be described as hating someone up to the bone.

Xiao Tianyao was very clear now that Nannuo Li sneaked in the capital because of him. In order to be safe, Xiao Tianyao decided to make the first move.

Xiao Tianyao and Liu Bai quickly changed into night clothes, and quietly left the courtyard, but

They havent gotten far, when they found a group of men dressed in black, hiding nearby.

It looks like there are a lot of people who have the same idea as us tonight. Liu Bai, who discovered the other partys movement immediately stopped.

Originally, he was quite puzzled by Xiao Tianyaos initiative to assassinate Nannuo Li. But now, it seems that even if they dont make a move, the other party will kill them.

Xiao Wangye left the impregnable Xiao Wangfu and went to another mansion outside the capital. With such a good opportunity, how can his enemies let it go?

Xiao Tianyao didnt speak, he only turned his head and winked at Liu Bai. Liu Bai nodded his head and gently leaped on the branches, then hide on a tree.

Liu Bais movement was very light, there was almost no sound. And only a few leaves fall.

Xiao Tianyao didnt jump on the tree, his figure just disappeared in an instant

As the two hide their presence, the group of black men made a movement and went forward. The black men were extremely fast and alert. Their body was tight and always maintained an attacking posture.

They were strong, but they werent stronger than Xiao Tianyao and Liu Bai. When the black men appeared in Xiao Tianyaos field of attack, they didnt discover Xiao Tianyaos existence. On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao already made a move.

A sword was thrown out towards them, the tip of the sword flash with light. Obviously, in this dark surrounding, they were caught off guard. A black man has seen the sword and stopped his footsteps, then he pulled out his sword: Xiao

*Tud-* However, after saying a single word, he fell on the ground.

When other black men saw it, they immediately formed a circle and looked at Xiao Tianyao with caution. Who are you?

Without waiting for Xiao Tianyao to give an answer, Liu Bai, who was up in the tree jumped down and cut the black man with his sharp sword. His sword skill was strong and fierce.

Liu Bais martial arts skill was quite famous in the rivers and lakes, other people cant simply learn his swordsmanship. So, when the black men saw his good swordsmanship, they immediately recognized him: You are Liu Bai?

If Liu Bai is here, then it means, you are Xiao Wangye. The black man reacted quickly. Originally, they panic because of his sudden appearance. But now, they have calmed down.

Xiao Wangye came here himself, it saves us a lot of time. Go!

Obviously, this group of black mens goal tonight was Xiao Tianyao. They didnt expect that they will meet him here.

Xiao Tianyaos strength was close to a Martial Gods strength. The assassins that were sent to him this time were not ordinary. These assassins might not be Xiao Tianyaos opponent, but if they joined forces, their strength will greatly improve.

Seven people were lined up as the main attacker. And there were another eleven as substitutes. Originally, there were thirteen substitutes, but before they could even take a shot, they were killed by Xiao Tianyao and Liu Bai.

When the seven-man sword array was put out, Xiao Tianyao immediately recognized the other party: Southern Barbarians.

Nannuo Li, in the end, came for him. Unfortunately, they decide to kill each other on the same day. Hes afraid that it will be a little difficult to hunt him tonight.

Xiao Tianyao was quite disappointed, but the sword in his hand became more and more fierce in action.

The Southern barbarians and Xiao Tianyao were old rivals. These people were very familiar with Xiao Tianyaos strength. Nannuo Li sent out these top assassins around him, but

Nannuo Li still underestimated Xiao Tianyao.

How, how is this possible? You are obviously not a martial god and your cultivation was reduced due to your leg injuries. But his strength now was comparable to a martial god. No, he could say that he was even stronger than a martial god.

Hmm kill benwang to know the answer clearly. Xiao Tianyao said and leaped in the air, then he aimed his sword at the head of the southern barbarian man.

The Southern seven-sword array was coordinated by seven people. Each people have assigned place. Attacking and defending. There were almost no flaw, if one of them died, the other one will immediately fill the position. Because the person in the middle must keep his strength.

Xiao Tianyao and the southern barbarians have fought against each other many times. Although their seven-sword array became a famous skill to kill people, if they want to use it against Xiao Tianyao, it will not be easy.

*Tsk* Xiao Tianyaos sword pierced through the middle mans head from its tip until it reached the sword hilt.

The man was frozen in the same place, but when Xiao Tianyao pulled out his sword, the middle man immediately fell to the ground.

The strongest member of the seven-sword array died. Although there were still a lot of people to substitute, their power greatly reduced. One of the black men quickly understood the gap between him and Xiao Tianyao. So, he immediately released a signal, to let the distant allies know that the mission failed.

Unfortunately Xiao Tianyao moved a few steps forward and killed the black man, who sent out the signal. But, failed to stop the signal from flying to the sky.


In a mountain outside the capital, there was a hidden village, where the South Fifth Prince currently staying. This village was surrounded by mountains. Unless someone will lead the way, no one will be able to find it. This mountain village was the base camp of southern people in the East.

Most of the southern spies were found by the Eastern Emperor, but he still failed to find some of the elite. These elite spies usually met and trained in this mountain village. And now, they were responsible to protect Nannuo Li.

When Nannuo Li saw the blue signal in the sky, he was disappointed. He heavily sighed and said: Xiao Wangye is really difficult to kill. I wonder if the other plan succeed?

Yes, Nannuo Li made two arrangement tonight. One was to kill Xiao Tianyao and the other one was to kidnap Lin Chujiu.

Whether it was the Southern or the Western Country, they dont want Xiao Tianyao to appear in the battlefield. While the Northern Country sending directly their troops in the east, the South and West were doing action behind the scene. Because they dont want the east to win.

Preventing Xiao Tianyao from going to the battlefield was Nannuo Lis goal. Assassinating Xiao Tianyao was the best choice, but it was not easy to kill him.

So to be sure, Nannuo Li made arrangement to kidnap Lin Chujiu. And in order to make sure that she will be left alone, he deliberately taught Nannuo Yao to provoke Xiao Tianyaos anger. He ordered her to mention the Crown Prince and Lin Chujius past relationship in front of him.

Once this matter was mentioned, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu will have a gap. Then, the two will not stay in the same room tonight.

Nannuo Li had done a very good job. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu didnt stay in the same room tonight, but