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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 172

In the narrow and dark corridor, the sound of lascivious moaning softly echoed about.

"Ahhhh mhmmm" The burst of sounds caused one to be in a daze.

Pei Ge, who was completely shaken by the sound, totally forgot about the situation she was in. Her mind was only filled with: I'll be damned! F*ck, what the heck are those two doing in the stairwell?!

Ji Ziming chuckled softly when he felt the woman in his arms stiffen.

She did not know whether it was the intense performance downstairs or the man behind her, but her ears began to itch from an unspeakable awkwardness.

She lowered her head and became a little faint.

Ji Ziming inexplicably found her current state very interesting, and his palm intentionally shifted higher and was now perfectly placed atop her *****.

Pei Ge's ***** was sensitive to the touch, and it caused her dazedness to dissipate.

"Damn! Enough! Don't overdo it!" she yelled angrily, completely forgetting about the pair of wild donkeys downstairs.

Her shout mysteriously caused not only the previously malfunctioning sensor light to glow but also the others from above and below.

In that moment, the initially dark and shady corridor became bright.

Pei Ge was temporarily blinded by the sudden bright lights.

Seeing her in a daze once more, Ji Ziming could not hold in his laughter.

When he heard the pair of wild donkeys scurry out of the corridor downstairs, his laughter became even brighter.

Pei Ge took this opportunity to escape from his embrace. She was about to scold the man for his earlier brazenness, but when she lifted her head, she was entranced by his heartfelt smile.

She had not expected the man to look this good when he laughed.

The perpetually cold expression on his handsome face turned into a bright sun when he smiled, radiant and dazzling.

It was as if the ice within him had thawed and was replaced by the sun. His eyes were like spring, and one could get lost in them forever.

Pei Ge silently stood stock-still and dazedly stared at Ji Ziming's pleasant-looking smile.

"What's with the silly look?" His smile had yet to fade, so his voice sounded warm and gentle.

"Your smile looks nice," she blurted out without thinking.

Her comment caused his smiling face to turn grave.

He looked at her gravely, and the thawed ice in his eyes chilled again.

When his expression returned to normal, she woke up from her dazedness.

Feeling the chill, Pei Ge pursed her mouth and pouted inwardly, Indeed, no matter how gorgeous one's face is, it will still be fluff if the personality is bad.

"Let's go." He coldly glanced at her before he took off.

She looked at the man's receding back and made a face at him.

He was more like a woman than women with his ability to change his face instantly!

Following him down the stairs and to the neighborhood entrance, she cautiously observed her surroundings.

"Don't bother looking. They are long gone," he lightly said.

"How did you know that they have left?" She looked at him curiously.

"If it's you, won't you run away, too?" he asked in a playful voice as he arched an eyebrow.

"If it's me?" Of course, she would run! However.

"I won't do such embarrassing things!" She lifted her chin and righteously declared.

"Oh, really?" He nodded and indulgently smiled at her.

She felt guilt creep up on her at his gaze as she thought of what had happened earlier.

"You - You - You pervert!" Only remembering it now, she naturally had yet to deal with him!

As such, she raised her arm and scolded him.

"Satyr! Pervert! How dare you treat me like that earlier?!"

"How did I treat you?" he coldly asked, feeling unhappy that she was pointing her fingers at him and yelling.

His question made her blush.

"You! Shameless!" She firmly bit on her lower lip as she felt indignant.

This bastard molested her in the corridor, yet he actually dared to deny it now!

"You touched me in the corridor earlier and even" She shifted her eyes to his lower body part and her face flushed with shame and fury.

He followed her gaze and then lifted his cold, expressionless face.

"What are you trying to say?" His tone was icy.

His question infuriated her. No longer feeling shy, she pointed to his lower body part and said, "You were in heat!"

"" His face darkened considerably and he exuded an intense chilling aura.

"In heat?" With narrowed eyes, he coldly regarded her.

"Why! You dare not admit it?" She challenged as she lifted her chin and glared at him fiercely.

"Hmph!" He reached into the pocket of his pants as though he were searching for something.

She saw his action and began to feel doubt.

Don't tell me.

Soon, he revealed a rectangular jewelry box from his pocket.

"Are you referring to this?" He waved the box in his hand.

Pei Ge looked at the thing he had taken out of his pocket and felt stunned.

"How - How can it be" She disbelievingly gaped at the jewelry box in his hand.

"What were you hoping for it to be, then?" He took a step forward and closed the distance between them. His gaze was light as he coldly asked this question.

"I- I."