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Pure Love X Insult Complex Chapter 640. 3

Chapter 640. Ordinary Girl Raped (Part 3 Deflowering)

Hauu, hauuuu, hauuuu

Hoshizaki-sans consciousness finally comes back from the climax.

Her whole bodys sweating that her beautiful half-naked body is shining brightly.

Misuzus no longer licking Hoshizaki-sans genital area.

Shes now playing with the breasts from the side.

Hoshizaki-san who has her tennis-wear half-undressed is spreading out her legs sloppily.

I can see love nectar spilling out from her slit.

Katsuko-nee and Nei are capturing that scene.

Haa, haa, haa, haa

Her breathing is going back to normal. Looking good.


I give Michi instructions.

Yes, Master

Michi orders Hoshizaki-san.

Look at Master

Hoshizaki-sans big eyes look at me as Michi orders her.



I pull out my penis from Inside Agnes.

Making sure that Hoshizaki-san has a good look at it.


Hoshizaki-sans shocked.

My penis that slipped outside is still looking stiff.

And then, a large amount of semen drips down from Agnes small vagina to her thighs.

Papa, it felt amazing. Lets do it again

Agnes showed a happy smile and kissed me on the lips.

Onii-sama, Ruriko will clean it up

Ruriko said and then sucks on my penis.

Ufufu, delicious

Hoshizaki-sans surprised to see a high-class lady do oral sex.

In the end, it was Misuzu-chan who led her to climax. I really am not suited in pleasing women

Misuzu has a strong homosexual preference from the start.

Ruriko doesnt have it.

Thats a bit of a problem with Yoshiko-san.

Yoshiko-san is also gay.

She loves Ruriko too much.

I mean, shes not good at dealing with men.

Therefore, if Ruriko would have some homosexual plays with Yoshiko-san, shed be satisfied, however.

Ruriko doesnt have any interest in it.

To Ruriko, Yoshiko-san is not a subject for sex.

Ruriko only thinks of Yoshiko-san as a close relative she can open her heart to, just like Misuzu.

Y-You, cumming inside such a small girl, what are you thinking?!

Hoshizaki-san says while trembling.

Oh? I always have it poured inside of me too

Ruriko says while smiling.

I even received it last night. Mens sperm can survive inside a womans womb for a week. Therefore, Onii-samas baby seeds are still alive inside my womb

Agnes too

Agnes and Ruriko smile at each other.

What are you people? Are you crazy?

Hoshizaki-sans confused.

Hoshizaki-san, were different from the common sense youve lived in so far

Nei said.

Well, a high-school boy having a harem is impossible, right?!

We dont mind. Were special after all

Nei says without hesitation.

Youre misunderstanding if you think you can do anything because youre rich! The school or the police wont allow this

Kouzuki house isnt just a wealthy house

Misuzu said.

We can replace a ruling party or even the prime minister. We have enough power to influence not only Japan but also America and other countries

Of course, even the media and Hoshizaki-sans loved entertainment industry is easily manipulated by us

Nei laughs.

Also, did you forget? This house is owned by the current board chairman in our school. In short, the school is on our side. While at it, we told her that Hoshizaki-san will be raped here today. She said okay

No way?!

Also, do you not remember, Hoshizaki-san? When I dyed my hair black, and it looked like I completely renewed myself. Maybe you already forgot about it though

Nei used to be the blonde haired delinquent thats feared inside the school.

When she dyed her hair back to black, the rumors about Nei were turned to those were all just false information and everything was just exaggerated.

Neis been behaving herself inside the school for the past four months.

Shes even helping me out in my bakery.

They all no longer care about the Rumors about Nei.

The part about me having relationships with dangerous people is right though

Nei laughs ominously.

To be honest, its not Nei but Minaho-neesan who has a huge connection with the underground society.

Even the dangerous people are our allies. Kouzuki SS as well

I said.

Didnt we tell you? We have the authority, money, and violence. Therefore, we wont get caught, we wont get sued, we can do anything

And you plan on raping me?


It cant be helped. Hoshizaki-sans cute that I want to make you my slave

I tell Hoshizaki-san.

Besides, we want to make Hoshizaki-san our ally

Thats right. Dont you want the taste of our power, Hoshizaki-san?

Nei said. Hoshizaki-san fell silent.

Do you not want to become allies with Kouzuki Misuzu?

Misuzu says while touching Hoshizaki-sans nipple.

Onii-sama, its hard and stuff again

Ruriko whos been licking my penis looked up and smiled.

Well then, time to put this inside Hoshizaki-san

Hoshizaki-san trembles.

Dont move. Keep looking at Master

Michis Qi binds her again.

Now then.

I get in between Hoshizaki-sans legs.

I lift one leg and lick to her thighs.

Yes, soft.

But, its filled with flexibility and vigor for a 17-year-old girl.

I caress Hoshizaki-sans legs with my hands.

Her ass too.

D-Dont touch me

Hoshizaki-san stares at me as shes under Michis control.

Yo-chan, do you know why I chose Hoshizaki-san?

Nei said.

Huh? Isnt it because shes the most beautiful in our school?

Well, thats one of them but, shes also one of the characters that are not in Yo-chans harem yet, right?


You still havent done senior-junior sex, right? Well you see, Im the Onee-chan type

Right, at first, I called Nei Natou-senpai.

Misuzu and Anya are both a year older, but they dont feel like a senior.

And here you go, Hoshizaki Kana Senpai! Have fun eating your seniors virginity


Kana Senpai

Wow, thats definitely fresh.

I feel thrilled.

Ill be Senpais first man, right?


First, I hug her thin body and kiss her.

Kana-senpai doesnt like it.

But, she cant escape from my lips.

I kiss her again and again and then licked her ears, to her neck.

D-Dont lick me there

Yeah, shes sweating, so its a bit salty.

Kana-senpai feels nice to hold. Youre so slender, soft, and warm

She has beautiful proportions, and yet shes slim.

Her size fits my arms.

I only feel disgusted.

Kana-senpai said.

It will feel good soon. Papas good at it

Agnes who just had sex with me said.

The first few times will hurt. Please endure that

I dont want to endure anything!

Meanwhile, I massage Kana-senpais breasts.

Yes, that ponytail and tennis clothing, yet her breasts and pussy are both exposed.

Nei really knows how the points on how to please me.

Also, these well-shaped breasts have a nice nipple.

Misuzus been playing with it, so its really stiff now.

A, aahn! Aaah, S-Stop!

Kana-senpais gasps sound sexual as her body came once, shes still on fire.

Kana-senpais only mine now. Ill be the only man who can kiss, touch and lick your breasts, no, even see Kana-senpais naked body

I say while sucking on her nipples.

If ever Senpai does this to any other man?

Could it be that you plan to kill me?

I laughed.

No way, all were going to do is forsake you. Kana-senpai


Nei nods.

Yeah that might be the harshest one, when we forsake you, that means that all of the benefits from being allies with us will all disappear

Kouzuki house will forsake you as well

Misuzu said.

Come to think of it, Hoshizaki-san, your father is in a trading company, isnt he? Your father must be celebrating if he discovers that his daughter has a connection with the Kouzuki house. Theres no trading company in Japan thats not involved with Kouzuki group

Nei said.

On the other hand, if Kouzuki house has forsaken his daughter, Hoshizaki-sans father might be in trouble


I play with Kana-senpais clitoris with my finger.

Yeah, her vaginas coming loose now.

Ill make you my woman, Kana-senpai


I spread out Kana-senpais legs wide open.

And press my penis against her opening.

N-No! P-Please! Everything but that!!

Nope, Ill still do this. Ill make you my woman, Kana-senpai

I grab Kana-senpais shoulder with one hand.

And I use my other hand to adjust the angle of my penis.


Michi. Let her say it


Michi knows what I want from just that line.

Please follow what I say and make a promise

Michis qi controls Kana-senpai.

Look into Masters eyes and first, say your name

I-Im Hoshizaki Kana

Kana-senpai tells me.

I will be your sex slave. Please take my virginity to your hearts content

I-I, n-no! Noo!! Will be Will be your sex slave Please.. take my virginity to your hearts content

Kana-senpai desperately fights inside her head, yet she repeats the same line.

Oh, more tears are spilling out of her eyes.

Still, her eyes look at me.

Please pierce through your thing into my pussy who hasnt tasted a man yet. Please break my hymen forcefully

P-Please pierce throughyour thing inside Kana Kanas pussy! Break my Hymen

Kana-senpai repeats Michis words while crying.

Please pour the first-experience semen into my womb, I dont mind if I become pregnant. Please violate me until we make a baby. Please rape me

P-Please pour the first I dont want this! first-experience semen.. into my womb I-I dont mind if I become pregnant Ill get pregnant. Please no. I dont want to get pregnant Please violate me until we make a baby, rape me noooooooo

The more Kana-senpai say it, the more shes aroused.

Her vaginas relaxing even more.

Its swallowing in my penis little by little.

Ill take Kana-senpai!


I give it to you. Swear to give him your virginity and your body

Uuuuugh! Kanas virginity is yours!!!

At that moment.


My glans goes inside Kana-senpai.

Aaaaaah, noooo, its coming in!!!

Dont look away from me! Kana!!

Kana-senpais teary eyes look at me.

Oh, I can feel a strong resistance on the tip of my penis.

Im breaking it

I use my rock hard erect penis to break the proof of her virginity.

Aaaah! Ouch! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!!!!!!

Kana-senpai desperately pleads to me from the pain.


Im not slowing down


Noooooo!! Its ripping!!!

Im tearing it apart!!

I dont want this! Nooooo!!

Ooh, Kana-senpai! Im taking Senpais virginity! Im breaking it!!!

Stop it!!! Please dont go in any deeper! Pull it out! Spare me!!

No, Im going further.

I want to feel the depths.




I open up the narrow road with my meat rod.

I push deeper into Kana-senpais uterus.

No, no, noooooo!!!


I hug Kana-senpais body and push it into the root.


This is the goal.

My glans is kissing Kana-senpais uterus.

Aaaaaa, aaaah, aaaauuuu

Kana-senpai breathes in pain.

Kana-senpai, were now connected. My dick is all inside Kana-senpai now. Kana-senpais virginity feels pleasant.

Uuuuugh! Uuugh! Kuuuu

Kana-senpais crying voiceless now.

But, thats just the deflowering

I kiss Kana-senpais lips.

I massage her cute breasts.

Were just getting started

Then, I

I started moving my waist.

Ouch! Wait! It hurts! Stop! Dont move!

Thats impossible! I cant cum unless I move!

You dont have to do that!

I want to cum inside Kana-senpais womb!

No! Ill get pregnant!

I keep it going.

Swinging my hips rhythmically.

Gucho, gucho, gucho.

Using the virgin blood as lubrication, I gouge inside Kana-senpai.

Im changing the shape of her pussy to my penis.

I will be having fun with this body from now on.

Ouch! It hurts! Stop! For real, stop it!!!

I mean, lets do it at least once, Ill do my best to ejaculate sooner

I speed up the movement of my waist.

Noooooo!!! It hurts!!! Ouch! It hurts!!! It really hurts!!!!

Ooh, I feel like Im about to ejaculate while looking at Kana-senpais face of pain.

Ooh, its coming soon! Kana-senpai. Im cumming inside!!! Im going to release a lot inside Kana-senpai!!!

Nooooo! No! No! Nooooo!!!

Look at me! Look at my face as I cum inside you, Kana-senpai!!!!


I-Its coming!!!

Cumming! Im cumming! Kanna-senpai! Aaaaaah!!!

I blew it up.


W-Whats this?

Kana-senpai trembles from the hot liquid invading her uterus.


Theres something hot spreading inside of me?


Ooh, thats a lot. Thats my semen


Uuuugh! It feels good! Kana-senpai!!!!

I ejaculate to the last drop while sucking on Kana-senpais nipples.


Kana-senpais crying while she looks at me.

She continues crying.

Haa. haa. haa. haa. haa.

That was amazing. Kana-senpai. With this, your body is now mine, Kana-senpai

I hug Kana-senpais body tightly.

Kana-senpais womb is filled with my semen right now

No more! I dont know! I dont care!

Kana-senpai says while still crying.

Michis control is still active.

Kana-senpai doesnt look away from me.

Its already over, right? Get off me! Pull it out!

Kana-senpai said.

What are you talking about? My dick is still looking hard inside Kana-senpai


Kana-senpais surprised.

What are you talking about?

Lets go with naked for the second round. The tennis clothes are nice and all but I want to do Kana-senpai naked now

I said.

Ah, wait, Id like to capture the connected part like that

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter.

Kana-chan. Youre already his slave, so Im calling you Kana-chan now. Look at the camera please

Im not a sex slave!

Kana-senpai says that, but her eyes look at the lens of the camera.

What are you talking about? Now that were at this stage, you dont have any more choices you know? Ah, Dear, look this way too. As for the hands, lets see, massage Kana-chans breasts

The sounds of the camera shutter continue.

More tears spilled from Kana-senpais eye again.

Shouldnt you pull out for now? Id like to take a photo of the semen and blood dripping from the vagina that just lost its virginity

Ah, me too!

Nei brings in the video camera.

Im pulling out

Hurry up!

I pull out my penis from inside Kana-senpai.

After it slips out.

Semen turned pink with blood drips out.

Okay, look at the camera, yes, like that

Two cameras are recording a clear photo of a girl just raped.


Agnes tries to clean up my penis with her mouth, but.

Wait, dont do that, Agnes!

I stop Agnes.

Dont lick blood, okay? Its not okay for your body

Here, Danna-sama. Wet tissue

Misuzu hands me a wet tissue.

Agnes-chan, wipe it off

Okay, desuno

Agnes cute hands wipe my still erect penis.

Ooh, the coldness of the wet tissue feels nice.

Okay, were done taking filming

Nei smiled at me.

Okay, round two

I look at Kana-senpai.

Lets take it all off, Kana-senpai

Kana-senpai looks up at me, trembling in fear.

Please stop already! It hurts! No more!!

Kana-senpais body is beautiful even when having sex naked.

Oh, this is what an ordinary body feels like.

For comparison, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, and Neis body;

They look perfect when naked.

Its as if its natural for them to be naked. Its that beauty.

Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, and Edie, their bodies show excellence in their training when naked.

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi, when they get naked; it feels firm, dignified.

When Megu, Mana, and Agnes gets naked; it feels like its the norm.


Kana-senpais naked body;

Its clearly showing that her clothes are absent.

Yes, it feels lacking.

Her bra and panty add to her body.

It gets better when she wears beautiful clothes.

I see now why humans started to wear clothes.

It was to make up for whats lacking.

That feeling of something lacking isnt beauty.

I see.

All of my women are indeed out of the ordinary.

They all are beautiful enough even when theyre naked.

An ordinary girl lack beauty when naked. They wear clothes to fix it.

I see it now.


For now, I feel charmed from the ordinary girl like Kana-senpai because shes lacking that beauty.

I think I like Kana-senpai more.

I like her, so I want to tease her.

Aaah, Im cumming again! Kana-senpai!

Dont cum inside anymore!!!

I pour out my second creampie.

Aaaaah! I told you I dont want this!!

Kana-senpai feels my hot liquid eroding her womb again.

Ufufu! Yo-chan can still go on

Nei smiles.

Yeah, I think I can go for another

My penis isnt losing strength inside Kana-senpai.

What are you going to do when I get pregnant!!

Kana-senpai says while crying.

You know, Kana-chan

Nei whispers.

Do you not think that its strange when we have sex with Yo-chan, and yet were not pregnant?

Kana-senpai looks up.

Do you know about emergency contraceptives? A drug that prevents you from becoming pregnant even when you receive it inside

W-Whats that?

That thing exists

Nei smiles.

Besides, theres also contraceptive pills. We, oh wait, Katsuko-oneechan dont take them anymore. She wants to get pregnant after all. Other than her, we all drink contraceptives!

Yes, that means Danna-sama can have sex with us anytime

I feel sad when Onii-sama doesnt ejaculate inside of me

Misuzu and Ruriko said with a smile.

Thats why Kana-chan doesnt need to worry about getting pregnant! As long as you dont make us angry

By the way, this is the mentioned drug

Katsuko-nee shows Kana-senpai a white pill.

Give me that!

Kana-senpai tries to grab it but.

Michi doesnt allow it.

Well give it to you, but we have a condition

Nei said.


I mean until Kana-chan promises to become our ally..

It means becoming a member of his harem. A sex slave

Katsuko-nee smiles.

Do you not want to become allies with Misuzu-chan, Michi, and me?

Agnes too

Ruriko and Agnes.

I mean, Kana-chan still has a lot of girls she doesnt know yet. Well, I guess you know about Megu-chan already

Nei speaks brightly.

So, what will you do? Would Kana-chan go to the police and say I was raped? In that case, the tv, newspapers, and internet will show Kana-chans name, address, age, and your face as a rape victim. All together with the photos and videos we just took. Our names wont show up at all. The police wont catch us. To make up for it, Kana-chans rapist would be some unknown 42-year-old man from a Chinese restaurant. Kana-chan will be known as someone raped by an old man

Neis bluffing.

But, Kana-senpai believes it.

On the other hand, if you join us, youll become happier than you ever think

Ruriko and I guarantee it

Misuzu said.

O-Okay, Ill join you. Ill be your ally

Kana-senpai succumbs.

in other words?

I-Ill become one of his harem members! I just have to be his sex slave, right?!

Just have to be?

I speak to Kana-senpai in a low tone.

Ugh, I will, I get it, please let me. Please make, Hoshizaki Kana, your slave

My penis grows bigger inside Kana-senpai again.

You keep on saying you. Lets see, Yo-chan, how do you want her to call you?

Nei looks at me.

Nobu will do. Since were senior-junior, Ill call her Kana-senpai, and senpai will call me Nobu, thats good enough

If we do that, it will look casual.

Then, lets practice it. Lets start with Yo-chan



Our genitals are still connected.

When Kana-senpai called me Nobu her vagina tightens up.

Yes, okay. How about we finish another round?

Nei smiles.

Kana-chan, if I recall, you have a boyfriend, right?

Thats right. Kana-senpai has a boyfriend.

Although I dont think she loves him that much.

W-What about it?

Kana-senpai asks, looking terrified.

Call him right now and break up with him

Nei said.

Call your boyfriend right now, while Yo-chans embracing your naked body and having sex with you


Kana-senpais vagina is clamping me hard.