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Pure Love X Insult Complex Chapter 685.

Okay, lets stick in the beds together!

Were pushing it!

Ready anytime!

Lets go!

There are three beds with differently colored sheets placed with a slight distance from each other in the room.

Lunas lying down on the red bed sheet.

Yomikos lying down on the white bed sheet.

Tsukikos lying down on the black bed sheet.

Each of the beds has wheels on the legs.

The wheel stoppers for the red and black bed were lifted.

Then, the two beds were pushed to come close to the white bed in the middle.

Then, lets start!

Nei gives an order.

Michi joined Ruriko and Agnes and pushed the red bed.

Mana comes to assist Misuzu and Edie in pushing the black bed.

Sorry that were unable to help and just stay in bed

Tsukiko says sorry

Its okay. It still hurts, doesnt it? Mana and everyone experienced it, so we know

It would be harder later. Stay and rest for a while

Mana and Ruriko say.


Okay, its completely aligned now

Edie and Mana said. The black and red beds connect to the white, and its now one huge bed.

The naked Takakura sisters lay on top of it.

Yomiko-oneesama, Tsukiko-oneesama

Luna, Tsukiko

Yomiko-sama, Luna-sama

The Takakura sisters look at each other.

And so, how are you doing Yo-chan? I think youre exhausted already but can you still go on?

Nei looks at my face.

Ive already ejaculated a lot tonight.

Im close to my stamina limit.

But, I have to do this

I ready myself.

Yeah. The situation would be hard if things stay this way

Nei said.

Yo-chan, if you have to reply that the three of them have no aptitude on becoming a shrine maiden, then the job Kouzuki-ojiichan asked you to do is over

If left alone, the future of the sisters remains dark.

They wont be able to sever their connection with the Yakuza.

Eventually, Tsukiko will have to participate in the arbitration ritual.

Then, another child would be born, and this sad fate will repeat itself.

We have to end this.

Ill do anything as long as theres a possibility. This is still within Jii-chans expectations, isnt it?

Must be. Kouzuki-ojiichan was the one who asked Yo-chan to deflower the Takakura sisters. The three of them lost their virginity without having trauma in sex. Thats a huge point. The first time in sex is always essential

Nei said.

If they have a bad memory from their first time then theyll hate sex. Then, the disgust from their heart would be hard to take off. Oh the other hand, if their first time was good, then theyll enjoy having sex. It happened with Ruri-chan, didnt it?

Ruriko indeed does have sex with me happily.

Ruri-chan doesnt know sex where the man attacks her one-sidedly after all

Yes. I dont want to know either. I wont have sex with anyone but Onii-sama

Ruriko replies with a bright smile.

Uhm, if Onii-sama doesnt want to do it, Ruriko can attack one-sidedly instead. I think doing that is fun sometimes


Right. You were raped so passionately at your first, and so sometimes Id want to attack saying Im feeling horny right now so lets do it

Mana said.

I always tell Darling that Im feeling horny so lets do it

Edie laughs.

Edie, thats a bit rude to Master. I sometimes say Master, my sexual desire has risen up intensely after watching you. Please violate this lewd body of mine right now. I beg you, then I prostrate myself


In the end, its about trust. We trust Danna-sama, so were not afraid to have sex with him. Its nothing but fun

Yes, its fun. Agnes loves having sex with Papa!

Misuzu said. Agnes smiles.

Yo-chan really takes care of the girls and their trust. Thats why everyones not afraid of having sex with Yo-chan. What about you three?

Nei asks.

Are you still afraid of sex? Do you not want to do it?

Then, Yomiko replies first.

No, everyones doing it, and I now know that my body can do it as well

Yomiko looks at me.

If its something I have to do then I will

Me too. It still hurts a bit, but Agnes said that it wont hurt that much next time

Yes, desuno, it will feel better soon enough. Were going to do it every day!

You basically do it every day

Luna talks with Agnes, Yomiko with Mana.

It seems that it was right to put same-aged girls together.

I even had sex starting with the youngest, LUna.

Ive shown her how the penis enters another girls vagina before taking hers.

Luna and Yomikos starting to think that sex is normal to anyone.

They no longer feel fear.

What about Tsukiko-san?

Nei asks.

Tsukiko looks at me.

If I think the level of training, to believe that I could see so deep inside Kuromori-samas heart is nothing but a miracle

Right, Tsukiko did read my heart.

Its not a miracle. Its Masters power

Michi said.

Master tries to fit our Qi together when having sex. Master is the one who led you to read his heart

Besides, Darlings always open. He doesnt guard so you can quickly go through

Right. My power wasnt awakened, but it was Kuormori-sama who guided me

Indeed, thats why if Tsukiko had sex, youd only be able to communicate sufficiently to Darlings heart

It is indeed as you say

Tsukikos convinced.

Grandfathers assumptions mustve been this far only

Ruriko said.

The possibility that the Takakura sisters awaken their full Miko power by having sex with Onii-sama

Perhaps, Grandfather was present when Danna-sama awakened Michis Shingetsu however

Misuzu looks at me.

Grandfather doesnt understand anything it seems

Misuzu-chan, I thought so too

Indeed, Ruri-tan, we should talk to Grandfather about this

Yes, theres a problem with his perception

Misuzu, Ruriko, what are you two talking about?

Ruriko asks Luna in front of me.

Luna-san, now that you dont have fear in sex, would you mind having sex with anyone?

Huh? U-Uhm

Luna sends me a glance.

Im already Nii-sans sex slave

Then, if Onii-sama orders you to have sex with other men, will Luna-san follow that order?

Luna trembles.

I-I cant

Oh, why? Onii-sama gave you an order

But its scary doing it with other men!

You can have sex again with Onii-sama but you cant with other men?

Yes, thats right

Ruriko smiles and pats Lunas head.

Me too


I am also a sex slave, just like Luna-san, and if ever Onii-sama ordered me to have sex with other men, Id bite my tongue and die

Hey, Ruriko!

That would mean that Onii-sama no longer needs Ruriko

Ruriko speaks while showing a serious look.

What about you, Yomiko-san, can you have sex with men other than Onii-sama?

Mana asks.

Well, Im a pregnant slave only for Kuromori-sama, If its with other men

Youre scared, I know. Manas the same

Mana kisses Yomikos cheeks lovingly.

Tsukiko-san, what about you?

Misuzu asks.

Ive seen Kuromori-samas heart so I can feel at ease doing it. If it were other men, their hearts must be darker and horrible

She sighed.

Thats how it is. Danna-sama

Misuzu tells me.

Women who gave their virginity to Danna-sama cant have sex with anyone else anymore

Yes, those who met Onii-sama and had sex feel at ease that the fear of other men has increased

Indeed. Katsu-nee and Nagisa-oneechan had experience with other men before and yet theyre completely devoted to Yo-chan now

Nei laughs.

Thats why were always saying I love Danna-sama, and Ill only love Danna-sama for the rest of my life in front of Grandfather and yet

Grandfather doesnt seem to take it seriously

Thats why he gave this request to Danna-sama. I finally understand

Uhm, what?

Misuzu-chan, well protest to Grandfather later

Yes, I will voice my complaints to him

Ill cry in front of Grandfather

You dont have to do that Ruri-tan, just say I hate you, Grandfather. I dont want to see you for a while, and its all

Yes, Ill do that!

Why are you two angry?

We think that Grandfather planned to have the Takakura sisters as Danna-samas women eventually

He knew that once they give their virginity to Onii-sama, theyll love him and become unable to leave him

Misuzu, Ruriko.

But, he doesnt understand everything

Grandfather doesnt understand that we genuinely love Onii-sama from the bottom of our heart and that we need him

Err, I dont get it

Nei breaks in between;

Well, calm down you two

Then, she speaks to me.

Yo-chan, Kouzuji-ojiichan misunderstands your power. Of course, he thinks of you as a good man, and he highly evaluates you. But, he doesnt understand that girls who had sex with you cant leave your side anymore. It just happened that everyones deflowered and they find the time having sex as fun and irresistible, so he thought that its politically better to have Mii-chan and Ruri-chan have sex with only Yo-chan

What politics?

Look, what I mean is that Kouzuki-ojiichan knew that his granddaughters will get addicted to sex at one point. Kouzuki house has that blood flowing in them after all

Jii-chan told me that the Kouzuki houses blood is filled with obscenity.

However, it would be ugly if there were bad rumors about the sexual urges of the successor of Kouzuki house, you see? Thats why he thought that its okay to let the two have sex with Yo-chan where nobody else can see

No, I get that though

You dont, Grandfather thinks that well get bored of Danna-sama and would want to have sex with other men too


Its nothing strange. Yo-chan, Kouzuki-ojiichan was like that. He had his first experience with some girl and had sex with only that girl for a while, but soon he wanted to have sex with other girls, and so he seduced and switched with another


No, well, Jii-chan maybe like that but

Misuzu and Ruriko are different.

Well, it cant be helped. Grandfathers a man. It may not be impossible for him to understand the superiority of having sex with Onii-sama

Grandfather had sex with so many women so far, so he doesnt know whats special about Danna-sama

Err, uhm.

He never had such passionate sex that could burn and melt hearts

Therefore, he used Takakura-sama as a test for Onii-sama

I cant forgive the idea that he used Danna-sama as a tool to investigate the sisters

Wait a second.

Ya-chan, what does Minaho-neesan think of this?

I ask Nei.

Hmmm, Minaho-neesan cant stand against Kouzuki-ojiichan

But, Minaho-neesan was the one who talked about me having sex with those wholl become prostitutes of the brothel, wasnt she?

If I have sex with someone, then theyll be unable to have sex with anyone else. Thats just

Wont that make them impossible to become prostitutes?

Well, I cant say anything about that~


What Mii-chan and Ruri-chan are talking about is just a guess, and we dont know if theyre true or not

Hmm, yeah.

Think of the possibilities for now. But, dont make decisions yet. You cant tell whats the truth unless you see the face of the other, see?

Look at the face.

Even if you think Im sure its like this, or it definitely has to be like this, youll only understand when you see the persons face. Dont you think so, Yo-chan?


Thats why Yo-chan should only believe in what you should do


Misuzu, Ruriko

Yes, Danna-sama

Yes, Onii-sama

The two look at me.

If it were really as you two say then Jii-chan might be using me, but that doesnt matter for now

Thats right, what we should do for now is

We have to show better results with the sisters than what Jii-chan expects.

I tell the two.

Jii-chans a realist. Im sure that hell only destroy the extremist Yakuza and have the moderates reconcile. I mean, I think that Jii-chan wants to make Kouzuki have some influence on the Yakuza world by appeasing the moderate powers

I think so too

Ruriko said.

But, that would make Tsukiko and the two unable to escape the Yakuza. The Yakuza will continue to use the Takakura shrine maidens

I dont want that.

Jii-chans aim doesnt matter. We have our own objective. Our goal is to take out the Yakuza from the Takakura shrine. To free Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna. Then to take back the Takakura shrine!


Tsukiko and the two look at me.

And for that, first we must fuse the Tsuki Miko power and Yomi Miko power. I dont know if we can do it though, However, if we reach that far, well jump over Jii-chans assumptions

We need a trump card to fight Jii-chan.

Its all ready now

Please come this way Master

Michi and Edie call me from the bed.

We were preparing everything while everyones talking

Yes, weve worked on the interior Qi

Ready anytime!

These two are amazing.

Okay, lets begin

I head to the bed.

You can stay where you are. Just stretch your hand and reach out to the next person

Red, white, black, the three beds are lined up.

Luna, Yomiko, Tsukiko, the three naked sisters

They lie down facing upwards.

They stretch their hands and reach out for each other, then they formed a big triangle.

Then, Ill be here

Michi puts her hand on Luna and Yomikos hands.

I will be sending my Qi from here. Please think of the Qi circulating counterclockwise

Then, Ill be here

Edie puts her hand on top of Tsukiko and Lunas hand.

Yeah, counterclockwise

That would mean flowing the Qi of the sisters around.

Then, Ill be in here.

Mana holds Yomiko and Tsukikos hand?

I dont have Qi, but I want it to go well

Then, Agnes goes here!

Agnes puts her hand on top of Michis.

Agnes wants everyone to do their best


Agnes smiles at Luna who looks up at her from the bed.

Then, me too

Indeed, Ruri-tan

Misuzu on Edies hand,

Ruriko puts her hand on top of Manas.

There are two people at each point, but Ruri-chan and Mana-chans a bit weak, isnt it?

Nei tells me.

Yeah, the other two points have a strong Qi source which is Michi and Edie, but.

Then, I should go there, I guess?

Im in 6th kyu in Kudou martial arts, so Its not a big deal though.

No, Master has to be outside.

Michi said.

What should I do?

That is to inject your Qi in Takakura-samas body and circulate it when the limit is reached well activate Shingetsu

In short.

Ill have sex with Michi then?

Ill have sex with Michi, and then we both reach the climax then activate Shingetsu

No, not me but with Takakura-sama


Please do it with Luna-sama, Yomiko-sama, and Tsukiko-sama in that order

The three of them?

Please do it with them one by one until youre satisfied. If you still feel dissatisfied after with Tsukiko-sama, then start again with Luna-sama. Master, please continue to have sex with them in a counterclockwise order

I see it now.

With that said, Yo-chans a bit busy

Nei laughs.

But, Mana still needs another person with her

The only one remaining is,

Nei, and,

I cant! Im just a photographer and observer

Nei refuses to enter the Qi circulation.

In that case.

Megu, join in

I call out to Megu whos been silent and sitting on the chair all this time.


Were lacking in people. Help us out

Im good for nothing either way


No, for now, we want to increase the number of people who can send in Qi. That raises the probability of success

I said.

It might fail if I join in

She said while looking down.

Who cares about that, just join in Megu


I want Megu to join in


Come. Megu-oneechan

Mana said.

Megu-chan, lets help Luna and her sisters!


Megumi-oneesama, please


Megumi, come on!


Hurry up


Megumi-san. Everyone needs you


If you dont come to help then this is over. Megu-chan

Nei said.

Do you want the Takakura sisters to stay trapped in Yakuza forever

But, I

Megu-chan, didnt Yo-chan come to save you when you were to fall into hell?

Megus taken aback.

And now youre leaving them?!

Nei said. Megu;

I understand, Ill join in