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Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 949

The chaos among Heaven Traversers lasted for nearly half a month before the swarm of beasts slowly dispersed. Without their Progenitor, Heaven Traversers could not hope to stand up against beasts that numbered to more than a million. All forms of resistance were instantly crushed, and the entire race could only migrate in the face of the ferociousness and savagery of their attackers.
It was just like how Tian Xie Zi had been hunted down by the four great venerated races in the past. As he continued fleeing, he searched for a way to live.
However, there was also something different, and it was that the migrating Heaven Traversers were caught between despair and hope. They were in despair due to the fate they faced at that moment, while their hope lay in their Progenitor that may appear at any moment
During the past half a month, four-tenths of Heaven Traversers died due to the beast swarm. The death of these tens of thousands of people turned into a thick, bloody stench that filled the path the survivors took as they migrated through the galaxy.
To Heaven Traversers, this was an incredibly great blow. In fact, there was a high possibility that they would no longer be able to return to the galaxy in which they originally resided, because once the swarm of beasts occupied the territory, it also divided the area among itself.
It was just like how their Progenitor had seized this galaxy from the swarm of beasts that occupied it an endless amount of years ago.
Heaven Traversers did not dare to return to their homeland. The deaths of their people, many of whom were powerful warriors, caused the balance of power between the Heaven Traversers and the other venerated races to tilt.
While the matter of a beast swarm causing a ruckus in the inner parts of Divine Essence Star Ocean might not spread to the tribes in the periphery of Divine Essence Star Ocean, the other three venerated races in the inner parts of the galaxy would definitely learn of it after some time.
The four races worked together, but they also had a feud between them that lasted for generations. Because of it, once the balance was lost, what would await Heaven Traversers would only be a devastating fate.
Their migration meant that Heaven Traversers would disappear without a trace for a period of time. They would search for a rural area to rest and recuperate, and when they accumulated power that would allow them to rise in power again, they would make a comeback.
While there were plenty of ferocious beasts in Heaven Traversers' original homeland and these creatures occupied their territory, the bald crane's abilities and its obsession with crystals allowed it to sweep through these hundred something cultivation planets like a typhoon. With three rushes back and forth, it took away all the crystals that it could take.
When it returned to Su Ming's side with the Abyss Dragon, it was still in a state of such great excitement that it was practically dancing with joy. Its body shivered ceaselessly due to its exhilaration.
"I'm rich! Damn it all, I'm rich! Three crystals! There were three crystals in the entire territory of Heaven Traversers!" As the bald crane spoke excitedly, it sneaked a peek at Su Ming.
The Abyss Dragon was originally also very excited, but when it heard the bald crane's words, it was momentarily stunned. It remembered that they had looted tens of millions of crystals, but immediately after, the dragon saw the look in the bald crane's eyes.
Su Ming paid no attention to them. He knew that the crane was afraid that he would demand crystals from it, which was why it mentioned only three crystals. This number would render other people speechless when they heard it, and would think that the level of miserliness from the bald crane had already reached a state where it would cause others to bristle in anger.
However, since Su Ming understood the bald crane, he knew that it must have been in conflict for a long time before it mentioned three crystals with incredible willpower. After all, this was the bald crane that would consider itself to have lost crystals if it did not manage to pick up any when it left its house.
Su Ming looked at the galaxy that once belonged to Heaven Traversers with a calm expression. He did not have a compassionate heart, and there was only a little kindness within him. He could not distribute it for all the living in the world.
"Let's go." Su Ming stood up and cast a glance at the old Sand Spirit who was sitting on the ball of sand. This old man lifted his head to look at Su Ming. At the instant their gazes met, the old man's body dissipated and scattered into space. However, a voice that echoed in Su Ming's heart came from the space around him.
"You can ask to attack twice more. Don't forget our promise. Write my name into the ballad."
Su Ming nodded. He swung his arm, and immediately, the Rune he branded on himself a long time ago was activated. Once he did that, a layer of ripples spread out beneath his feet. The ripples covered the bald crane and the Abyss Dragon as well, and in the blink of an eye, the light from the Rune grew to a blinding degree. At that instant, Su Ming, along with the bald crane and the Abyss Dragon, disappeared from the ball of sand.
About ten breaths later, a loud bang spread out from the ball of sand. As the noise echoed in the air, cracking sounds shot up. Cracks appeared on the ball of sand. In the blink of an eye, they spread out until it looked like a cobweb covered the entire surface.
When a loud bang shot up in space, the gigantic ball of sand disintegrated, and Heaven Traversers' Progenitor appeared in the mid of sand.
His expression was dark, and there was extreme anger hidden within his eyes. He stared at the galaxy that originally belonged to Heaven Traversers, looked at the countless ferocious beasts that existed in it, smelled the bloody stench left behind in space by his people after they died, and did not say a word.
After a long while, the Progenitor let out a long sigh and did not choose to continue searching for Su Ming's tracks, because he knew that he could not kill him. Instead, there was a high possibility that he would be imprisoned once again, and at that time He already believed wholeheartedly that Su Ming was not a merciful person, and was not the type to feel guilty after for killing many people.
At that time, what would await Heaven Traversers would be true genocide.
If it had been anyone else threatening the Progenitor, he would not believe in their threat, and he would also not leave matters as they were. However, just because others had hunted down his Master in the past, he already killed four-tenths of the people a thousand years later. This sort of brutal person caused the Heaven Traversers' Progenitor to absolutely not make light of Su Ming's threat.
'Based on my guess, that Sand Spirit should have made some form of promise and will not attack multiple times, but even so As long as he takes action the next time, then even if I manage to kill him in the future all of my people would have died, and it'll just be like what he saidI will be the only Heaven Traverser left.
'He has a ruthless and diabolical heart, and he can wipe out an entire race He can bear with the consequence that come with it but I can't.'
Heaven Traversers' Progenitor fell silent. With his level of cultivation and his status, he had never felt threatened before. As of then, this feeling in his heart caused him to have incredibly complicated emotions within him. After a long while, he sighed inwardly, then moved to head in the direction of his people.
'He doesn't have a Dao heart. I will wait for the day he rots and perishes!' The Heaven Traversers' Progenitor left into the distance.
Within the inner parts of Divine Essence Star Ocean was a quiet galaxy. In it was a large meteor. That meteor floated in the galaxy. There were some nests that belonged to some ferocious beasts within it, but half a month ago, a woman had arrived in the place, and with her power of Lunar Kalpa Realm, she had killed all the ferocious beasts and became the owner of the meteor.
Over there, Xu Hui laid out a Rune based on Su Ming's request before she sat down cross-legged and slowly counted down the time.
This place was far away from Heaven Traversers. The riot brought by the sea of beasts could not affect this place, which was why the galaxy appeared peaceful.
There was a gigantic Void Beast hidden in space beyond the meteor. That creature resembling a crocodile floated with its eyes shut at that moment. It did not move, but if any dangerous presences appeared, it would immediately wake. Needless to say, it was the ferocious beast that Xu Hui had tamed with Su Ming's help when they were on their way to the inner parts of Divine Essence Star Ocean.
Xu Hui had already been waiting for half a month. Based on the agreement she made with Su Ming, if he did not return a month later, she would no longer need to wait, but would have to immediately head back to meet up with the nine old Frail Darknesses.
However, Xu Hui had her own resolve. If Su Ming did not return a month later, then she would not choose to go back. Instead, she would head off to search for him.
She had been staring at the Relocation Rune in front of her for half a month. On this day, light suddenly erupted right before her eyes. At the instant it happened, Xu Hui's gaze focused. She might have seemed calm, but she was feeling slightly nervous in her heart.
When she stood up, the light from the Relocation Rune had grown to a piercing degree. The Void Beast beside the meteor also stared at it. Once the light reached its brightest, it disappeared, and Su Ming appeared in the Relocation Rune. Beside him were the bald crane and the Abyss Dragon, who had taken the form of two mutts.
As for the Duke of Crimson Flame, he had already returned to become a totem on Su Ming's arm.
Xu Hui stared at Su Ming, and a smile appeared on her face.
Su Ming saw Xu Hui as well and walked to her side.
"I take it everything went well?"
"That's good then." Xu Hui did not ask for details. Instead, she cast her gaze on the bald crane and the Abyss Dragon. She stared at the bald crane, and the bald crane stared at her as well in an incredibly arrogant and provocative manner.
As for the Abyss Dragon, once it saw Xu Hui, it was momentarily stunned before it became extremely indignant in its heart, thinking to itself that Su Ming was truly shitty because he always had beautiful women by his side, and it could not help but regard Xu Hui in a hostile manner.
It had to help monitor all the members of the opposite sex beside Su Ming for its young master no matter what.
Xu Hui smiled lightly at the bald crane's provocative and defiant gaze, and was completely not bothered by it. However, she was slightly interested in the Abyss Dragon's animosity-filled gaze.
"It's not yours, right?" Xu Hui was a mature and charming woman. Her relaxed attitude and wisdom was something that no one else among the woman Su Ming had ever met possessed.
He nodded.
"Then let me guess. It's a girl's pet, and for some unknown reason, it came to your side" As Xu Hui spoke, a strange light shone in her eyes. When she looked at the Abyss Dragon, it immediately felt as if the form it took had been seen through.
"An Abyss Dragon..? I remember now. One thousand years ago, I heard that the Emperor of Abyss' True World sent an Abyss Dragon into the Barren Lands of Divine Essence to banish it and imprison it in this place. Could it be you?" Xu Hui's calm gaze immediately caused the Abyss Dragon to take a few instinctive steps backwards. It had a strong feeling that this woman before its eyes would be its young master's great enemy!
"The Abyss Dragons are a race that have an incredibly unique status in the Emperor of Abyss' True World, so unless they commit a great crime, it is impossible for them to be sent to this place. I remember that there was a piece of news that came out from the Emperor of Abyss' True World in the past. The third prince was about to get married, and the bride was a daughter of the greatest aristocratic family since ancient times in the Emperor of Abyss' True World, but the woman ran away from the marriage If she could escape from the Emperor of Abyss' True World, then she must have had a World Traversing Abyss Dragon by her side.
"Coincidentally, one thousand years ago, this woman was found and returned to the Emperor of Abyss' True World, while you were sent here." Xu Hui smiled and looked at the Abyss Dragon. "Your master's name is Xu Hui, right?"