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Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1325


“Great idea, Xiao Monarch! Let’s go! Let us all go!”

“We always want to build up a good connection to Ge Clan! Now it is the time. Thank you so much, Xiao Monarch! And I appreciate Ge Clan’s invitation!”

“That’s right! Ge Clan must spend quite some money in return for Xiao Monarch’s kindness!”

“We must drink with the great Lord Xiao Monarch until the end of our lives!”

“I usually don’t drink, but today, I will give up my life to drink with Lord Xiao Monarch!”

“I am allergic to alcohol, but I will drink it up today!”

“The wind blows to the east. The drums sound in the battle. Who is going to drink to the death!”

“To the south and the north I have traveled, when I drink, I grab a bottle!”

“I will not go home before I am stewed. In fact, you know what, I won’t go home even when I am stewed”

“Nobody walked out the gate of Ge Clan before drinking up one thousand shots!”


The crowd burst into waves of laughter. Ge Zhenfeng was so happy, and he kept thanking Ye Xiao, “Thank you. Thank you! Thanks for coming, Lord Xiao Monarch. Thank you, guys. It is a great honor to Ge Clan. Even if we have to spend every penny, we will bring up enough liquor for everybody Please, follow me.”

As he spoke, he led the way in front of the crowd. The others all humbly made way for Ye Xiao and then followed him. Everybody was so excited.

Ge Zhenfeng gave an order to two superior cultivators from the Ge Clan, and the two men flew away immediately. They must be moving the fastest they had ever be.

“Be full prepared!”

“Good liquor! Good food! Bring all up!”

“Make sure the whole clan looks good”

“Make sure every inch was clean”

“The guest rooms Get them ready!”

“Prepare something particularly for the monarch Sure thing”

“No matter what! I don’t care if we will go broke! We have to hold a good feast for everybody!”

Ge Zhenfeng told his men these orders through mind connection.

“Go home now! Get everything ready before we arrive!”

“If anybody doesn’t get their job done well before we arrive, you know what will happen Even if the great monarch doesn’t get mad, I will rip your skins off!”

“Go now! Quick!”

The two superior cultivators flew out hundreds of miles quickly, yet the voice of their great ancestor kept vibrating their eardrums.

It was killing their eardrums!

When Ge Clan got the message, the entire house was in a disturbance.

On the other side

“Master Ge, I don’t know Ge Clan well. May I ask how the situation is for Ge Clan?” Ye Xiao and Ge Zhenfeng were in front of the crowd, so they started to talk.

“Thanks for asking, Lord Monarch. Ge Clan is one of the nine great clans. We may not really be qualified to sit among them, but we are capable enough to feed ourselves Please, Xiao Monarch. You should stop calling me master I”

Ge Zhenfeng was a bit anxious, but then he sighed, “Qing-Yun Realm was in chaos. We wanted to stay away, but the storm will hit us all eventually Nobody knows what will happen next”

He spoke honestly.

Ye Xiao nodded, “Ge Clan has a thousands of years history and an incomparable wealth. I am sure it won’t be difficult for you to stay away from the trouble.”

Ge Zhenfeng’s eyes lit up. He was an experienced old man, who could always hear the true meaning behind other’s word.

He said, “We may be lucky enough to stay in peace, but It’s hard to say The hidden flows The secret organization Sima Clan has been wiped out Nobody knows when the danger will come. Sometimes it just hit you unexpectedly.”

He was honest about it. The battle between Ye Xiao and Wu Fa nearly got Ge Clan wiped out if Ye Xiao didn’t kill Wu Tian in time!

Ge Zhenfeng appreciated Ye Xiao’s kindness, but he had been scared quite much earlier!

“That’s right. When the storm comes, nobody can stay outside.” Ye Xiao nodded, with anxiety in the eyes.

Ge Zhenfeng sighed and said, “I am just curious Where do those people come from What kind of people can be so vicious and evil I heard that every single person, including children, was killed in Sima Clan It is unforgivably vicious”

He then looked at Ye Xiao with inquiring eyes.

He was indeed a cunning old man. He knew that Ye Xiao must be in the opposite side to the secret organization, even though he might not return for it. He was sure Xiao Monarch would become the savior of the world!

Ye Xiao looked serious all of a sudden and said, “I do know more than you guys, but I don’t know enough. I have no evidence to possibilities yet.”

He paused and then said, “So far as I know, it is going to be the biggest crisis in Qing-Yun Realm in the past tens of thousands of years.”

Ge Zhenfeng was shocked, and his face turned pale immediately.

Since Xiao Monarch said so, it meant the world was going to face something really horrible.

“Those people are under the table. They always wear black clothes and mask their faces They have a lot of superior cultivators. If I am right” Ye Xiao paused and continued, “They have thousands of level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators!”

Ge Zhenfeng’s eyes slightly popped out, and he staggered. He said, “Thousands of level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators!”

“It is the most conservative estimation. They should have more than we can think of!” Ye Xiao said, “I have no idea how many cultivators below level nine they have I have fought against somebody from this organization earlier and killed hundreds of them. However, I haven’t met anybody beyond the middle range. I am sure they have a huge amount of capable figures”

Ge Zhenfeng was totally numb.

He was shocked by what he had just heard, even though he was such an experienced cultivator in the martial world.

He knew that Xiao Monarch would never lie or exaggerate anything!

The secret organization must be horribly powerful!