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Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 132

132 Realization

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The Draconic Tribes and the Borrel Autarchy had long since been at each other’s necks. War had broken out between the two Major Powers multiple times, and even when they weren’t at war, skirmishes were commonplace.

As of right now, the Tribes and the Autarchy were technically not at war. The Blackgold Tribe, the strongest Tribe at the moment, though not the leader of the other Tribes by any means, was in negotiations with the Autarchy for a ceasefire, alongside a few representatives from other Tribes.

That didn’t mean that the Tribes could move freely through the Borrel Autarchy or act unrestrained, however.

Aiden glared at the Head of the Diamond Department. His eyes flashed with golden light as he jumped up into the air.


Aiden’s body morphed, instantly abandoning his Humanoid From and transforming into a huge, hulking Golden Flame Dragon that radiated pure, raw energy.

Species: Golden Flame Dragon

Class – King Class (Middle)

Maximum Energy Level: 1,047,412

In terms of Energy Levels, Aiden was quite a bit weaker than the Head of the Diamond Department.

However, in terms of actual power, the difference between the two was not as large as it seemed.

While the Maximum Energy Level of a creature took into account some portion of their physical strength, it could not perfectly account for when one combined physical strength and one’s natural body with the energy from one’s Soul Spell Matrix and the power of Law.

This was largely due to the huge variety of forms and physiques in the 30,000 Worlds. Achieving such a balance that applied equally to all forms was impossible.

If a dragon and a human stood side by side, each with an energy level of roughly 500,000 points, the two beings would not be perfectly equal.

The dragon, by far, would overpower the human, due to its powerful physique and sheer size. In terms of raw might, it would be far stronger than a human with a similar Energy Level.

The Flame Empyrean Turtle was a gargantuan beast, and had an equally gargantuan Energy Level approaching 22,000,000 points, with a Soul Spell Matrix at the Pseudo-Angelic level. In terms of real power, however, it was far stronger than a human would be with an equivalent energy level.

The Flame Empyrean Turtle could face off against true Angelic Class beings and come away completely unscathed.

Energy Levels were a good metric for strength in general, but once one focused on higher levels or more powerful creatures, the Class of one’s Soul Spell Matrix and the breed of one’s Bloodline played a far bigger role.

Humans were the most adaptive species in the 30,000 Worlds. They had the ability to increase their strength at an incredible rate, improving their Energy Levels to the extreme. Other species, like those of the Draconic Tribes, improved at a slower rate.

The stronger a creature’s physical form, the harder it was to increase their overall strength.

Aiden, as a Middle King Class Golden Flame Dragon, was one of the strongest members of the Golden Flame Tribe.


Aiden’s body landed down on the ground, the golden, majestic Aura that surrounded him crashing down and spreading with ferocious force. It was overwhelmingly strong, the Aura of a truly draconic being.

“Oh my god! A dragon!”

“Fall back, fall back!”

“Quick, go to the other entrances!”

Most of the crowd, upon seeing Aiden, immediately gave up and fled. Some cast Spells to shield themselves as they fled, while others abandoned everything and burst into a sprint. Some even brought out and activated defensive Magic Artifacts.

The multitude of powerful Wizards and warriors didn’t flee out of cowardice.

Simply, the reputation that the Draconic Tribes held was not something any sane being would want to face off against.

“Finally showing your true colors, eh? I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you two in for questioning, drakes. We don’t have any records of Tribemembers like you crossing our lands legally.”


Jiro stepped forward, cracking his knuckles.

“GRRR” Aiden merely responded with a low, guttural growl, one that sent shivers through Dorian’s spine, his adept Wrath Vampire ears picking up every decibel of it. It was a growl of a predator.

A predator that was looking at prey.

“How would you even know if there were records? Who says we had to cross your lands? We have no quarrel with you. Let us part on neutral terms.” Mira’s voice sounded off as the voice of reason as she argued back.

Jiro shrugged,

“I’m afraid I’ll need to confirm everything first. His Highness has made it very clear on that when it comes to your kind. Of course” Jiro smiled, the alcohol gourd on his back sloshing about,

“You are welcome to resist.” Killing intent flowed off the Department Head in an almost lazy fashion, as if the Head didn’t see them as a true challenge.

This killing intent seemed to lessen, however, as the Department Head glanced aside, looking at Dorian for a moment before returning his attention to Aiden.

“I’m afraid not, you alcoholic turkey.” Leader’s voice boomed out with confidence as he jumped forward, holding his bow at the ready as he landed on the ground next to Aiden’s large, Draconic form.

“This Godly Human” Leader began, banging on his chest,

“Shall be the one to stop you!” His voice boomed out with Pride, the air around him distorting as the rainbow Aura flashed. Energy condensed around him as he prepared to enter his powerful ‘Super State.’

Dorian’s eyes narrowed as he heard Leader’s words.

They sounded rather familiar

“Siding with drakes over humanity, why does this not surprise me? I will be the one to arrest you, slave of the dragon race.” Taemin stepped forward, holding his diamond arm forward as he pointed at Leader.

“Department Head, I will admit your strength is great. But do you think you can take us both on at once?” Mira’s voice took on a grand, but peaceful air, as she transformed as well, jumping off the platform and leaving Dorian alone.

A graceful jade-scaled dragon appeared, one whose scales glittered beautifully in the midmorning light of Magmor. Her Wise Jade Dragon’s full form. At the same time, a jade colored Aura spread out, rippling in the air.

The pressure from these beings facing off was incredible. Dorian felt lightheaded just looking at it, despite being so far back.

In that tense moment, the Department Head Jiro did something a bit odd. He turned away from facing off against Aiden to glance at Dorian again. A hint of uncertainty appeared in his eyes.

Upon seeing that Dorian was merely watching with narrowed eyes, the look of uncertainty vanished.

‘Shoot.’ Dorian mentally swore as he saw this. The Department Head seemed to take his inaction as a sign that he wasn’t interested in interfering.

‘It’s not that I’m not interested It’s just that I can’t quite match up with y’all yet’ He thought begrudgingly. Why was he still so weak, dammit?

If he used his Perfect Body Ability, Dorian was fully confident he would be able to trade blows with them. Yukeli had used it to great effect when he fought against a full strength Leader. He might not be as skilled as Yukeli, but his physical enhancement would be the same.

The only problem was that he could only maintain that state for a brief period.

‘What should I do?’ His thoughts were thrown into disarray.

Jiro did not hesitate.

“Your combined prowess might be slightly annoying. Even I cannot simply ignore Dragonfire. However, who said I would face you alone?” He snapped his fingers.

Immediately, seemingly spawning out of some type of Spatial Artifact, a dozen large armored figures appeared. All of them were covered in crystalline diamond armor, glinting brightly in the morning light.

As they appeared, each one released a powerful Lord Class Aura.

‘Ausra, what are those?’ Dorian queried mentally at the sight.

‘They appear to be some type of Golem Artifacts, similar to the Diamond Soldier Golem, enhanced and created for battle. Their strength puts them in the Lord Class, Mid to Late.’ Ausra gave an estimate of their strength and a mild description of what they were.

‘Oh? You can recognize these Artifacts, but not others?’ Dorian, in that split second, mentally sent her an off-hand question.

‘My logs have information about anything that resembles a living being, including various Golem creatures.’ Her response was succinct.


The drunk Department Head gave them all a raucous smile.

“Let’s have a go at it, hahaha!” He waved his hand, causing a large, gleaming diamond axe to appear in it.

Immediately, the dozen Diamond Soldiers rushed forward towards Mira, their legs smashing down on the ground in unison as they attacked. Pure, white Auras rose about them, combining perfectly.

At the same time, Jiro leapt towards Aiden, a pure, unadulterated Aura rippling out around him. One that was earthy and strong, rich and deadly.

One that seemed to give off a faint tang of alcohol.

Aiden rushed forward at Jiro, swiping down with one of his long, draconian claws. The gold Aura that swarmed around him from his Law of Majesty rippled in the air, smashing towards the Diamond Wizard.


An earth-shattering roar broke out as a shockwave slammed into Dorian, threatening to throw him off his feet. He barely held on to the pillar he was standing on, sliding back into range of the circular portal that was charging up in the middle.

The impact from the two being’s charge seemed to have mostly equalized. Jiro was knocked back a single step while Aiden was knocked back one as well, though his steps were decidedly larger. Neither combatant seemed injured.


The crackling sound of Dragonfire rang out as Aiden unleashed a flurry of brilliant Golden Flames, burning with a light that seemed almighty and powerful. Dorian could feel the heat from all the way over here.

Instead of dodging it, Jiro seemed to welcome the flames, laughing out loud as he pulled out the gourd on his back, setting his axe down beside him.


Jiro threw out a huge wave of the fruit alcohol that was in that gourd, splashing it in a huge arc. At the same time, he lightly tossed the gourd into the air, freeing his hands as he clasped them together to casts a Spell.

“Diamond Magic: Diamond Transformation!”

Immediately, the splashing arc of fruit alcohol transformed, turning into a magically enhanced bubble of pure diamond.



The Golden Flames that Aiden sent slammed into the bubble of diamond and washed around it, flooding up against it. The flames were deadly and held an incredibly corrosive power, but even they were unable to melt through the diamond seal.

‘Wow. Their Diamond Magic is really no joke. The durability is incredible.’ It made sense to Dorian, now, why the Vice-Head would transform a full half of his body into the Magic diamond that it had become. The strength and power it gave, as well as pure defensive prowess, must have seemed a worthwhile tradeoff.

In the meantime, the Diamond Soldiers had all swarmed Mira.

Mira lithely dodged attack after attack, shooting out a few swaths of Dragonfire of her own as she jumped around. Her strategy appeared to be based on taking advantage of her relatively smaller size as a Wise Jade Dragon to move in and out fast.

The Jade Flames she sent out slammed against the Diamond Soldiers and seemed to have little effect. It made some of them stop and stutter, but the Golems got back up and moving shortly after.

Vice Head Taemin, meanwhile, had engaged Leader in a duel of their own.

“Ooh, you almost got me there, you sorry excuse for a rocky canyon!” Leader appeared to be enjoying himself, hurling insult after insult like he hurled arrow after arrow, constantly pelting Taemin with energy shots.

The half-diamond human took all the shots stoically, blocking blast after blast using his diamond arm. They seemed to be causing him little to no damage, each one dispersed without too big a fuss.

‘The Diamond Magic that these Wizards use is really, really strong, defensively.’ Dorian’s eyes widened at this as he saw the full power of the Diamond Department. There was a good reason why it was considered part of the Big 12, the strongest Departments in the Borrel Autarchy.

Huge explosions, shockwaves, and clashing Auras mixed together as the combatants engaged. It seemed like all the other participants had turned tail and fled, running away from the scene as the huge battle broke out. Even the trio from the Blazing King had turned tail, unwilling to risk themselves over this entrance.

‘Is there no type of attack I can use to help?!’ He thought, frustration almost overwhelming him.

He could go out and try to fight, using what was left of Yukeli’s skills. He could cobble together a few of the Abilities he’d managed to pick up thanks to the new forms he’d gained and perhaps have some small effect.

Dorian looked down at his hands, a feeling of uselessness running rampant in his mind.

‘What would Will do?’ He thought about the man he was trying to save, the Wood Wizard turned Light Wizard that had sacrificed himself for him.

‘Will Will! That’s it! That’s right!’ His eyes abruptly lit up as a thought struck him.

‘I am an Anomaly. While my original powers were given to me by Yukeli, there is one that I have that even Yukeli never had’

‘The ability to twist Fate using my will! Thanks, Will!’ He mentally thanked his unconscious companion for helping remind him.

‘Who says I’m useless here, eh?’ Dorian thought, looking up.

His eyes flashed once more as he scanned his surroundings, taking in the massive battle that was taking place.

A small smile appeared on his face.

‘With this power in my hands Even Gods themselves will tremble before me.’

Dorian pulled hard on his will as he looked out at the fighters.

And commanded Fate to change.


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