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Reincarnation Of The Goddess Chapter 13

De'Noctis Institute: School for Special Arts

Harvendash City,

Sereign Continent

The calm breeze of the wind drew the birds passing by. The palace-like place with majestic towers hovering above was unfathomably splendid and pompous, you wouldn't believe that this is a school (though it's an elite school).

The antiquity of the buildings looked elegant and pleasing and each buildings have different departments. There are five departments existing, the Spade of Truth, the Club of Clovers, the Corner of Hearts, the Diamonds' Glimmer and the Aces. They have all unique differences but has one similarity, they were all originated in a playing card.

A tall and lean guy, with short dark violet hair in a student cut, wearing his eyeglasses on his silver colored eyes with an indifferent look. A black band on the right sleeve of his uniform, printed on it was 'Head Ace'

All the students that was about to see him would back away, giving him path. Some would shiver, some would drool and some would squeal a bit. No one can resist this imposing youth with his dashing looks.

The overbearing handsome young man was the President of the Student body, a very strict and proper youngster. He manages all the activities of their school, if not for the very listless headmaster they have, they could say that this young man is more than the headmaster of the school.

"Chick magnet as ever, Kali"

A blondie rascal suddenly appeared, putting his arm on the President's shoulder.

The young man named Kali grunted, removing the naughty Disciplinary Head's arm,"Watch your paws."

"Do I look a cat, Pres?"


Kali ignored the impish blondie, continuing his walk to the headmaster's office.

"Stop fooling around, Gavin. You have more work to do!" A boy with brown hair reprimanded the Disciplinary Head (ironic is it?) called Gavin.

"Oh?! When did you get back, VP?"

"Tss" the Vice President known as Cyan pulled Gavin through his collar while sauntering to the garden. He can't believe that this brat was the Head of the Disciplinary Council.

Meanwhile, at the headmaster's office; a man around his thirties with light peach long hair holding a fan while playing chess by himself was sitting comfortably, on his table was a plaque written on it 'Xi Mong, School Head'

The very serene atmosphere was broken by a dark aura coming from the President.

"Headmaster, I know that you're 'very busy' right now, as I can see," Kali eyed the chessboard while adverting his gaze to the lazy headmaster.

"Hmm. Yes, I'm very busy"

Xi Mong just kept playing, unconcerned to the dagger looks from the imposing President.

The violet haired young man sighed inwardly, accepting the reality about their headmaster.

"So... why are you here?" The lazy Xi Mong took a glance at the frowning youth.

"Headmaster, the section A's handler resigned on the Aces' department"

"And why is that? It's nearing for the School's festival"

The nonchalant headmaster moved his horse two boxes away the king. While Kali unhurriedly open a paper, reading from within,"He said that he can't take it anymore, these devils are hard to handle, that was his reason."

Xi Mong silently cornered the king on the white side using his queen. He smirked.



The busy headmaster felt a piercing chill from the President's eyes.

Xi Mong clasped his both hands while looking directly at Kali,"Hmmm... Then what do you think about it?... Section A's Class representative?"

Unknowingly, the President's lips curled, making him more dashing.

"Oh. We want someone suited"

At the mansion of the Shuho family, a youth with silvery hair clad on his usual white robe was sitting on his courtyard's garden. Having one final moment on his moonflowers. At his side was his butler named Art. The butler that was back an hour ago from his task.

"Young Lord, your things are ready. Do you want to depart later?"

This very day was his last on this mansion for Chun was going on a journey. He will conquer every city, every nation and every continent because he finally decided to open his sealed past.

"We will depart now"

"As you wish, young lord"

The dignified young man walk confidently, he will now start on searching the fragments, these 9 fragments.

Suddenly, he halted his steps.

"What's the matter, young lord?"

"What did father said earlier?"

The butler calmly fix his glasses then respectedly answered his master.

"You will need to go to De'Noctis Institute"

Ahh. So I will go schooling. Being a student would be nice.