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Revenge: Queen Of The Fashion World Chapter 155

"Easy now." Troy was holding me protectively, helping me walk."Don't worry Troy." I giggled. "I can walk by myself fine. It's just the getting up and sitting down that makes it hard for me.""It's better to be safe Jill." Troy said with a smile.We waled towards the entrance of the hospital hand in hand, Troy didn't let go even for a minute.I felt the tinge of happiness. Soon our babies will be born and we will be one big happy family."Have you thought of names for our little angels?" Troy asked."Not yet. Let's talk about our prospect names later this evening." I said."Sure." Troy smiled.When we were about to exit the doors I felt that someone was staring at me from behind. I unconsciously turned back."What is it love?" Troy asked."I don't know. I just felt someone staring at me." I replies."Well many people are staring. You are quite popular you know." He said."You are also popular." I said right back at him."Okay we are both popular." Troy compromised.We both giggled and Troy gave me a peck on the lips. Not long the car came in the driveway. Troy helped me to get in and he followed. That whole time I felt the stare at me was so intense.***Angeline was blended with the crowd inside the hospital, watching the couples every move.Angeline had been starting to stalk Jill since Troy had her watched and wasn't able to get near him.When she saw Jill come out the building she planned to approach her but Troy came. She saw how sweet Troy was to Jill that jealousy burned deep within her heart.She followed them to the hospital, hoping that Troy would leave Jill's side even for a few minutes. Then she can approach Troy and try to talk to him.But Troy never left Jill's side even once. The whole time they were together. The jealousy was getting stronger now.And on top of that she heard the positive feedback the people are gossiping about them. Her hands clenched into fists and anger was evident in her face."If it was in the past, if I haven't left Troy back then, I should be the one who is beside him now." Angeline said to herself.She still waited for the couple in the entrance of the hospital. After a few hours of waiting she saw the couple emerged inside the elevator. Troy was holding Jill so protectively and they were smiling happily.Her anger and jealousy was blending inside of her. She stared at Jill with daggers."Just you wait Jill. I will surely take Troy back from you." Angeline said with anger.***It was getting dark when we got home."Thank you Sawyer. Have a good evening." I said."Your welcome ma'am. Have a good evening as well." Sawyer replied.Troy helped me out of the car. He took of his coat and out it on my shoulders."It's a little chilly." Troy smiled."Oh okay." I smiled back. I internally giggled. Troy is being overprotective. The house entrance is just a few meters away and it's not chilly inside.Troy opened the door slowly."SURPRISE!" Many people yelled. Confetti popped out and was flying in the air. I look in astonishment."What is this?" I was smiling. I look around and the people closest to me are around us."Well actually James and I planned a surprise baby shower for you and Troy." Andrea looked guiltily."Oh. So that's why the two of you teamed up for me to take the afternoon off." I said and stared at them."I am sure to work overtime tomorrow." Andrea clasped her hands and apologized."I'll be working overtime as well even without pay." James also said guiltily."You two.." I pointed my finger at them. "Thank you very much."I hugged the both of them."Your welcome Jill." Andrea and James said."Baby girl how are you?" Father greeted me."I'm doing fine daddy. I have good news. I said excitedly."Looks like a good news indeed haha." My father saw how happy I was. "Well let's talk about it later. Many guests wants to greet you tonight.""Troy my boy how are you?" Father greeted Troy who was beside me."I'm doing good father." Troy replied.