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Rise Of Humanity Chapter 608

Chapter 608 - The Yang Line, Yin Line, and Simulation of Four Dimensions

On the dark side of the moon, Zhong Yue tuned the teleportation portal to their next destinationCelestial Fire Star. There, the Imperial Path of the Heavenly Monarch was the shortest and fastest path they could use to reach the Zi Wei Imperial Star.

What a shame you cant bring any imperial weapons away with you. Xin Huo looked back at the Ancestral Star and lamented, Brat Yue, we should really try entering the imperial tombs. You never know, we might be able to bring out a few imperial weapons.

Zhong Yue shook his head and said, If the imperial weapons really did intend to come with me, they dont have to wait until Si Ming comes and Shao Hao Bell to leave with her. I have been living in the Ancestral Star for thirty-seven years, yet none of them has come. If they are fated to be with me, they would already be here.

Xin Huo nodded, They expect too much of their masters. The Fuxi blood in you is still faint, thats why you are not chosen. If you are a pureblood Fuxi, the imperial weapons will surely swarm toward you.

Zhong Yue laughed speechlessly as he thought, Swarm? Are there really so many imperial weapons? Furthermore, I dont really need them, Xin Huo is more than enough.

Zhong Yue was placid and held his usual composure. A few moments later, he finally finished tuning the teleportation portal while Bai Canghai laughed and said, Brother Zhong, will this teleportation portal be

Be quiet, Senior Martial Brother Bai! Zhong Yue and Qiu Jiner were shocked and they shouted instantly.

Bai Canghai nodded heavily and shut his mouth tight; while Jun sixie and Shi Buyi both startled, not knowing why were they so nervous and disallowed Bai Canghai to speak.

Im the Comet Innate Spirit Body Bai Canghai whispered sorrowly.

Jun Sixie laughed, I dont believe that, how is there really such thing as the Comet Innate Spirit Body? Poor young lady, little did she knew of what had happened around Bai Canghai, and what made Zhong Yue and Qiu Jiner so afraid of his words.

Zhong Yue activated the teleportation portal, and a beam of light transported them to the Celestial Fire Star. Then, Zhong Yue and companyall cast out their Avatars and pressed the highest mountain of the Celestial Fire Star into the ground.

Immediately, the earth quaked, and the copper pillars rose above the ground. The whole Celestial Fire Star has turned into a complex and yet explicit teleporting device.

This is the Imperial Path of the Heavenly Monarch, it can send us directly to the Zi Wei Imperial Star Huh?

Zhong Yue startled and glanced around. The teleportation portal was ready and activated, but the light beam that can send them did not occur!

Strange, did the teleportation array breakdown? he frowned and looked around but saw no visible flaws in the teleportation array formation. Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind, Ive seen an invisible barrier that covered the whole Solar System, is that the reason why the teleportation is not working? That it prevented the array formation from locating the position of the Zi Wei Galaxy?

Zhong Yues face became serious and cold sweat burst out of his head. If the teleportation array formation couldnt locate the Zi Wei Imperial Star, then they would not be able to teleport there!

Shit, the array formation has stopped working, how should we leave now?

He pondered deeply for a solution. As the Heavenly Monarch Imperial Path was now out of service, the only option left for them was to leave by flying through the endless space. But with their strengths alone, it would take a long time, they might not even be able to make it to the next galaxy. Thus, the only way for them to leave was still the teleportation array formation.

Back in the days when there were no teleportation array formations, only the gods could travel from star to star solely relying on their own prowess. The gods were strong enough to distort space and dimension, and travel an incredible distance in just a matter of seconds. They were the ones that created the teleportation array formations and established the array formations across the universe.

That was how they were able to build the glorious eras that spread across the whole universe.

Although Zhong Yue was barely strong enough to do it, he could only distort the space and dimension on a much smaller scale, allowing him to travel through a short and insignificant distance through the endless space.

Xin Huo, do you know of any other ways to leave? Zhong Yue asked.

There are quite a few, but all are located outside of this Solar System. But the invisible barrier has sealed your Solar System away, it is quite impossible to leave. So, I suppose the few ways to leave wouldnt even come in handy now.

Zhong Yue frowned. The peculiar divine tree had sealed all of the cultivations, while the invisible barrier now enclosed the Solar System like a cage. The stars around Solar System were now mere replicas of the stars on the outside world, perhaps not even gods could differentiate them.

How could one leave under such condition?

Zhong Yue suddenly sat in the lotus position and stared into the sky.

Everything looked the same as before, enough to even fool the gods. He couldnt help but wonder, what would one really see and feel if they were close enough to these replicated stars?

Zhong Yue gave it a thought, and he shuddered.

If there was really a god that could reach to the stars replicated in the invisible barrier, would he see them as just paintings, or genuine stars in the recreated universe?

What if the god suddenly realized that it was just a recreated universe by the others, one that was drawn in a scroll and cast out upon them; just how much despair would they feel?

And when he turned back around, he wouldnt be able to find the Ancestral Star anymore, becoming lost forever inside the universe of the scroll!

There must be a flaw, there must be one. No matter how marvelous this recreated universe is, it will never be able to match the true universe!

Zhong Yue cast the Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scriptureand calculated the orbital course of the stars, hoping that he would be able glean anything out from it.

Time flashed by, and the activated teleportation portal on the Celestial Fire Star turned dormant again. The copper pillars sank back down and the highest mountain rose within the ground; the Celestial Fire Star had reverted back to its usual appearance.

Jun Sixie, Qiu Jine, and the others were bewildered. They looked over and saw Zhong Yue holding the most solemn face they had ever seen on him. Zhong Yue surged his psyche out and visualized the simulations of the stars and planets around him.

Clearly, Zhong Yue was simulating the stars and planets around them in order to calculate something!

What is happening? Shi Buyi mumbled, Why is the teleportation array formation not working?

Qiu Jiner shook her head, while Jun Sixie suddenly said, Junior Martial Brother Zhong said there was a strong force and an invisible barrier that sealed the cultivation in the Solar System, is that what stopped the teleportation portal from working?

Then, Bai Canghai mumbled puzzlingly, But it doesnt make sense. Feng Wuji has already left the Ancestral Star, if the Solar System is sealed, he cant possibly leave, can he?

Feng Wuji left? Zhong Yue abruptly glared his eyes over and beseeched.

Bai Canghai nodded, When you were sealing the godly power in the races blood, there were many celestial experts that saw Feng Wuji casting out a golden decree that shrouded him away into the sky.

Feng Wuji left! Rays flashed across Zhong Yues eyes as he thought, If he can leave, then it is highly possible that there is indeed a hole in this universe scroll, or could it have been that the decree he was given was just strong enough to leave the universe scroll itself?

Among the two possibilities, Zhong Yue was more willing to take on the first one. At least, the former conjecture still suggested a glimpse of hope for them to leave; while the latter would only leave him in despair as he could never hope to acquire such a strong decree.

Zhong Yue continued to concentrate on theTime Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture. He now planned to create a divination technique that allowed him to quickly calculate the orbital route of the stars and planets!

But it wasnt easy at all to invent such a deductive method for the stars. He struggled for tens of days before a sudden flash of inspiration crossed his mind. And all of a sudden, the Zhong Shan Clan young man laughed loudly.

He finally figured out how he should do the calculations!

In this deductive method he has created, the Yang would represent one with the symbol , and the Yin resembles as two with the symbol of --. It was a binary system that could be reformed into an octal numeral system.

The whole divinatory calculation technique included every element of the stars, and the base of everything were the Yin and Yang. With just these two elements, Zhong Yue would be able to derive the form, matter, mass, environmental situation, and orbital course of the stars and planets. Most importantly, he would be able to differentiate the real and fake stars to divine the path that Feng Wuji left from!

Seeing that they would be able to leave now, Zhong Yue couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Yet, little did he know that the real reason that Feng Wuji was able to leave was the second possibility that Zhong Yue had dread previously that the golden decree left behind by Tu Yu was in fact, strong enough to just move Feng Wuji out from the Skymetrical Scroll!

However, it was true that the divinatory calculation technique Zhong Yue invented could really point out the way to leave the Skymetricall Scroll. After all, even Tu Yu didnt know that there was a hole in the Skymetrical Scroll!

On the Celestial Fire Star, Jun Sixie, Qiu Jiner, Shi Buyi and Bai Canghai were dumbfounded looking at the visualizations of stars happening around Zhong Yue. All these stars and planets were simulated and their actual conditions simulated according to the deductions of the divinatory calculation technique. Countless symbols of unknown uses filled around the stars and planets as Zhong Yue runs the simulation further!

It was stunning beyond words!

This wasnt a simple two dimensional simulation, nor the complicated three dimensional one; it was an unprecedented simulation that involves a fourth dimension within itTime!


This divinatory calculation method is in fact, the base of the Eight Trigrams. For those that still finds it hard to understand or wishes to know more about it, you can refer to the mighty wikipedia, link as below: