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Rise Of Humanity Chapter 654

Chapter 654 - Extraterrestrial Visitor

Xin Huo remained silent within Zhong Yues Yuan Shen Secret Realm while Zhong Yue went through his secret realm. None of his properties were lost and they were in the exact position they used to be.

Zhong Yue was right; he was teleported into this strange place and had probably been affected by the power of reincarnation, which most probably was that unknown power that hit him back then.

This also meant that he was now a native to this strange and forbidden ancient land.

But those things that he brought along with them wouldn't just disappear for no reason, he had confirmed this when he saw the copper lantern, he was merely denied access to these items for the time being since his secret realms were all sealed.

All he needed to do was just regain his cultivation again; his soul and Yuan Shen were still the same.

Very likely, said Xin Huo while trying to avoid detection by the soul token, But it is also possible that the time here and the time outside is different. The time flow on the outside is probably faster than the time flow here, perhaps its only a short while on the outside even after we have been here for twenty eight days.

Hearing this, Zhong Yue quietened down and he started to think that this was highly possible; he once entered Hell for for half a year and it had only been half a day in reality, a fact that would give credibility to Xin Huos point.

If that is how it is, Xin Huo musnt show himself yet or his presence will detected by the soul token.

Zhong Yue slightly let his guard down, now that he had achieved his secret realm once again, gotten access back to items like the soul token, he had no choice but to be careful.

But why hasn't my body returned? This body I have now is not mine so where is my own body?

He frowned, Ive been hit by the power of reincarnation and am now trapped in this places cycle of reincarnation. This feels very similar to being reborn but different at the same time. This is probably because of the imperfection in the reincarnation power of the Ancient Land of Gods Grave, a proper Six Path Reincarnation will have other measures in place to erase all memories of their past life. I still have my Yuan Shen Secret Realm and even my items. When the Yuan Shen falls into darkness, one can reawaken it by recultivating it again, so where is my body now?

The Ancient Land of Gods Grave was a place used to experiment on the Six Path Reincarnation and since it was an experimental field, it was naturally different to the Six Path Reincarnation now.

That person who did the experiment had probably experimented on different scenarios, perhaps what he was ultimately researching were the mysteries of the Yuan Shen.

But if Zhong Yue really was reborn, then there would have been a body that belonged to him in the previous life. So where was his body?

Thinking of this, he moved his body and examined it; now, his body was cultivated into a level where it was rock solid. The structure of his bones had the appearance of jade with no impurities and one could see raw power contained within that body of his which looked like a soul weapon forged from top graded jade.

But as long as there was no flesh, Zhong Yue would never feel normal.

Perhaps this state of mine is just an illusion and my body is as normal as ever?

However, whether or not he was reborn or just in an illusion, he could not tell whether any of it was real or fake.

Maybe, just maybe if I achieved the immortal body again, I can return to normal?

Immediately, he made a decision and started advancing again, Next level is the Atman Body level and upon achieving that, I can form my own Yuan Shen, entering Inner Core level and then the immortal body! Putting everything aside, cultivating here greatly benefited me in enhancing my Yuan Shen!

He continued walking towards the front, travelled miles and miles again, struck down skeleton Qi Practitioners he ran into, entered a few major cities where there were more skeleton Qi Practitioners that have their own conscious.

Here, these skeleton Qi Practitioners communicated with psyche for none of the skeletons could speak; upon their psyche touches or clashes, both parties would understand each others intention.

And this meant that neither language nor word could be used, all Zhong Yue had to do was fight with these skeletons and try to obtain information or force these skeletons to submit.

Just as he thought, cultivating here provided a great advantage in enhancing Yuan Shen.

For each ghost fire Zhong Yue devoured, his Yuan Shen grew. The Yuan Shen was acknowledged as extremely difficult to cultivate and even in his previous life, Zhong Yues main problem was how to improve his Yuan Shen. Though he had greatly exceeded his limits, he also spent quite a bit of time to only see his Yuan Shen experience a very pitiful increase in strength.

And now, in just two months, he had cultivated the Spirit Body level, possessing a Yuan Shen that is a hundred feet tall and after performing Atman Body As One, he would turn into a huge white jade skeleton that looked very intimidating.

In his previous life, his Yuan Shen was only 36 feet tall in the Atman Body As One level and he only achieved a 100 metre tall Yuan Shen when he was in the Heavenly Dharma level. Now, he actually did it! He did not rush to advance further but instead, continued to suppress his strength, continuing to pump in purer and stronger energy into his Yuan Shen to carve, reforge, and refine the totem carvings, further enhancing his own.

Things did not end just like that; due to the differences in the laws of heaven and earth in this place, he tried to experiment and unveil the secrets of soul and techniques, attempting to create even more techniques.

Besides, the techniques cast by these skeleton Qi Practitioners were mostly soul type skills, but only certain ones had the capability to create supernatural phenomenal. These techniques provided lots of inspiration to Zhong Yue. However, due to how stiffly they cast their skills, there was a significant amount of essence missing in their techniques but their totem patterns were still very authentic and natural.

These skeletons had formed their own civilizations, built their own cities so there must be an even more advanced civilization in the deeper part of the palin!

Zhong Yue continued to travel forward and he figured, The skeletons there must have skills even more advanced and exquisite, they are definitely going to benefit me greatly!

Soul type techniques belonged to the Six Path branch of techniques, they were a completely different category that only existed in Hell. As such, even for the likes of Bi and An, they only had a limited number of techniques such as theSix Soul Bannerthat they learned from one of the judges.

If he managed to obtain more soul type techniques here, it would be a huge gain for him.

As time passed, the amount of skeleton Qi Practitioners Zhong Yue ran into increased tremendously, and from this, he could tell that he had reached the heart of this place and passed white bone cities one after another.

In each and every one of the cities, there would always be a white bone general that was usually at the Inner Core level, they would enslave the other skeletons, and extract a portion of the ghost fire in their slaves in order to increase their own power. This was a way they cultivated.

The consciousness of these skeleton generals were very complicated; they knew about the dangers lurking within the plains so they enslaved skeletons and siphoned power from them.

Thus, whenever skeletons like Zhong Yue wandered into their territories, these generals would always try to capture him, but in the end, the majority of them would only be turned into energy for Zhong Yue, with only a few being able to escape.

And now, in front of a bone city, countless skeleton Qi Practitioners on skeleton warhorses and strange looking beasts charged at Zhong Yue.

At first, he did not even move, but in the next second, theSix Soul Bannerappeared in his hands and he waved it at the army charging at him, extracting their soul and threw them all into the banner!

Hua la-

The soulless skeletons fell onto the ground and along with their mounts, they all died just like that while their ghost fire swarmed Zhong Yue.

At long last, Ive finally enter the Inner Core level!

Zhong Yue stood there and did nothing as the ghost fire swarmed into his eyes, My Yuan Shen can no longer grow now. It cant absorb anymore energy, making it pointless if I continue to cultivate. I might as well just try to advance into the Inner Core level here!

And it was at this time that his sixth sense hit him; he felt something and immediately, a very dangerous energy locked onto him as he saw a dragon, with many others in tow, come flying straight at him!

Hong hong hong-

As the dragons emerged, the city walls toppled; the dragons filled up a huge part of the plains and that scene right there was extremely astonishing!

Zhong Yue was stunned by these visualized dragons. Unlike the techniques and skills used by the skeleton Qi Practitioners, these dragons had bones, flesh and scales!

The creatures of this strange world were all skeletons and this included the dragons as well. So there would definitely be no proper dragon techniques in this realm, and even if there were, the dragons conjured should only appear in skeletal forms!

That person that cast this skill is also the same as me?

Right away, Zhong Yues attention was drawn to the skill, as his hands moved, he slammed out theCelestial Demon Yi, creating a gigantic Tai Chi Art, and when the dragons collided with the Tai Chi Art, they disappeared within thin air.

Zhong Yue leapt into the air, ran straight towards the city and the Yin and Yang Qi in his eyes swept across city like two huge dragons, cut the city into half and he shouted, May I have the honor of knowing your name, senior martial brother from the Prison Realm!

Prison Realm? Are you not one of us? So you came from the outer world? A skeleton general asked as he flew up into the air from the ruins of the city.

The generals appearance was extremely weird. He had four arms, each holding one soul weapon made of bones and his stomach was extremely big and from far away, he looked like the skeleton of a dead hare.

With a swing, the heaven shook and the earth trembled, and Zhong Yue was under the threat of one after another gigantic mountains that fell onto him.

This is indeed not a skill of this world but it was a skill from my world! Why does he know nothing about the Prion Realm?

Instead of evading, Zhong Yue flew straight to the mountains, castedCelestial Demon Yiand the effortlessly destroyed the mountains before he disappeared within the vision of the skeleton general and appeared beside the general.

Please dont kill me!

That general was very fast to decide his actions; he knew what was going to happen if he did not surrender and he quickly bowed before Zhong Yue and begged, Please dont kill me! You are from the outer world?

Zhong Yue was left speechless upon seeing a hare skeleton trying to please him and he asked with his psyche, How did you know how to cast skills of the outer world?

Skills of the outer world?

That general was stuttered and he replied, All the skills I learnt were passed down by my ancestors. I did not leave this world in my life before, not even once.

Passed down by your ancestors? murmured the shocked Zhong Yue.

The hare skeleton was quick to reply, Yes, my ancestor was once the ruler of this world but he passed away eventually. He however, left behind many skills and when it go to my generation, I was accidentally reborn into a hare skeleton. This greatly hindered my capabilities and kept me away from learning the heritage of my bloodline. I do remember that according to the messages left behind my ancestor, he came from the outer world and he is called as something like Realm Lord or so.

Greatly shook, Zhong Yue lost his voice to this news.

Where is the tomb of your ancestor? The grave of the Realm Lord!? asked Zhong Yue frantically.

But this raised the rabbits suspicion as he asked, Are you trying to rob my ancestors tomb? Ill be straight with you, there are no tombs or graves, my ancestor died in his own palace and that place was very dangerous. Only his direct bloodline descendants could enter. My ancestor was a very dangerous man, once there were a few skeleton emperors that tried to intrude on his grave, but they all lost their lives. They said that once, my ancestor jumped out from his coffin and killed one of the intruders, now, that place is forbidden to those not of his bloodline.

Zhong Yue took in a long deep breath, and he said, Bring me there, now! I need to see him!