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Seeking The Flying Sword Path Chapter 615

On a boat.

The two lofty mountains that lined the sides of the valley river made it seem like a sword had cleaved open the landform. Qin Yuluo stood at the bow, looking rather spirited. She immediately said, "Grandfather, Grandfather, the locals say that this was cleaved open by L Dongbin with one sword strike. Is it true?" Qin Yun was sitting cross-legged at the stern as he pondered with a frown. He held a book in one hand, and a brush in another. Occasionally, he would write something into the book, completely ignoring his granddaughter.

"Grandfather, what are you writing?" Qin Yuluo came to the stern and asked curiously.

"I instructed you to practice your sword art; has there been any progress?" Qin Yun returned with a question instead.

Qin Yuluo immediately spoke softly, "Grandfather, the sword art is a little difficult."

"This is a sword art that originated from Starlord Covetous Wolf. It is a sword array art I created after extracting its essence. It is very beneficial for you, so you must practice it well. Don't waste your time on all sorts of other things." Qin Yun glared at her.

"Oh." Qin Yuluo shot a curious glance at the book in Qin Yun's hand before obediently heading to the bow where she released seven flying swords with a wave of her hand and practiced her sword arts.

The corners of Qin Yun's mouth could not help but suffuse a smile. As he looked at the lass, he began thinking again.

"While teaching Yuluo for the past two centuries, I have been focusing on studying the Seven Stars Mystic Art and have perfected it greatly. Yet the Seven Stars Mystic Art is still too weak to emulate my Sword Dao" Qin Yun shook his head gently.

The Seven Stars Mystic Art was strictly a part of the Seven Stars Great Dao.

The seven stars referred to the seven stars of the Big Dipper. They held an extremely high standing in the Stellar Heavenly Cycle, and the Seven Stars Great Dao was also a part of the Stellar Heavenly Cycle Great Dao. As for the Stellar Heavenly Cycle Great Dao, it was at the perfected Great Dao level, which meant that the Seven Stars Great Dao was only at the pinnacle Great Dao level. While constantly trying to perfect the Seven Stars Mystic Art, Qin Yun hoped that he could one day get his practice of the Seven Stars Mystic Art to the level of the Seven Stars Great Dao.

However, a pinnacle Great Dao

Was clearly not that easily attained.

Qin Yun now grasped three pinnacle Great Daohis Sword Dao, the Great Dao of Heaven, and the Great Dao of Earthall which took him great difficulty to master. The most crucial Great Dao of Man was still stuck in a bottleneck.

"Forget it. I can't be too demanding," said Qin Yun softly. "Let me finish writing the first volume first."

On the boat, Qin Yun was writing.

They found an inn in a bustling city, and even late at night in the inn, Qin Yun was still writing.

In the wilderness, they would cast their Dharmic powers to create a temporary residence, but Qin Yun would still be writing.

Throughout the first ten years of leading his granddaughter around the world, Qin Yun would occasionally write.

"I have already bought this store that faces the street." In a human city, Qin Yun looked at a bookstore and said, "We will be living here from today."

"Grandfather? You bought this store? Are we going to stay here for long?" asked Qin Yuluo in astonishment.

"Take this."

Qin Yun flipped his hand and handed her a book.

"This is?" Qin Yuluo's eyes lit up. She recognized at a glance that this was the book which Qin Yun often wrote for the past ten years.

On the cover were the four wordsSeven Stars Sword Dao!

"Haven't you always wanted to read it?" said Qin Yun with a smile. "This is the first volume of the Seven Stars Sword Dao I created. What should be taught is in this book. Stay here for a period of time and cultivate well. Ask me if you are really stumped."

"Yes." Qin Yuluo's eyes beamed.

The bookstore faced the street and behind it was a residence.

From that day forth, Qin Yun became a book store's boss. He led a carefree life selling books while Qin Yuluo focused on studying the Seven Stars Sword Dao. Qin Yun had created it for her.

While leisurely selling books, Qin Yun similarly held a book and would occasionally write in it. He was attempting to write the second volume of the Seven Stars Sword Dao. After all, the first volume's deduction of the Sword Dao was rather rudimentary. The second volume was tens if not a hundred times harder. Qin Yun would occasionally have a spark of inspiration before writing a bit more.

Similarly, he was constantly consuming Samsara Dew, making his efficiency higher.

He was a bookstore owner for twenty years.

"It's time we leave." One day, Qin Yun closed up the bookstore.

"Grandfather, we have been here for twenty years. I will kind of miss this place," said Qin Yuluo.

"Is it because you'll miss that young disciple of yours?" asked Qin Yun with a smile. "We came here to focus on practicing your sword, but you ended up taking in a disciple."

"I just took him in passing," said Qin Yuluo immediately.

"Let's go," Qin Yun said and left with Qin Yuluo.

That afternoon, the youth went through to the bookstore to the backyard, only to discover that his female master had left behind a letter and three cultivation manuals.

"Master." The youth held the letter and three cultivation manuals.

"Mt. Lightning Roar Qin Manor?" The youth took out a tiny wooden puppet. Qin Yuluo had given it to him back when he first met Qin Yuluo as a toddler.

"Master, I'll definitely visit Mt. Lightning Roar when my cultivation reaches the Skyimmortal realm," said the youth softly.


Qin Yun brought his granddaughter on a cloud as they flew above a vast sky. However, his mind was on the Yang family youth.

Qin Yuluo had taken in a disciple under his nose.

If he had not agreed to it it would be impossible for the two of them to have a master-disciple relationship.

"That fellow's future is made more indiscernible by taking Yuluo as his master," thought Qin Yun. "The past is easily inferred, but the future is unpredictable."

The future had yet to happen.

Everything was possible.

He could only clearly infer the future of mediocre and ordinary people. The ones with greater potential were difficult to predict. For instance, the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure took in so many disciples, but nearly all of them had futures which were unpredictable. However, it still resulted in most of them being average. The ones who could really succeed to become mighty figures were just few and far between.

"Cang City?" Qin Yuluo suddenly saw a distant city as she felt her heart palpitate. "Without realizing it, I've come to Cang City again? Brother Meng should still be there, right?"

She yearned to ignore everything and head for Cang City directly.

However, she recalled her decision.

"Sister Phoenix Voice has clearly threatened me. I had already made the decision that I should not implicate Grandfather because of this matter. Since I've made that decision, I cannot regret it." With that, Qin Yuluo stopped looking at Cang City; however, Qin Yun was looking at her. He sensed the emotional upheavals Qin Yuluo had just experienced. However, he did not ask more. He continued steering the cloud south to their next destination.

Cang City.

"It can't be that coincidental. Thousands of years have passed since I cultivated from a Small World to where I am now. My wifea mortalhas already gone through Samsara numerous times. Back when I checked the records of life and death, I saw that my wife has reincarnated more than a hundred times. She is no longer herself." On a tall building, a tall man frowned slightly as he read. He was feeling frustrated.

"When in Samsara, memories are wiped away. She is no longer her past self.

"Stop thinking about it! Meng Fu!"

The tall man threw the book in frustration.

He was now a Golden Immortal mighty figure. He was the disciple of Fuxishi, one of the Three Sovereigns of Fire Cloud Palace! Fire Cloud Palace was famous throughout the Three Realms. In terms of influence, it was almost on par with the Daoists and Buddhist factions. Fire Cloud Palace was one of the main reasons why humans were able to become the most powerful race in the Three Realms. Fire Cloud Palace's strength was unfathomable and was able to completely oppress existences such as the demons' Demon Emperor Bai Ze. Be it the demons' combat strength of their highest echelons or their potential, they were exceeded by humans in every aspect.

While he reeled in frustration, elsewhere in Cang City.

A thin man looked from the distance as a smile suffused the corners of his mouth. Entrenched in his mind was an avatar of Fiend King Boxun.

"Hahaha, I'm just shy of the final step. This Meng Fu will be the first nail I'll inset into Fire Cloud Palace." Boxun was filled with confidence.