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Seeking The Flying Sword Path Chapter 615

Qin Yun looked at the demon mighty figure. Although he abhorred evil, he was not one to kill wantonly. Was there a need to fear him that much?

"The closer one is to death, the crazier they are. It's best to avoid this Qin Yun as much as I can," thought the handsome man. "I wouldn't be able to say anything if he kills me in his rage!"

As a demon mighty figure, he had experienced the era when the ancient demons ruled the Heavenly Courts. He knew very well

That once upon a time, the fight between humans and demons produced rivers of blood.

How did the demons lose power? How did the humans become ruler of the Three Realms? The new order was forged by slaughter! Even the three Daoist factions had conflicts, much less the conflicts between humans and demons. It was only temporarily abated with the rise of the fiends, causing them to ally as one. However, the grudge between humans and demons was constantly accumulating deep down. Demons ate and enslaved humans while human cultivators killed demons. It was all very common.

Human mighty figures had even more animosity towards demons.

Qin Yun was an Itinerant Immortal who only had a few thousand years left to live. Such people were usually extremely bloodthirsty. All he could do was speak in an obsequious manner.

"Whoosh." Qin Yun could not be bothered to say another word. He waved his hand and caused the void to restore to normal.

Looking at Cave Lord Venom Cloud's corpse before him, he flicked his sleeve, causing it to dissipate to nothingness. Only a few items were left behind.

After storing away some of the items, Qin Yun looked ahead. It was the disorientation zone of the Disarray Star Sea. The void was warped in the disorientation zone as light traveled in distorted paths. The entire area turned blurry.

"It seems there's some power distorting the space here. Furthermore, it's constantly expanding the region?" Qin Yun looked in curiosity. "There have long been records about the disorientation zone of the Disarray Star Sea, but in the past it was only a region that spanned five million kilometers. Why has it increased to fifteen kilometers? The accelerated expansion does seem odd."

"Furthermore, there are two mighty figures probing the interior?" Qin Yun pricked up his brows. "One of them is a pinnacle Golden Immortal?"

He took a stride


He tore through space and entered the depths of the disorientation zone.

Apart from Qin Yun, there were indeed two other mighty figures who had begun exploring the disorientation zone ahead of him.

One of them was the mighty figure who reclused himself in the Changyu Great World, Jiao Yong. The other was a pinnacle mighty figure, Red Essence, of the Jade Void Palace lineage. He had rushed over because of a disciple's report.

Deep in the disorientation zone, the single-horned elder Jiao Yong was flying with a puzzled expression.


"It's impossible for ordinary Skyimmortals and Skydemons to traverse this disorientation zone usually. But if one casts Major Void Transference, they can head anywhere inside the zone." The elder was baffled. "I have already attained my Dao fruit, and traversing dominions is nothing. Now that the disorientation zone has undergone massive changes, all I can do is slowly fly in the deepest five million kilometers range? Even my speed is much slower."

As he flew, he approached the center.

He finally saw a massive asteroid thousands of kilometers across. Standing on it was a purple-robed Daoist.

"Jade Void Palace's Red Essence?" Jiao Yong was alarmed.

However, Red Essence was carefully studying the massive asteroid. He ignored Jiao Yong who was flying over.

Jiao Yong also discovered that, although the void was highly warped, the void around the asteroid seemed fixed in place! It was very calm!


Another figure tore through space and arrived close to the massive asteroid.

Jiao Yong saw the young man and his heart could not help but palpitate. "It's Green Touring Palace's Sword Immortal Qin?"

"Jade Void Palace's Red Essence and a Green Touring Palace's Sword Immortal Qin. This tiny Disarray Star Sea had attracted the two of them?" Jiao Yong worried. "No matter what treasure is hidden here, it definitely has become something beyond my reach."

He had no intention to fight for it.

Both figures were not to be provoked.

The twelve Jade Void Golden Immortals had been famous throughout the Three Realms since a long time ago. Some of them had reached the perfected Great Dao realm. There was no need to mention Perfected Primordial Unity and Guangchengzi. Guan Yin, who had become a Buddhist, had spread the Dao across the world while ranking as one of the strongest in Buddhism. Guan Yin was also the only perfected Great Dao among all the Bodhisattvas.

Apart from the three with a perfected Great Dao, the others had formidable means despite being just a step short.

As for Qin Yun, he had been bestowed the Qingping Sword by the Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor. He nearly killed Sagedemon Nine Phoenix with a few blows and had the partial strength of a perfected Great Dao. Among the Green Touring Palace disciples, his strength was only second to Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain. In terms of strength, he was likely stronger than Red Essence.

"Sword Immortal Qin." Red Essence finally looked up and smiled.

"Fellow Daoist Red Essence," greeted Qin Yun politely as well.

"My disciple told me that the depths of the Disarray Star Sea had turned odd. Out of curiosity, I came here to take a careful look. I never expected to bump into you, Sword Immortal Qin." Red Essence smiled rather in a friendly manner.

Qin Yun said with a smile as well, "I discovered that a fiendish demon was doing evil, so I came to the Disarray Star Sea to get rid of her. I also noticed the changes in the Disarray Star Sea. Its expansion to fifteen million kilometers does leave me intrigued."

The two of them had high standings in the Three Realms.

Disarray Star Sea?

It was trivial for two at their level. They had come out of curiosity and did not mind it much.

There were too few treasures that could catch their eye.

"This place is indeed fascinating." Red Essence looked around while stroking his beard. "The void outside is warped, but the space around the asteroid is frozen."

"Yes, I can't tear through the void to reach the asteroid directly." Qin Yun nodded. Following that, he flew and landed on the asteroid's surface. "The void is extremely fixed in place with not so much as a stir."

Red Essence nodded slightly. "However, the heavenly secrets are blurred. I have been exploring the surface for ten minutes, but I haven't found an actual reason for this phenomenon.


Qin Yun walked on the asteroid's surface.

It did not have any crevice and every step Qin Yun took traversed five hundred kilometers. He wandered about aimlessly and circled it a few times.

"There's nothing special indeed," said Qin Yun with a smile. "We might not be able to see anything special from the surface, but perhaps it's inside."

"I concur. I was hesitant about cracking open the asteroid," said Red Essence. "I was afraid that the asteroid is some treasure I can't recognize and I might end up damaging it."

"This asteroid looks very ordinary. It likely isn't a treasure." Qin Yun shook his head.

"Whatever then. Since Sword Immortal Qin believes it's not a treasure, let's crack it." Red Essence nodded.

"Do you want to do the honors or do you wish to leave it to me?" asked Qin Yun.

"Sword Immortal Qin, your Sword Dao is famous throughout the Three Realms. I think it's best you crack open the asteroid." Red Essence appeared humble. He thought nothing of the treasure in the Disarray Star Sea and thought nothing of letting Qin Yun do the honors.

Qin Yun nodded with a smile and did not decline.


He immediately waved his hand.

A blurry Sword Qi spanning five thousand kilometers formed as it cleaved down onto the asteroid.


The asteroid was indeed no treasure. Under Qin Yun's Sword Qi, it failed to put up any resistance. Like a knife slicing open an apple, the asteroid was directly halved by the Sword Qi, revealing the space within.

In the empty hole in the middle, they could see a spheroid rock. The rock had many cracks of its surface and it emitted rich Chaos auras.

The aura had been within the asteroid, so it was undetectable.

Now that the asteroid was sliced open, Qin Yun and Red Essence were able to clearly sense the Chaos aura emitted by the spheroid rock. Its aura was dense and vast. It made their hearts quiver.

"This aura? Could it have formed a Connate Cardinal treasure?" Red Essence could not help but be alarmed.

Although he had many treasures, none of his treasures had such terrifying auras. It was still not revealed in its full glory; yet, its aura was already this astounding?

"This aura has some similarities with the Qingping Sword." Qin Yun was alarmed as well. He was just passing by, but what he saw shocked him. "Could it be the birth of a new Connate Cardinal treasure?"


Red Essence did not hesitate to produce a mirror with two sides. He immediately aimed it at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun felt the surrounding world distort as the space in front of him split into two. Half was whiteness, while the other half was blackness. The mirror-wielding Red Essence stood at the boundary of the black-and-white world. Qin Yun also did not hesitate to wave his hand, sending the Qingping Sword out from his sleeve.

They had been acting politely until now, but the instant they saw the treasure, they attacked without a word.