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Seized By The System Chapter 416

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Soon enough, the great green insect’s body began to glow in a silvery swirl that everyone now recognized.

Within the past days, people had already found out that it seemed to be a new secret pill the Venerable Dragon God had developed could allow anyone who took it to understand the truths about the universe.

The only thing was that it was not sold anywhere…

The raw materials were limited. The Boundless Ocean Stone’s origin was unknown, and the blue whale had disappeared. The more they use it, the less it would remain, so the System would not sell it on the webshop as well.

After all, this was the great green insect’s digestion aid tablet.

Everyone was in various states of jealousy and envy. Everything else aside, how precious would the experience be?

In the future when they would be facing bottlenecks, how much difficulty would that save them?

The green insect had been famous when it first appeared. After that, news of it had sunk quickly into oblivion.

Its ascension of the Stairway to Heaven this time had brought it back into the limelight again.

Some people were deep in thoughts. ‘It seemed all those who were close to Vigilante A had decent luck as they leveled up rapidly and gained plenty of treasures. It was said that even the dogs were able to use interspatial bangles.

‘How would this make other people feel?’

‘Too bad Vigilante A only keep animal followers. Many people tried to offer their services to him but had no way of reaching him.

‘I heard a young man who could even enter the Azure Mountain had waited for half a month but was still rejected by him.’

Everyone fixed their gazes on the animals near Vigilante A and wished they were a dog or something…

In the meantime, one of the envied, the black dog with an interspatial bangle and looking more luxurious than normal people with a Porsche was just scanning around stealthily, hoping to meet the eyes of a female canine demon…

While everyone was steeped in their own thoughts, Chong Daqing opened its eyes and said in enlightenment,” The encryption key is…”

Vigilante A waved his hand and summoned a wall of water to block out all sound transmission and all efforts of spiritual sense.

He then motioned for the great green insect to continue.

“All hail the moon…”

The great green insect finished the four words and looked at Vigilante A expectantly.

“Mm, good. Here are two honey-flavored pills, enjoy it slowly.” The System retrieved two light-red pills and gave it to the green insect.

“Great! I will definitely enjoy it slowly and taste it carefully…” It grabbed the pills with eyes glowing. Before it could finish, it opened its lips wide and the two pills disappeared into the abyss that was its stomach.

“Um, can I have another one? I will definitely enjoy it slowly this time.” The great green insect looked at Vigilante A pitifully.

“I can’t give you more. As the saying goes, ‘In abundance comes valuelessness.’ ” Vigilante A waved his hand and left.

“Stingy dragon…” The great green insect yelled at Vigilante A’s silhouette.

No one else could agree on that. The two honey-flavored pills were precious and hard to procure. What else did it want after swallowing two pills at once?

As Vigilante A left, another pill hovered in the air silently toward Chong Daqing.

Its eyes brightened in shame. It did not swallow it whole this time, instead, it put the pill inside the gold bangle.

‘Great Azure Dragon must have worried if he was treating me too well in front of the others, and that’s why he said that and give it to me anyway. I blamed him wrongly…’

Vigilante A walked toward Ren Ruofeng.

The System complained, “You’re using my things to appear to be a good guy again. Do you know what saving up is?”

“Look at you, you’re going to lose the big fish because of a tiny bait. The great green insect was still a kid, whoever gives the candy will earn its affection.” Fang Ning said helplessly.

As they were conversing, Vigilante A had arrived in front of Ren Ruofeng. He conveyed the encryption key, and Ren Ruofeng immediately transmitted the message to be decrypted.

Within fifteen minutes, the message came back in a legible text.

From the ‘Sir Pan’s, ‘Pan family’s, ‘Lunar’s, and an occasional ‘lure the enemies’, it was very clear who the primary investigation target was.

“Hmph, it was them. They had never been the ones who sat quietly. It looks like we’ll need to have a cleanup soon.” Ren Ruofeng immediately matched the name to the situation.

“That’s great. When you’re cleaning them up, please give me a yell.” Vigilante A said calmly.

“Naturally. We might need your help when the time comes. Reimbursements and all those are just like the past.” Ren Ruofeng immediately agreed to it. With Vigilante A’s help, an operation that might result in great losses might just become as easy as pie.

He was really clear that if Vigilante A did not help them out, the Truth Department would not have such a swift development. Just by trying to save the situation everywhere would have used up over ninety percent of the human resources.

With that, how would they have anyone to expand their grounds?

Once the power had shifted, it was hard to rebalance it back to where it was before.

Ren Ruofeng had just wanted to begin assigning tasks when Vigilante A said, “Don’t alarm anyone yet. Investigate quietly, we can’t let a single villain go the same way we can’t throw a single innocent person into jail. The evidence comes first.”

Ren Ruofeng was taken aback slightly at first and immediately understood as he nodded. “Venerable One, you’re a true believer of righteousness. That should be the way. I will collate all the evidence to make sure no one was falsely accused or let go!”

“Mm, I trust your capability to work.” It was then that Vigilante A left.

At this point, Operator Liu beside Ren Ruofeng said in admiration, “The Venerable One is so just, he’s so understanding of our work. If we swarmed them without any proofs, it would’ve caused a huge commotion. After all, these forcesfamilies in writing but are supercorporations in realityhave as little as hundred or as many as tens of thousands of staff members. It wouldn’t be easy touching their head.”

“Hehe, is that so…” Ren Ruofeng smiled and did not clarify anything. He said, “Go notify Xie Dong, ask him to pause the survey and lead an investigation team and visit the families, just like last year…”

Operator Liu immediately went away with the order. Xie Dong, who was busy surveying the ghosts, jumped with joy when he heard the order to pause the survey. He thought, ‘Boss is not heartless after all…’

However, when he received the new order, blood drained from his face.

“Xie Dong is appointed as the leader of the Special Inspection Unit to inspect the major forces in the country for a week. The inspection list as below: Pan Family Development Group…”

“Heh, does this one count as an easy errand?” He stared down at Operator Liu.

‘It’s just like the imperial commissioner from the old times. Even in those times, there were plenty of people who killed them. These ones would only be more valiant…

‘In these times, if I inspect them and they felt guilty and wanted to run away, the imperial commissioner like me would definitely become their prime target.

‘Boss is so heartless, even his *ss is black…’

Operator Liu was sharp enough to see through his colleague’s thoughts.

He thought, ‘This won’t do. I have to give him a little chicken soup.’ He said, “Of course it is. With the Venerable One patrolling in the sky, why would you be worried at all?”

Xie Dong gave it a thought and decided he was right. Sighing a sigh of relief, he decided to keep going even if he was met with a fatal encounter. If he could hold on for three minutes, the Venerable One would definitely appear.

“As long as you meet the people in the air and on land, you would be fine. Remember that.” Operator Liu reminded him.

“Understand, thanks for your reminder. Oh right, I have some aquatic specialties in here. This is for you and your wife.” Xie Dong reached into his interspatial ring and pulled out a few deep sea creatures he had taken out of the trench…

All of them looked savage and ferocious.

“These looked… weird, it’s not poisonous, is it?” Operator Liu shook his head. “I’m not brave enough to try them, you should probably keep them for yourself.”

“How could it be? I’ve eaten so many of these raw and I’ve had no problems. Look at how healthy I am with my fair skin and healthy aura, it was all because of this deep-sea collagen. They’re green, unpolluted, and definitely not poisonous. Take it, Brother Liu.” Xie Dong forced the creatures into Operator Liu’s hands and prepared himself for the inspection work.

“Hehe, is that so?” Operator Liu looked at Xie Dong’s empty eyes, pale face, and downcast expression that reminded him of a sixty-year-old man…

At this point, the young master of Pan family was still sitting in his audience seat, unaware of the happenings that had transpired.

He was thinking, ‘I wonder if those Lunar people had decided a luring spot after hearing my prompts, and where?

‘Will it be the moon or Mars?

‘In short, we’ll need to get away from the coverage of Earth’s Heavenly Axiom. After that, hmph, Vigilante A, you uncontrollable variable, will be cleared.

‘As soon as chaos starts to spread, the doomsday will come, the Era of Vitality will reshuffle, and the future will be my family’s to take.’

With their bloodline as a foundation and their cultivation methods as a limiter to solidify the caste and maintain their rule and build an unyielding empire.

He was fantasizing his own future. He had lived his life in unfair treatment. He had tons of wealth and power but still had to pretend to be passionate about justice and charity, not being able to do whatever he wanted.

Even participating in a car racing event would be recorded, posted online and be subjected to internet mass hunting…

‘What in tarnation. I really hope the day-that-should-have-come would come earlier.’