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Shadow Hack Chapter 480

Li Yunmu didn't follow them even if with his cultivation he had the qualifications to climb to the eleventh layer and cultivate the final threesun, moon, and heavenflux points.

Yuan Biyao had informed him that he still needed to follow the procedures. It meant that he first had to register himself as a resident of the Origin God World and obtain his identity tile.

Alright. When in Rome, do as the romans do.

Li Yunmu decided to enter the Origin God Town behind him. Seeing the ordinary folks of the Origin God World, he felt like he had traveled into his grandmother's time. The society was ruled by old traditions and the like instead of there being even any talk of science or technology.

There wasn't even a single flourishing city close to modernization. The entire Origin God World only had towns and villages. The largest town was the Origin God Town located at the foot of the the ancestor tree's twig.

It was considered the first town under heaven. This was because the majority of the residents of this world didn't have any concept of the Origin World, not to mention infiltrating it to cultivate.

"Halt, who are you?"

Li Yunmu walked to the gate at a speed which was neither too fast nor too slow. But before he could enter, two guards yelled at him to stop.

Clearly, his attire which was different from the others gave rise to suspicion.

"This is the proof of me being allowed to enter Origin God Town."

Li Yunmu didn't talk much nonsense. Instead, he observed the two guards. He could see that they were completely ordinary people.

They weren't cultivators and didn't possess any formidable body constitution like the people of the Origin World. The system scanned them and found that their strength was just slightly higher than one ox. It seemed that Yuan Biyao hadn't been lying to him.

All the humans of the Origin God World really did have a weak constitution. Even if they were still much more formidable than the people of Earth.

Yet what attracted Li Yunmu's attention was the guards' weapons and attire.

They were quite similar to the soldiers in Earth that had lived in ancient times.They wore thick and heavy plate mail while an ordinary iron blade hung on their waist. There was also a red pike in their hands.

There was a word "Yuan" engraved on their chests. It was written in a quite archaic and traditional style. When Li Yunmu took out the referral letter, the guards filled with even more suspicion since they had never heard of the Origin God Sect recommending an outsider.

But seeing Li Yunmu's calm appearance and extraordinary temperament, they talked among themselves and finally decided to open the referral letter to take a look.

They had acted high and mighty before, but once they saw the words written inside, they were scared shitless.

"We are sorry to have offended this lord."

The leader of the guards repeatedly asked for forgiveness while breaking in cold sweat.

"That's not a problem. Can I now go inside?" Li Yunmu asked indifferently.

"Absolutely. It's no problem, definitely not a problem. Lord, we invite you"

They bent from the waist, making Li Yunmu appear like an arrogant idler. The guards cupped their hands and followed his figure into the city with a reverent gazes. No, not a city but a town.

When Li Yunmu saw this and once more took note of the Yuan character engraved on the soldiers' chests, he couldn't help making some connections.

After entering the Origin God Town, the impression Li Yunmu got was that it was ancient and traditional.

There were no hotels or wine shops, nor any other stores. There wasn't even any open market, and he couldn't find an auction hall either. There were only a few eateries, taverns, pawn shops, banks as well the most primitive type of gambling houses.

The people walking on the streets were adorning the same type of clothes sewn from sacks. Even their colors were all the same.

What sort of society is this?

Li Yunmu like he had suddenly went back in time and arrived in an ancient age. After asking a few people, he discovered some extremely astonishing things.

First was that the currency used here wasn't contribution points or life points used by the cultivators in the Origin World. It wasn't the silver sand coins used by the ordinary people either.

Instead, the people of the Origin God Town used copper, silver, and gold coins.

Li Yunmu found it quite inconceivable how similar the society here was to the ancient time on Earth.

While thinking about it, he entered a seemingly large restaurant. He took out a chunk of golds and called a waiter to bring some beef and some local appetizers.

However, when the waiter saw Li Yunmu take out the golden ingot, he didn't dare accept it. No matter how Li Yunmu tried to convince him, he still didn't accept it.

"Then how should we handle this? I don't have anything else on myself."

Li Yunmu hadn't expected such a thing. He had heard that there were copper, silver, and gold coins serving as the currency of this world, but who could've known that gold was so precious in their eyes that the lower classes didn't even dare to receive it.

They didn't dare to touch it, as if it was poison, let alone accept it.

However, Li Yunmu didn't have any other way to pay. Before he had descended, he had bought some gold ingots in preparation for all sorts of unexpected events. After all, the silver sand coins used by the people of the Origin World were produced from the powder of the mithril obtained from the bottom of the ocean, not real silver.

The gold and silver were used in the Origin God World, but gold was considered as extremely noble and supreme in this world.

The shopkeeper kept explaining while continuously wiping his sweat. Gold had been used in the Origin God World before, but only by the imperial clan. If other people dared to use it, their action would be considered as an enormous crime for which death would be a small punishment. In serious cases, even exterminating an entire family wasn't uncommon.

The people of the Origin God Town had their own ways to distinguish people, and they knew that Li Yunmu didn't belong to the imperial clan, so they didn't dare to touch that gold.

But they also understood that Li Yunmu wasn't an ordinary person, so they didn't dare to voice any opinions.

Li Yunmu rummaged through his storage space and found a silver sword ornament and asked, "Then what about silver?"

"Lord, we ask for your forgiveness. We don't dare to accept silver, either. It's used by cultivators and high ranking officials alone. Could you display your status tile?"the shopkeeper carefully asked.

"I don't have any status tile for the time being," Li Yunmu said while wrinkling his brows.

"Then we could consider it as this little me treating lord to a meal. Lord needs not pay anything. Waiter, quickly bring two of the best dishes for lord."

And just like that, Li Yunmu had his first meal in the Origin God Sect as a tyrant. After this matter, he also gained a much clearer understanding of the Origin God World.

Imperial clan and cultivators reigned supreme here, revered by everyone. As long as one was a cultivator, they could walk through all towns and villages without care.