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Silver Overlord Chapter 179


“I don’t even know where Yan Liqiang is right now. As soon as he becomes Sun Bingchen’s attendant, it will be even harder for me to see him. How am I going to approach him?”

“You need not worry about this. Sun Bingchen will still be staying in Pingxi City for a few more days. He is currently living in a manor near the Plum Gardens. Yan Liqiang will only officially serve Sun Bingchen by his side in three days time. Therefore, you still have time.”

“I’ll try my best” Qi Donglai said bitterly. This task was simply too difficult.

“Do not give up easily before you even reach the final moment. This is also a challenge from our sacred sect to you. I shall also assist you!” the man dressed in a bailiff uniform said solemnly.

“Yes, I will keep that in mind!”

“There are fifty taels of silver here, take it” The man in bailiff uniform spoke as he fished out a few silver ingots from his chest and placed them on the table. “Pingxi City has been rather restless lately. I shall come to you again should anything happen. Do not blow your cover at all costs and don’t even try to contact me through the sacred sect’s keepsake on your own accord. This Sun Bingchen isn’t that simple. Someone from the sect recently got arrested by the hawks and hounds of the imperial court because of some minor slip-ups from the sect. The imperial court probably received some news and was on their guard. Gan Province is of military importance. Sun Bingchen might have caught wind of some information on the sacred sect’s next plan so he purposely came here to check up on Gan Province.”

“Ah, Master, are we in danger?” Qi Donglai started to feel a little nervous.

“This is merely my conjecture. I don’t know how everything will go, but we just have to be cautious. Our sacred society has been making preparations for so many years to take over the world. We are going to bring about a dynasty change in the Great Han Empire and we will build our White Lotus Heaven. Our Great Sage, of great talent and bold vision, is the true fitting master to rule them all. Such inevitability isn’t something that Sun Bingchen can change alone. Even so, we mustn’t be careless!”


“Good. Keep my words in mind.”

After explaining a few more things to Qi Donglai, Yan Liqiang saw the man in bailiff uniform exit the house. He quickly laid low on the roof and focused on holding his breath. At the same time, he broke out into cold sweat as he readied himself to strike and flee at any moment. If the man in bailiff uniform was going to leave in his direction, he would definitely notice him on the roof if he flew over him. If that happened, then things would be far from good.

There were four possible directions to leave the courtyard down below. Therefore, there was a 25% chance of him getting discovered.

The barely audible fluttering noise of clothes was heard again. Fortunately, the man didn’t leave the place in Yan Liqiang’s direction. Instead, he went over another roof on the other side, landed into the alley outside, and went far away.

Qi Donglai stood in the small courtyard below until the man had completely vanished. He lifted his head to look at the sky before he went back into the house.

Taking a look around the room, Qi Donglai found a broom and cleaned up the remains of the teapot he had smashed earlier. After that, he carefully hid the few silver ingots on the table in a hollowed out space in the ground below the desk, near the corner of a wall.

Although Yan Liqiang was still lying low on the roof, he was already drenched in cold sweat.

He didn’t expect to discover that Qi Donglai was actually part of the White Lotus Society.

If it wasn’t for his previous death experience, he would have probably never heard of the White Lotus Society. All this time, he thought that the White Lotus Society was very far from him. Little did he expect to find out that it was just right beside him all along. Not only that, the White Lotus Society had already infiltrated the civil servants in Pingxi City. They had their antennae everywhere, collecting information so accurately that Yan Liqiang couldn’t help but feel a deep, mysterious chill in his heart.

He had only met Sun Bingchen during the day and that person already knew about what had happened around Sun Bingchen by nightfall. In addition, he was also informed of the fact that Yan Liqiang would still be here for three days. Everything was simply too terrifying.

The most terrifying thing was that Yan Liqiang just found out the real reason why he was schemed against by Qi Donglai. It was because the people of White Lotus Society wanted Qi Donglai to use Yan Liqiang as his proof of loyalty to approach the Prefectural Governor’s young lord…

The White Lotus Society knew that Old Master Lu had the intention of pairing Lu Beixin up with Yan Liqiang. However, they did not know that Wang Haofei was pursuing Lu Beixin for the sake of giving her to Ye Xiao

This was really too terrifying. First of all, Old Master Lu’s intention to pair Lu Beixin up with him wasn’t known by many beforehand, let alone the dirty dealings between Wang Haofei and Ye Xiao.

This wasn’t an era where big data could easily be searched and utilized. For the White Lotus Society to know all of this in such an era, it was evident that they had a powerful influence in Pingxi City and they had already established a well-connected social network which made it possible for them to gather so much information.

It was possible that there were people from the White Lotus Society in the Lu Clan, the Law Enforcement Office, and those around Ye Xiao.

The only thing that somewhat assured Yan Liqiang was that the people of the White Lotus Society, or at least the ones in Pingxi Prefecture, were oblivious to the fact that King Cobra was actually his disguise all along. This gave Yan Liqiang a sense of security.

Yan Liqiang, who was lying low on the roof, felt a heart-piercing coldness when the night breeze blew past him.

Qi Donglai, who was in the room below, had already come to the yard outside and started cultivating his leg technique.

Watching Qi Donglai train, Yan Liqiang scolded himself internally. He realized that Qi Donglai’s leg technique had suddenly improved significantly and that it had turned extremely powerful during the Martial Arts County Trial Examination. In the end, he rose above the others by using a move that brought destruction to both parties, thus obtaining the eligibility to enroll at the martial arts academy. During that time, Qi Donglai claimed that his uncle had found him a master to mentor him, so Yan Liqiang didn’t have any suspicions about it either. However, from the looks of it now, Qi Donglai had probably already joined the White Lotus Society before then…

Should he leave or proceed to finish Qi Donglai off?

If he left, then he’d have to wait for Qi Donglai to take the bait and humor him. Perhaps that way, he might be able to gain more information through Qi Donglai. If he killed him, then he’d have to do it in a way so that no one would find out about it as usual…

Yan Liqiang was in a dilemma.

“Just you wait, Yan Liqiang! One day, I, Qi Donglai, will definitely crush you under my feet like dirt!” Training his leg technique in the yard below, Qi Donghai muttered to himself. He then suddenly leaped up and performed three swift consecutive kicks with both of his legs. His kicks instantly struck the wooden training dummy on its throat, chest, and crotch, sending it flying.

Upon witnessing this scene, Yan Liqiang instantly made his decision he couldn’t afford to let Qi Donglai continue living. Qi Donglai was despicable and dangerous. If he kept someone like him alive, he could be bitten by him at any time. By then, it would be too late for any regrets.

The current Qi Donglai was still an insignificant small fry to the White Lotus Society. Even if he died, Yan Liqiang could still identify his master. So…

While thinking of that, a flying needle had already appeared in Yan Liqiang’s hand.

When Qi Donglai lifted up the wooden training dummy he had just sent flying in the yard below, a flying needle rained down from the sky and paralyzed his entire body in a flash…

Yan Liqiang’s figure flew down from the roof behind the flying needle like a nightingale and directly landed right before Qi Donglai who had an indescribably shocked expression on his face. Yan Liqiang plunged a knife right into his heart, followed by an attack with both his palms directly on his chest. Qi Donglai was sent flying from the yard into the room…