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So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 665

“Then… it doesn’t matter. As long as you don’t make me repay the bank loan…” Yang Dashan was helpless. He had lost all his family property, and he still owed a bank loan. Now, as long as the bank didn’t ask him for money, he would feel grateful. How could he still care about other things?

“Uncle, actually… how do I phrase it?” Yang Ming hesitated and said, “You really are not suitable for running a business!”

“Ah?” Yang Dashan was astounded, but there was nothing he could say. After all, he really lost all his money.

“Uncle, you were able to make money through sand mining in the beginning. It was entirely because of the situation at the time. Most of the people who went overseas to do business in the 1990s were earning. As long as they had the effort, they could make money!” Yang Ming said, “But now the situation is different. Earning money depends on a flexible approach and mind, especially businesses like Entertainment City. Having a good social relationship doesn’t mean that you can operate the business well. You must also have reasonable management skills!”

“Yang Ming, when you said this to me, I didn’t believe it… but now, I have to admit that uncle was really hot-headed!” Yang Dashan said with a little embarrassment, “You really said it right. Since sand mining was doing well, why did I step into this unfamiliar industry? The money at home was enough, why was I so greedy?”

“Uncle, since you can now understand this reason, it isn’t too late.” Yang Ming waved his hand and said, “Just think of it as paying for a lesson! Don’t worry about this matter. These two days, I will look for people to take over the Entertainment City. As for your sand mining, I will find some ways for you. I will try to set it up again for you. You can run it safely in the future!”

“Ah? Really?” Yang Dashan was so amazed that he smiled happily, “That’s good! Yang Ming, you won’t lie to your uncle, right?”

“I won’t lie to you, but I can only say that I will try to mediate for you!” Yang Ming smiled and said, “I can’t guarantee that I will succeed!”

“Okay, okay, then I will wait for the good news!” Yang Dashan felt that his nephew, Yang Ming, was more reliable than his younger brother, Yang Dahai. He was feeling happy in his heart. I think I didn’t come for nothing this time!

Since the necessary words were spoken, Yang Dashan wouldn’t stay for a long time. He refused to stay for dinner and left Yang Ming’s house.

“Big Ming, are you going to help your uncle?” Yang Dahai quickly asked after Yang Dashan left.

“What would happen if I didn’t help? We can’t just look at him being in a difficult situation, right?” Yang Ming was also somewhat helpless. He spread up his hands and said, “This is the hardest thing to say to relatives!”

“Ai!” Yang Dahai also sighed, “If the money is yours, I don’t have a say. I would just promise your uncle that you would help him!”

“Hehe, Dad, you have matured a lot during this time!” Yang Ming laughed after hearing it, then said, “If it was in the past, you may have agreed already. You wouldn’t have considered it this much!”

“You little bastard! What do you mean?” Yang Dahai glared. “What did you mean by I have matured a lot? I’m already your Dad. Isn’t that mature enough already?”

“I mean in the aspect of business and dealing with interpersonal relationships.” Yang Ming also knew that his words were somewhat vague and quickly explained.

“You kid! What are you talking about?” Yang Dahai gave Yang Ming a slap on his head. Then he put away the joking tone and said to Yang Ming, “The group company will be listed in these few days. We are the overall acquisition. So the site is still in the old place, but the personnel and organization have changed.”

“En, you just have to discuss with Hou Zhenhan and Uncle Feng for this matter. You don’t have to ask me for instructions.” Yang Ming nodded and said.

“Who is asking you for instructions? What are you saying?” Yang Dahai rolled his eyes and said, “Dad is discussing with you!”

“Alright discuss, then you talk…” Yang Ming didn’t expect his father would bother about this, so he had to say so.

“There is also an important matter. This is the case.” Yang Dahai said slowly, “There is a famous celebrity called Shu Ya, who wants to hold a concert in Song Jiang. Ming Yang Entertainment Group is the best in our city’s entertainment industry. The city’s Cultural Bureau means to ask if Ming Yang Entertainment has the idea of hosting the concert. After all, in Song Jiang, there aren’t many industries with such capability. Only Ming Yang can host the stage…”

“Hah, Dad, you even know what hosting is?” Yang Ming couldn’t help but smile.

“Am I not still learning from Old Feng?” Yang Dahai smiled and shook his head. “I have been running around with Old Feng lately. I even met people with different kinds of occupations. I get familiar with the things in society even if I don’t want to! The position of chairman is really a position to train someone!”

“In short, as long as you are happy.” Yang Ming was pleased with his father’s passionate expression. “Yes, this should be Big Hou’s responsibility. What does it have to do with you?”

“This is indeed President Hou’s responsibility, but he said that we, Song Jiang Ming Yang Heavy Industry Group, just listed. Our name isn’t even famous yet. It is better to use this concert to build up our name, so he recommended that the concert be held by our Heavy Industry Group.” Yang Dahai explained.

“Oh? It’s like this!” Yang Ming thought for a moment and said, “This is a good thing. Big Hou is right. Shu Ya is one of the best among the famous celebrities in China. A concert in Song Jiang will definitely be broadcast by many TV stations. As long as the group’s advertisements are inserted in between the show, then the reputation of our group is also considered to be improved.”

“That’s great! Since you think so, then I will discuss it with Old Feng!” said Yang Dahai.

“Right, how about Wang Jinde?” Yang Ming suddenly remembered Wang Jinde. Yang Ming previously told Wang Jinde to come to the temple fair to pick him up. As a result of Chen Mengyan’s sudden incident, Yang Ming left the temple fair before he met Wang Jinde. He had never seen this kid. Yang Ming didn’t know how he was doing recently.

“He is good. He is talented in personnel.” Yang Dahai said with appreciation, “When the group was reorganized, he suggested many of the personnel department’s changes. He is not only streamlining the original personnel organization but also setting up many useful new departments.”

“It seems that this kid is okay!” Yang Ming was relieved.

“Right, that foreigner… who is Mr. Old Buffon, who helped us, has been looking for you several times. I told him that you went overseas. He asked me to tell you that he looked for you when you came back.” Yang Dahai suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, I got it. I will contact him.” Yang Ming naturally knew why old Buffon was looking for him.

After simply having lunch at home, Yang Ming went out again. During the Chinese New Year, Yang Ming was busy. Just as Yang Ming was free, Yang Ming decided to go to the hospital to visit Zhou Jiajia.

Just now he called Hou Zhenhan and asked about Zhou Jiajia’s condition. The answer was still not very optimistic. Zhou Jiajia didn’t show any sign of waking up. In the hospital, several attending doctors had been in contact with Hou Zhenhan, so every move of Zhou Jiajia was under Yang Ming’s control.

Although these days, Yang Ming didn’t visit her personally, he called to inquire about Zhou Jiajia’s injury frequently.

Hou Zhenhan’s BMW X5 was now Yang Ming’s car; Hou Zhenhan bought an Audi A8 as a business car for himself. Then he provided a Rolls Royce and a stretch Hummer for Tavern Heaven on Earth and the Nightless Club as VIP cars.

Pushing the door of the ward, Yang Ming saw Zhou Jiajia’s mother sitting on Zhou Jiajia’s bed. She was holding Zhou Jiajia’s hand while saying something. The originally cheerful and elegant woman became thin and pale. Yang Ming was feeling sorry in his heart.

“Aunty Hua.” Yang Ming whispered softly.

Mother Zhou looked up and looked at Yang Ming, and then she nodded faintly. Her eyes showed a glimpse of bitterness. “You came?”

“En, Aunty Hua, is Jiajia getting better?” Although he had been paying attention to Zhou Jiajia’s situation, he had to ask out of politeness.

“She is out of danger now. As for when can she wake up, it is still uncertain yet…” Mother Zhou sighed and said to Yang Ming, “Yang Ming, can aunty ask for something from you?”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Yang Ming was stunned. Previously when he saw Mother Zhou, wasn’t she looking down on him and criticizing him? But this time, she didn’t have the attitude like before; her tone became very sincere. This time, Yang Ming was overwhelmed instead.

“Aunty wanted to ask you. When you have time, can you often come to accompany Jiajia for a while?” Mother Zhou looked at Yang Ming sincerely. “Just speak to her!”

The reason Mother Zhou being so polite to Yang Ming was that she understood the matters of her daughter during this period. Mother Zhou couldn’t believe that her daughter was such an infatuated girl! However, all of this was related personally by her daughter’s good friend, Wang Xue, so she had to believe it!