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Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1115

The pitiful thing was that pill concoction was a job that didn’t tolerate mistakes, especially for high level pills.
A faint burnt smell came and then with a few light cracks, Jiu Qian’s heart sunk. He knew his cauldron failed.
Two slightly burnt pills landed inside the jade bottle he prepared. Without looking, Jiu Qian knew his Cauldron Filling Pill failed. It wasn’t that he didn’t do well enough, he did the best he could but he was sure that if Ye Mo failed, his procedure marks wouldn’t be higher than his.
He only failed at the last step, he showcased all of his capabilities. His skills were indeed not enough to concoct heaven grade level seven yet, so defeat was reasonable. He expected this.
Now, he could only wait for Ye Mo’s result. Victory or loss was completely in the hands of his opponent.
But Jiu Qian knew that even if Luo Xiaomo failed too and got lower procedure marks than him, it wouldn’t be much lower than him. With the points he got before, he actually might lose.
Jiu Qian tipped out the two pills and looked at them. Just as he expected, they weren’t even low grade amongst low grade, just two waste pills.
He really wanted to stay on step 10 to watch Ye Mo, but just as he packed away his cauldron, a line of words appeared before him, ‘step 10 challenge failed’.
The next moment, he was swept off and fell amongst the pill kings.
Seeing Ye Mo still in pill concoction on the stage, Jiu Qian’s face grew bleaker and bleaker. Those few pill kings who admired him walked up to him wanting to have a chat but Jiu Qian didn’t want to talk at all. Those pill kings didn’t dare to reproach Jiu Qian.
Ye Mo on the other hand was beginning to form his pill. With the whirlpool pill concoction method, the six whirlpools of spirit chi were beginning to form 6 Season Wheat pills. There was nothing else in his mind other pill concoction right now, he didn’t even know Jiu Qian was swept off.

“Whirlpool pill concoction method” Yue Qichao’s hand was shaking with excitement. Compared to other people caring about the heaven flame, he cared more about Ye Mo’s pill concoction means. At this level of pill concoction skills, a new system of pill concoction was immeasurably enticing to him.
Shen Guanqing was also very excited, Wu Tan had never heard of the Whirlpool pill concoction method but Ye Mo’s spirit sense pill spell and spirit chi whirlpool idea was absurd. This was revolutionary.
This was the new pill concoction method he created when concocting the Spirit Weaving Pill, I didn’t expect it to have matured to this level. The dao of pill has no limits.” Shen Guanqing sighed. He was also enticed by this pill concoction method.
Ye Mo ate another Spirit Recovery Pill and used his pull pill spell. He raised his hand and 6 crystal-like pills flew out.
Before the pill even entered the jade bottle, it’s aroma spread out. Even the audience smelled the aroma of the Season Wheat Pill, much less the panel of judges.
“What pill is this?” even Wu Tan asked. He felt very ashamed that as a level six pill king he didn’t even know what pill the contestant concocted.
Even Shen Guanqing looked to Yue Qichao, he could tell the difference between season and wheat but he had never heard of the Season Wheat Pill.
Yue Qichao studied Ye Mo’s pill and said with a face full of astonishment, “He’s really a level seven pill king and he even concocted the Season Wheat Pill?”
“You said he just concocted the Season Wheat Pill? it was Lu Wuhu who asked strangely.
Yue Qichao saw everyone look at him and he nodded seriously. “That’s right, I’m certain it’s the Season Wheat Pill, the only heaven grade level seven pill that can be concocted mixing season and wheat together is the Season Wheat Pill. Even I don’t know the pill recipe yet Ye Mo knows. His encounters are extraordinary, his accomplishment will definitely be greater than ours. He’s not a prodigy, he’s a prodigy that belong to this world. I really don’t understand which pill dao qian bei can teach a pill king like Ye Mo.”
“The Season Wheat Pill is a pill that can repair cultivators’ dan tian. Even if the dan tian is shattered, the pill can repair it. This is the power of this pill. A pill with the effect of pills made from level eight or level nine spirit herbs.”
“What? The Season Wheat Pill is such a pill?” Wu Tan said in shock. The higher the level of the cultivator, the harder it was to repair his dan tian if it was damaged. This was because above nascent soul state, the dan tian was closely tied to the essence spirit.
The use for this pill wasn’t as prevalent as the Cauldron Filling Pill but it was definitely rarer.
“It seems that Luo Xiaomo will probably get first in this tournament.” Ji Ling smiled, he still wanted to discuss formations with Ye Mo.
Yue Qichao nodded. “Yes, he’s first for three rounds in a row but I wonder if he will challenge step 11 alone.”
Of course Ye Mo wasn’t going to do that, he already succeeded by concocting the Season Wheat Pill at step 10 and he didn’t need to worry about anything.
Ye Mo wasted two Spirit Recovery pills but he got 4 top grade and 2 middle grade Season Wheat pills. Ye Mo was very happy. This was better than what he did at step nine.
Ye Mo put away the cauldron and looked down, knowing that he didn’t have to worry about Jiu Qian talking shit.
“Luo Xiaomo”
“Level seven pill king Luo Xiaomo”
“Continue to the 11th step!”
Countless roars sounded. This seemingly lowest level level seven spirit pill master was actually the highest level seven pill king.
Although Jiu Qian had temporary fans, after he was swept off, they all cheered for Ye Mo.
Some even called Ye Mo to go on the 12th step. Even with the city lords of Pill City here, some people called number one pill king Luo Xiaomo.
Ye Mo wasn’t going to step 11 of course. First, he couldn’t concoct level eight heaven grade pills at all. He would barely be able to make an ordinary level seven heaven grade spirit pill. he wasn’t a matured level seven pill king but Ye Mo that was just a matter of time. He just needed more practice.
Seeing Ye Mo about to jump off, Shen Guanqing smiled and shook his head. “He’s probably the first contestant to jump off himself.”
Yue Qichao smiled. “It’s no mistake calling him number one pill king, with his pill dao prowess it’s only a matter of time before he surpasses us. I can’t wait to discuss pill dao with him.”
Shen Guanqing and the judges nodded in agreement.
Lu Wuhu smiled. “I think you can’t wait for him to dissect the Hua Sang Pill.” Then he glanced at the other pill kings and said, “As for you guys, you want to ask him to teach the Whirlpool pill concoction method.”
The judges felt a little awkward but they knew Lu Wuhu said the truth.
“Let me talk to him first, I’ve already arranged to see him at the North Far State but I just haven’t had the chance yet,” good man Ji Ling said impatiently. He was a formation grand master but his love for formation was an obsession. Ye Mo was just a formation great master but his formations were too unique. There were some things that he had to watch for a long time before understanding and there were still things he didn’t understand.
Lu Wuhu didn’t laugh at Ji Ling, everyone knew that Ji Ling really wanted to see Ye Mo.
Ye Mo scanned the hundred of thousands of audience members and nodded. Just when he wanted to jump off, he suddenly saw a white dressed woman.
That woman was looking at him with a face full of excitement, the anticipation and tears, Ye Mo could see them from this far away.
“Qingxue!” Ye Mo could no longer hold back the joy and excitement as he flew out towards Ning Qingxue, forgetting about the rules of not being allowed to leave the testing stage.