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Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1244

“You’ve really successfully upgraded it?” Meng Hanan looked at Blue Moon’s speed in disbelief. This was definitely the speed of a half-immortal artifact.
The rest of the people realized why Ye Mo had such confidence in their escape. He had upgraded the extreme grade flying cultivation artifact to half-immortal artifact. Even truth realisation state cultivators wouldn’t be able to catch up to them unless they also had a half-immortal artifact.
Ye Mo nodded. “Yes, but I don’t know if it’s reached a half-immortal artifact yet. My means are limited so I’ve just simply molded the Kun scale into Blue Moon. I can’t even cover it’s chi, I did it it with formation means. Haha, luckily I’m a formation grand master.”
Hearing this, everyone felt assured, this meant that they were safe.
But Ye Mo didn’t feel easy, he felt more concerned with Yin Xu after knowing that the Kun scale was this strong. He looked at Ming Xin and Guang Wei asking seriously, “Ming Xin qian bei, did you two ever disclose that you came from North Far State?”
They both shook their head but Ming Xin said worriedly, “When we were captured, those people just wanted to sell us. They didn’t care where we came from. But in my storage ring, there’s the jade card of the Immortal Herb Valley’s sect leader. They were taken away by those beast cultivators.”
“Taken away by a few beast cultivators?” Ye Mo frowned but immediately said, “It should be fine, those few beast cultivators would need about a year or so to reach Yin Hai City. During this time, we would have long reached North Far State already. As long as we go back to South Peace State, even if Yin Xu goes there, he won’t dare to do anything.”
“Ye Mo, you’re saying Yin Hai City’s city lord would cross the Heartless Sea too?” Teng Yi asked in confusion.
Ye Mo nodded. “It’s hard for ordinary people and even ordinary truth realisation state cultivators, but if it’s a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator with an extreme grade flying cultivation artifact, then he might only need two years or less.”
Ji Ling nodded. “That’s right, Lu Wuhu qian bei once crossed the Heartless Sea, he went to the West Store State and only took four years. He wasn’t even truth realisation state peak stage at the time, he was only truth realisation state level seven. That time, he almost died in the Heartless Sea. But if it’s a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator with an extreme grade flying cultivation artifact, there would be no danger in crossing the Heartless Sea.”
Ye Mo nodded. For Yin Xu and his shadow, it would be good if he didn’t go out looking for trouble. No one would dare to look for trouble with him.
Imagine, if Yin Xu flew over the three seas or the Dragon Teng Palace, would any of them attack even if they could beat him?
Blue Moon sped across the Heartless Sea at a speed that even Ye Mo felt amazed. Ye Mo was sure that if Blue Moon became an immortal artifact, then it might only take three months to cross the Heartless Sea or even less.
Thinking about that, Ye Mo felt excited. He needed to hurry up and improve his forgery skills.
A week later, Teng Yi and Bian Fengta were enjoying Blue Moon’s speed, but Ye Mo saw that Ming Xin was a little worried. He thought about it and realized what was going on. He immediately asked, “Ming Xin qian bei, do you know in which direction the coral island is that Tang Mengrao qian bei is hiding on? We can go see.”
Ming Xin said gratefully to Ye Mo, “I don’t know as well, I was lost but it’s in the direction towards North Far State. We just need to watch out along the way. Perhaps we can see it.”
“Okay.” Ye Mo didn’t have a spirit range to cultivate with so he manned the ship himself.
Two months later, Ming Xin suddenly pointed at a huge island. “I’ve seen this island before, we flew south from this island for a month and it was Tang Mengrao qian bei’s island.”
Ye Mo heard this and rejoiced. This meant that they were at most a month away from North Far State. The half-immortal artifact was indeed fast.
Ming Xin said one month, but it only took three days to arrive at that coral island. Ye Mo saw there were marks of a stealth formation.
“We don’t need to land, there’s no one on the island,” Ji Ling said.
Ye Mo nodded. “Ming Xin qian bei, someone has set up a formation here, but that person has gone. There are no marks of battles.”
Ming Xin breathed easy. “Tang Mengrao qian bei probably recovered and went back to North Far State. Let’s go to North Far State now. With Blue Moon’s speed we can probably reach there in one month.”
Ye Mo nodded. But he didn’t agree that Tang Mengrao had recovered. Ye Mo didn’t believe that on this spirit chi deprived island, a disaster transformation state peak stage cultivator would recover this soon without top grade pills.
Blue Moon changed direction and flew towards North Far State rapidly. A few days later, Ye Mo suddenly slowed down and looked at Ji Ling. “Ji qian bei, did you notice the battle to the west?”
Ji Ling nodded. “Yes, one female cultivator cultivator is being attacked by two beast cultivators. That female cultivator seems heavily injured.”
“Could it be Tang Mengrao qian bei?” Ming Xin asked worriedly.
Ye Mo smiled. “Ming Xin qian bei don’t worry, it’s just two disaster transformation state primary stage cultivators, we’ll go look at it now.”
Then, in a few breaths, they arrived at the battle. That female cultivator was seriously injured, she was running north as she was fending off the two beast cultivators.
“Ye Mo hurry and go over, it’s Tang Mengrao qian bei!” Ming Xin said.
Ming Xin’s scream caught the attention of the beast cultivators, that injured female cultivator immediately saw Ming Xin and seemed surprised and joyful. She immediately flew over towards Ye Mo and them.
The two beast cultivators saw Ye Mo’s flying magic artifact and were also overjoyed.
Ye Mo opened Blue Moon restriction and let Tang Mengrao onto Blue Moon. Tang Mengrao didn’t see Ji Ling but she saw Ye Mo was only cauldron filling state level six. However, this flying magic artifact was very powerful. Before she could ask Ming Xin how she knew Ye Mo she said desperately, “I’m seriously injured, fly north. Those two beast cultivators won’t be able to chase up.”
However, soon she was surprised. Ye Mo didn’t flying Blue Moon, instead, he stopped and smiled at Meng Hanan. “Sister Meng, there’re two disaster transformation state cultivators, I’ll leave the disaster transformation state level one to you and I’ll take on the disaster transformation state level three – how about it?”
Meng Hanan rolled her eyes. “I thought you were going to leave the level three to me.”
Ye Mo laughed and charged at the disaster transformation state level three with Zi Xu. Meng Hanan also let out her flying sword and attacked the disaster transformation state level one.
Before Tang Mengrao could ask Ming Xin who Ye Mo was, she looked at Ye Mo in shock. She completely couldn’t understand why this cauldron filling state level six dared to fight a disaster transformation state level three.
Ji Ling smiled. “Tang Mengrao, don’t worry for Ye Mo, he has many means – but you need some pills.”
Then he gave two pills to Tang Mengrao. “Eat these pills and recover first.”
Tang Mengrao just saw Ji Ling now and called out in surprise and joy, “You’re South Peace State’s Ji Ling qian bei, the formation grand master?”
Ji Ling smiled. “That’s right, you still remember me. I’m Ji Ling, we met at Pei Hai City before” He let out a sigh.
“Ming Xin, what’s going on? How did you meet Ji Ling qian bei, did you go to South Peace State? How is that possible?” Tang Mengrao asked in shock.