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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 100

"Wen Wen, Wen Wen. Ughhh...who gives a dumb nickname like that?" Leo kept muttering this name while fighting the zombies and when he pictures Alex serious face giving that nickname to that little kid almost made him burst out laughing that it almost got himself killed when a Hunter managed to sneak his way beside him and swipe his claws towards his head but the good things was, Leo managed to dodge it in the nick of time and counter attack with a kick when he blackflipped to dodge the attack.

"That stupid Alex, that almost killed me" Leo landed on the floor and wiped off the non-existing sweat on his forehead and said with a laugh but with a resentful voice.

Leo then jumped backwards and surprisingly he actually allowed himself to be sandwich between the walls behind him and the multiple zombies in front of him.

In front of Leo was, Hunters, Striker and there's even the zombie that Alex killed earlier who only had one bulky armed which Leo gave its name as Charger because it would charge immediately upon seeing a living being but surprisingly this masochistic charger zombie was actually fidgeting around looking like it wasn't sure if it would charge towards Leo and the same also goes for the rest of the mutated zombies as they even made sure to keep a distance from Leo as they continuous groaned at each other like they were actually talking amongst themselves.

"Are these zombies actually able to communicate with each other?" Leo suddenly said startled but he saw that one of the Hunters from the right side suddenly pounced on him while the rest were just groaning over there, "Guess not" Leo said as he immediately slash down at the Hunter using his huge sword, immediately cutting the zombie in half like a piece of cake.


The Charger zombie suddenly roared and charge towards Leo like mad bull.

"Dammit!" Leo suddenly cursed as he wasn't expecting that all of them would attack at the same time when the Charger suddenly charged at him.

Of course, Leo only cursed but he didn't panicked but remained calm instead in the face of the multiple attacks heading towards him.

Just when the Hunter's claws, the Striker's tentacles and the Charger was just a meter away from his body. Leo suddenly gave a devilish grin and immediately disappeared from his spot and the Charger immediately crashed towards the wall, creating a hole where he fell off the building immediately and killed itself, splattering into pieces on the asphalt ground while the three Hunter's and five Striker's attacks just fell into thin air.

Leo then appeared like ghost behind a Striker and slashed his sword towards its neck, cleanly beheading the zombie. Leo then appeared behind another Striker and killed it, Leo killed all of the remaining zombies as they fell helplessly under his blade as Leo continuously used his [Ghost Step] skill.

"Haa~ Haa~ Haa~ Shit, using this skill repeatedly really drains a lot of my stamina and it's even worse than the [Sword Quake]" Leo stuck the tip of his sword on the floor and leaned on it as he said it in between breaths as drops of sweat repeatedly fell down on the floor from his face.

"It felt like I just ran a 10 Km marathon in full speed without stopping" Leo said as he wiped his sweat off from his forehead using a towel he took out from his Inventory space.

Even though he was complaining about it, he was actually smiling at himself while staring at the pop-up notification that appeared in front of him.

[You have killed a Level 23 Mutant Zombie! Gained 1,500 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 21 Mutant Zombie! Gained 1,337 Defender Coins!]

[You are now Level 21!]

[You have killed a Level 26 Mutant Zombie! Gained 1,993 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 24...]

[You have killed a]

[You are now Level 22!]

[+10 Free Stats has been awarded!]

"Kukuku, it seems the zombies are getting more stronger than the rate of humans evolving. Well, it's all good and all for me because I could become more stronger just by killing more higher levelled zombies but it's certainly bad news for those ordinary people who haven't evolved yet" Leo worriedly said while grinding his nails with his teeth.

"Damnable zombies, did they really turned into zombies due to parasitic virus like those in the movies or are they like those in fantasy novels, the undead? I just hope that they are just mindless zombies or could it be that they are actually people or maybe gods behind the scenes that caused that forced Gaia into a slumber just so that the Earth would evolve. Damn, I don't even know if Earth already finish its evolution or its still underway!" Leo grinded his teeth as he felt frustrated, he feels like everything is going out of hand like there's actually a dark hand manipulating all of these behind the scenes.

"But if there was, who could it be? Gaia is already the strongest god because she is the Earth itself so what god or who are they that they are gutsy enough to go against Gaia? Well, that is if there are also other Gods like her that haven't showed themselves yet?" Leo kept mumbling to himself as questions upon questions appeared inside his mind that he doesn't have answer too and even when he asked the System about it, it just kept mum which made it even more suspicious to Leo as the System would just say his authority or Stronghold Level isn't high enough but this time, the System just kept mum and didn't reply to his questions which made Leo even have more questions in his mind.

"Ughh! Damn! If there are really people or gods doing all these then I would just face all of them in due time and just focus on surviving instead of worrying of these matters that my hand couldn't reach yet" Leo then just snorted and shrugged off all unnecessary thoughts right now and started to walk over to the glass window as he looked at the chaotic scene in front of him with smoke almost coming out of every direction as he would then hear gunfire and the sound of a tank firing its shells around the city and below the tower.

Leo then opened his system map and he suddenly got startled, "This...that's a lot of zombies, hehe I thought there would only be few because of how scattered they are but there's actually a lot if they congregated together".

"There's at least thirty to fifty thousands zombies and there maybe around two thousand or less mutated among them. Tens of thousand zombies is already bad but there sure are mutated among them, will their small group able to handle it? Well, nothing to worry about as there's also the tank moving with them and Alex along with that stupid big a** cat with them. Haist, I worry for those people who went with them. I just hope no one dies this time" Leo sighed.

Suddenly, Leo noticed something abnormal or more like weird, "The other zombies are moving towards where the direction of Alex and the rest are because they are attracted by those loud sounds but why are those zombies at those upper floors not moving at all?".

What Leo thought was really weird as he hadn't even seen one single zombie came down at all except when he was just ascending at the third floor earlier, "And no matter how stupid these zombies are, they wouldn't just jumped into their deaths by leaping off the building from how high up we are right now".

"Well, if these mutated zombies in this tower can actually think for themselves unlike those outside that I faced before. then this just to f*cked up right now"

"Well, no use thinking about these right now. What I need to do is finish this mission and conquer this tower and the entire city"