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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 101

Leo immediately assigned his stats after getting it.

[Added +5 Endurance and +5 Strength!]

[Name: Leo Wood Age: 27

Lvl. 22

Title: Mankind's Last Hope (+10 to All Attributes)

Strength: 52 (+10) Agility: 32 (+10)

Stamina: 37 (+10) Luck: 10(+10)

Endurance: 30 (+10) Vitality: 32 (+10)

Free Stats: 0


[Level Max] Sharpshooter (Passive)

[Level Max] Bear God Body Strengthening Technique (Passive)

[Level Max] Iron Skin (Passive)

Primal Roar (Active)

Sword Quake (Active)

Blade Fury (Active)

Ghost Step (Active)]

"Ahh~ That feels good" Leo moaned in pleasure as he felt a refreshing feeling around and inside his body and he felt his fatigue go away immediately.

"Levelling up really feels great" Leo said as he swung his heavy sword in the air. He felt like the sword that has a weight of seven tons have become a bit lighter than before.

'That 62 Stats in Strength wasn't a wasted, Hehe! The sword weight have become at least around only three tons or more when carrying it but it's still quite heavy though but it feels like I'm only carrying a thing around five hundred pounds! I wonder what would happen when I reached 100 Stats in Strength, will I get an strength upgrade or nothing? I really look forward to that day!' Leo thought and laughed like a kid.

"Right, need to finish this quickly, there's...thirty seven more floors" Leo bitterly laughed to himself while cursing the person planned and constructed this building for making this tower this high which is really time consuming for him as he slowly walked up the stairs leading to the forty eighth floor.

Leo then halted in front of the door and at the other side of it is a place pack with zombies, from ordinary zombie to mutated zombies and surprisingly there's even a Big One among them.

"Should I use the suit?" Leo pondered in front of the door as he was hesitating to use the suit or not. If Leo use the suit then dealing with the zombies beyond the door would be a piece of cake but if he didn't then it would take a really long time especially that there's even a Big One among the zombies inside and Leo wasn't sure if he can fight against it with his current level.

"Nah, I'll use the suit" just as Leo said those words, the Halo Suit immediately covered his whole body, "I don't want to act like an idiot like those MC's from novels before that I've read that acts like or says things like they would temper themselves by fighting powerful opponents. Tsk! Those are just pure bullshit on their part trying to act all cool" Leo continued and sneered as he really hates those kind of settings in the stories he read before all of this chaos happened.

"Only an idiot would do something like that" Leo sneered and he kicked open the metal door as it was sent flying and slammed into a Striker zombie, immediately killing it.

[You have killed a Level 24 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,345 Defender Coins!]

All of the zombies, immediately towards Leo's direction.

Leo then revealed himself and said arrogantly from within the suit, "Let's party, you suckers!"

"Roar!" the Big One was the first to react to the sudden developments as it roared and slammed the ground before he charged towards Leo like a raging tank in a battlefield.

Leo also charge towards this monstrous zombie as he met the monster's fist with his own.

"Have a taste of my overpowered punch!"


When both of their fist collided, it created a huge shockwave sending everything around seven meters around them flying everywhere even the zombies that was already launching their attacks towards Leo was sent flying onto the wall of the tower floor.

Leo staggered backwards from the impact while the Big One was sent flying towards the other side as it crashed towards the glass window of an office before it crashed towards the wall and slowly slid down towards the floor.

"Come!" Leo laughed like madman as he felt his blood boiling from excitement especially when he saw the glaring red name of the Big One! It was something he haven't seen before because it was supposed to be only a white name like before but this time it was blood red!

[Level 37 Mutated Zombie(The Big One)]

"Damn! I just noticed but the further the floor I go up to, the higher the level of the mutated zombies are!" Leo exclaimed in shocked as he belatedly realized all of this.

Leo then pulled out his DMR from his Inventory and with it, he hastily killed all of the mutated zombies on the forty eighth floor, he didn't want to waste his time fighting this zombies mano e mano so he just killed them all, just like a typical person would do if he is face in the same situation as him especially with The Big One slowly picking itself up behind him.

[You have killed a Level 27 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,573 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 22 Mutated Zombie(Hunter)! Gained 1,233 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 29 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,773 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 22 Mutated Zombie(Charger)! Gained 1,123 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 27 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,473 Defender Coins!]

[You have.]

[You have gained a level! You are now Level 23! Gained additional +5 Stats!]

Leo killed a total of twenty three mutated zombies and gained over 40,000 Defender Coins and a level up!

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Leo suddenly went flying towards the other side of the floor while in mid air, Leo immediately disabled his suit and agilely did a backflipped to stabilized himself and the suit covered him again before landed on the floor and glared towards the culprit who was already charging towards him.

His movements was so fluid like he already did that move hundreds of times already and it felt like Leo was already expecting that attack coming behind him that he didn't even panicked at all.

"Tsk! Good thing I was able to sense it in time or I would've been sent flying down from the 48th Floor. I wouldn't even know I would be able to survive that fall" Leo shivered thinking that.

Leo then also charge towards The Big One and roared towards the skies or maybe the ceiling as a crimson bear appeared behind him and then Leo caught the two huge fist flying towards his body.


Leo's foot slowly slid backwards from the impact as the floor beneath his foot was slowly destroyed and immediately firmly planted his foot on the floor and managed to stabilized himself before his back slowly got pushed at the concrete wall.

Surprisingly, Leo was actually smiling from within the suit before he said with an excited tone.

"Kukuku, now this is a fight!"

Leo then executed a power kick towards the abdomen of the zombies, sending it staggering backwards. Leo then charged at it and followed up with with a knee on its face as his hands grabbed both sides of its head. Then he landed on the floor and executed a low spinning sweep kick towards the zombies lower legs, sending it crashing on the ground.

Leo then pulled his DMR from his back and stood over the zombie's chest and said

"Sayonara motherf*cker!"