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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 102

[You killed a Level 37 Mutated Zombie (The Big One)! Gained 12,737 Defender Coins!]

[You have been awarded x1 [Zombie Vaccine Potion X] and x1 [Strength Potion] for killing a zombie beyond your capacity level!]

[The items have been sent to your Inventory!]

[You have gained a level!]

[You have gained a level!]

[You have acquired +10 Stats!]

[You are now Level 25!]

"Nice!" Leo clenched his teeth in ecstasy before he continued, "But I feel bad though. I just killed this guy using an overpowered che- I mean suit. Tsk! Tsk! Like a typical MC in a japanese novel!"

"But the rewards for killing this guy is..awesome!" Leo said smiling as he kicked the huge corpse of a zombie at his feet.

Leo then excitedly opened his Inventor Space where he saw two new items added inside, one was blood red liquid inside a vial with a cork as a cap and the other one vial was a green liquid.

He then took out both of them. When Leo concentrated his eyes to towards the blood red vial, the information of the item immediately appeared in front of him.

[Zombie Vaccine Potion X] - the most powerful vaccine the allows the body to safely and instantaneously learn to make its own antibodies to kill the zombie virus or a person who wants an immunity to the said virus. It's also an item that acts as a cure to someone who got bitten.

Warning: Only effective to people that haven't turned yet.]

"Jackpot!" Leo yelled as he raised the vial into the air, he was so excited that he immediately checked the other vial on his left hand.

[Strength Potion - drink it to gain 10 points in Strength]

"10 points? It must talking about 10 additional stat points in my Strength Stat" Leo said to himself while having a huge grin on his face.

"I don't really need it because I just need to level up, maybe it's better to give it to someone close to me. Maybe I'll give it to mom, after all she's been the one managing the affairs of the camp since"

"Hey, System. Is it possible for someone other than me to drink this?" Leo called out to his mind.

[Yes, anything related to the host is possible to be use by another person just like how you use a health potion to Isaac and the rest before]

Leo had his mouth twitching at its edge as he suddenly felt like the System is talking to him like he was some kind of a stupid person.

"I was just trying to confirm if it was safe" Leo just mumbled to himself and tried to shrugged the feeling.


"Well, if I give this to mom then dad would probably get jealous" Leo thought for a bit then suddenly shook his head and said with a chuckly, "Nah, Dad can take care of himself"

Leo then put the two back into his Inventory Space before he slowly headed towards the stairs, headed to the next floor.

"I really don't need to worry Aria because she already grew up training in martial arts and even in handling guns before a few years back and Amanda and Michelle already had the two mutated dogs that I brought back from the Bunker Camp of the Royal Family so I guess their okay for now" Leo said as he scratched his chin while walking up the stairs while he would glance sometimes at his system map.


"Is everything okay at your side?" Isaac said with a worried tone as he talked at a walkie talkie on his hand.

"W-well except for being surrounded right now. I guess we're still alive?" a bitter voice sounded at the walkie talkie.

"W-what!? What do you mean you guys are surrounded? Do you guys need back up right now!?" Isaac suddenly yelled at the gadget on his hand.

"No worries sir, we're fine over here"

"What do you mean fine? If you guys get surrounded, then you guys are dead!" Isaac was barking loudly at at the walkie talkie on his hand.

"Technically, we are not dead yet sir. Thanks to Sir Alex's pet, you know that huge cat" said the other person from the other side as the sounds of gunfire, explosions and even a monster's roar could be heard from the other side the communication

"Kitty?" Isaac said.

"Yes, it's keeping the normal zombies at bay and some mutated and with how powerful and fast the tank shoots is, the zombies can't really get near a hundred meters from us" even though the voice sounded calm but he wasn't able to masked the nervousness on his voice. After all, anyone would be not be unnerved if they suddenly saw themselves in a situation where they are surrounded by hundreds of man eating zombies and just a single mishap would result to their deaths.

"Alright, alright. Just report to me if you guys need some help and I'll ask the boss if it's okay to send some reinforcement to your side immediately" Isaac said.

"Yes sir"

"Take care and don't do something crazy and make sure to stick close to the tank" Isaac warned before he turned off the communication and walked over to every position of his men to check on them if they're doing okay on their side.

Isaac was really worried about the recruits, after all this people had only killed two or three zombies utmost while they were training and haven't face a situation where they are totally surrounded at all sides. The are only two things that made Isaac feel relieved, is that he already knew or heard from the rest of how powerful Alex is, especially when he managed to subdue a powerful beast like the black panther Alex named Kitty so he knew that Alex would take care of the recruits if a mishaps happens and the other one was that the zombies that the recruits killed before was through the used of a melee weapon and not the used of a firearm so even if a zombie got up close to them, they wouldn't panick or succumb into fear.

While all of this were happening, Leo had already made his way up into seventieth floor.

"Well, seven more floors to go" Leo said as he stopped at the door, "I just confirmed it, the zombies are more powerful the higher the floor I go up and now I'm even using my suit now that I said to myself that I wouldn't use except if my life is threatened. Well, as long as I'm here and haven't finish the mission yet, then my life is still in danger and I need to use this overpowered armor suit that I have just to protect myself from the mutated zombie attacks" he sighed before he carefully and silently pushed open the door and what greeted him at the other side was a messed up place with zombies littered around the floor. Chairs, table, papers, blood and even human corpses was strewn everywhere.

"Man, there's at least a hundred of them here" Leo clicked his tongue and pulled out the sword from his back.

Surprisingly, the zombies haven't noticed him yet and then suddenly when Leo looked at the minimap at the corner of his eyes. He noticed a green dot flashing just a few meters away from him.

'A survivor? Here?' Leo thought to himself and the reason he just noticed that green dot just now as because the floor was congested with numerous red dots meaning zombies and because of it, the green dot unknowingly camouflaged itself among this small group of zombies in this floor.

"You're in luck whoever you are, if I didn't managed reached this floor then you would have died by now or later" Leo said to himself.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Leo then tapped on a metal table near him and the zombies around him immediately jerked their heads towards him and immediately pounced towards his direction.

Leo suddenly smiled from within his armor and said, "Time to test it out"

Just after he said those words, Leo suddenly disappeared from his spot and suddenly multiple flashes of light appeared in the middle of the zombies. All of the zombies within the range of those lights stopped in their tracks, the zombies charging at his former position, the zombies already in mid air, ready to pounce at him suddenly stopped like they were stuck in their place and moments later, clear cut lines appeared all over their bodies as blood bursted out from their bodies before they turned into rotten pieces of flesh! All of them were decapitated into pieces!

It was the power of Leo's newest skill!

It was...

[Blade Fury]!