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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 103

[You have killed a Level 28 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,577 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 23 Mutated Zombie(Hunter)! Gained 1,233 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 25 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,373 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 29 Mutated Zombie(Charger)! Gained 1,163 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level 27 Mutated Zombie(Striker)! Gained 1,973 Defender Coins!]

[You have killed a Level]

[You have]

A string of notification immediately sounded in his mind.

"Whoops!" Leo immediately jerked his head backwards as a grey tentacle suddenly passed through just a few centimeters away from his face.

"That was close" Leo said with a sigh of relief and then he suddenly chuckled when he finally remembered that he was actually using his Armor Suit.

Leo suddenly jumped and spun in mid air as five tentacles brushed past his body within a hair length before he landed on the ground with one of his hands supporting his body while half kneeling.

"Dammit, It's been a long time since I used my Armor that I'm reflexive dodging the attacks of these zombies" Leo grumbled as he caught the claws of hunter and gripped it tightly on his hands as one of his flew towards the zombie's face, sending it flying towards one of the Striker's in the floor.

Leo's face darkened as he cross his arms in front of his chest as a Charger rammed at him as his feet slid across from the floor.

"Goddamn! It feels like this group of zombies are attacking in sync like they have a mind of their own!" Leo grinded his teeth as executed a side kick towards the Charger in front of him as the zombie tumbled and rolled on the floor like a bowling ball.

While Leo's rhythm was seemingly disoriented by the coordinated attacks of the zombies, what he and the zombies didn't noticed was there was an eye peeking at them from the corner in one of the rooms.

"W-what the heck? What is happening? D-did someone finally came to rescue me?" a hoarse voice sounded in a mumble, the voice was slightly hoarse that it was certain that the person haven't drank even a drop of water for hours now. It a person heard this voice, then would certainly mistake the person as a guy but if they enter the room where this person is hiding in, then they would see a woman with caramel hair and dressed in an office attire inside the room that was littered in canned food, bottles of water and wrapper of junk food inside scattered every corner of the room and most of all, there was even a bloodied fire ax beside her.

Her body was thin and her clothes was loose, clearly something not of her size and the only explanation is that she haven't been eating properly for a long time now and It was already a miracle that she is still alive with her poor condition.

"Who is fight-... t-this w-what is that? Is that a robot or there's actually a person inside!?" the door of the room was opened slightly, just enough for an eye to look at the other side of the room and the woman almost screamed when she saw the scene happening in front of her eyes.

Her heart pounded every time the huge robot would just barely dodged the coordinated attacks of the zombies and sometimes her body would shake in excitement every time the "huge robot" kills a zombie with its bare hands by ripping a zombie apart into two. What was inconceivable to her, is that the mech warrior would sometimes disappear and reappear behind a zombie but she just didn't care about it at all! What was important to her is that the zombies gets annihilated so she can finally escape free from her self-made prison!

But she clearly forgot one important thing! What if the mech warrior was actually a killing machine that would eliminate anything in sight including humans!? Fortunately for her, the mech warrior was Leo and not some mindless robot or she'd be dead the moment she gets out of her hiding place!

Finally, after minutes of heart pounding moments. Leo finally killed all of the zombies within the floor and the only thing for him to do now is to check on the only survivor of this floor or maybe even the whole building itself.

Leo was currently sitting on a chair with his right side facing the room where the woman was hiding in.

"Man, that was really tiring. I really didn't expect that the zombies occupying this tower would know how to coordinated their attacks" Leo slightly panting as his body was covered in sweat and his lips were even slightly pale, clearly indicating that he really had a hard time killing those zombies even when he was using his Armor.

"It seems this Armor Suit of mine is really powerful, the multiple attacks of those mutated earlier didn't even leave a scratch mark on it. I think I should use it often as my body probably already got use to not using it that I really had a bit of a hard time adjusting my movements along with the Armor. If this was before that I was actively using it then...this mutated wouldn't even last twenty seconds in front of me. Well, twenty seconds is kinda arrogant, maybe a minute then?" Leo kept talking to himself as he disabled his helmet.

Finally revealing to the survivor peeking at him, who or what was inside the Combat Suit.

"A human! That looks kind of familiar" the woman almost yelled in excitement and just as she was about to open the door and ask for his help. Her hand suddenly hesitated at the doorknob and she took a deep breath and calmed her emotions but she felt confused though because she felt like the person's face was really familiar to her but no one comes through her mind of who it was.

"I should observe him first. I don't even know if he's a good person or worst, he's a baddie" The woman then just shrugged her thoughts and mumbled to herself as she continued to crouch down the floor and kept observing Leo.


"How cautious" Leo smiled to himself, he clearly saw from the corner of his eyes that the person beyond that door was just about to open the door and rushed towards him but it really surprised him that the person was really this cautious and composed in front of someone who "could" probably help her out of this place.

"Well, it would have been disappointing if you weren't and for someone to survive in this floor surrounded by really admirable and amazing" Leo said before he finally stood up and continued, "Well, it time to see who you are"

Leo then disabled his Combat Suit and slowly walked towards the room where the survivor is.


"H-he's really human and here I was just thinking that he was maybe some kind of a cyborg! And what the hell is that Armor thing!? It just burst into pieces before it became a wristband or something, is that a new technology? No! I shouldn't be thinking about this right now! He's already coming towards here and I don't know if he's a good or bad person but if he thinks he can bully me, then I will fight him to the death!" she gritted her and stood up immediately while taking the fire ax to her hands and face the door way with the fire ax on her hand, ready to strike at the "guest"!


Leo' hand was just about to pushed open door when it suddenly froze in mid-air. It was because he suddenly felt a bit of oppressive aura bursting out of the room which surprised him a bit but he just smiled. He already knew people who had that kind of aura like his parents, Isaac and his fellow soldiers even Cyborg Alex had one which really made Leo asked if the world had become stupid but then he's common sense told him that if he was a weak person and your fighting an android like Alex who could kill you in seconds then he would probably sense an aura of death around Alex as he fell into despair and fear so Leo just shrugged it off in the end.

But there was one thing that really surprised him greatly, this oppressive aura is even thicker than Isaac and his colleagues and even Austin who had already gone to fight in Afghanistan before pales in comparison towards this but is just surprised him a bit as it wasn't scary for him and he just pushed open the door, Leo even had the urged to kick the door open but he restrained himself as he didn't want to scare the person inside.

But the moment he opened the door, what greeted him was a bloodstained axe hacking towards his head.

Leo didn't even bat an eyelid. He was already expecting this when he felt that aura. After all, a person having that kind of aura isn't someone to be trifled with and only a person who had killed before would have that kind of aura.

Leo just casually lifted his hand and caught the ax like it was nothing and the person behind the attack made a surprised groan as the person probably wasn't expecting that especially when the person saw that not even a single drop of blood appeared on Leo's hand.

"Now, that's not good way to greet your sav-"