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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 104

"I really wonder what lies at the top floor" Leo said, his curiosity at the peak especially when his conjecture was correct.

"The zombies are really getting stronger the higher I go. I wonder what rewards are ahead" Leo said smirking, thoroughly excited at the thought of having a huge reward at the last floor.

"Oh...crap" Leo just opened the door to the last floor, the seventy seventh floor when he suddenly got the shocked of his life.

The scene in front of his eyes was just the same like the other floors, full of mutated zombie but the only difference is the entire floor was really a mess of destruction. Table, chairs and etc. are all reduced to pieces and in the middle of the floor was a crystalize orb surrounded by some kind of a light ray as it floats there slowly revolving by itself and around it was mutated zombies acting like it's guardians but what shocked Leo wasn't the mysterious orb but the zombies! There only five of them but...they are all humongous with huge bodies! Five 'The Big One'!

"Shit...I thought there would be only two left remaining!" Leo almost shouted in surprised but managed to hold it in time or else he would have attracted their attention.

"Damn, this would be pretty troublesome. I just hope the rewards are worth it" Leo then just sighed in helplessness before his body got covered again with his Halo Suit.

Thud~ Thud~ Thud~

Leo's footsteps slowly echoed at the noise ridden floor which immediately attracted the five massive zombies who's probably been in inanimate state because they haven't been moving except when Leo walked in on them.

"This is such a shitty situation" Leo bitterly chuckled as his eyes can't help but twitched at those floating numbers in front of his eyes.

[Level 35 Mutated Zombie (The Big One)]

[Level 35 Mutated Zombie (The Big One)]

[Level 35 Mutated Zombie (The Big One)]

In front of Leo was five Level 35 Mutated Zombies, this five The Big One zombies was weaker by two levels by the one earlier but they make up for it with their numbers.

Suddenly, something weird happened.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The five zombies was just roaring towards Leo but they are actually not charging towards him which is really baffling to him just as the fact that the other zombies like the five would immediately charge at him like a raging bull but this five zombies was actually holding their ground and not doing anything except for eyeing and roaring towards Leo!

"Since you guys does not want to attack me then have a taste of this!" Leo disabled his helmet and took a deep breath before activating a particular skill

[Primal Roar!]


A swirling wind like a small tornado suddenly came into as it charged towards the five zombies who are quite close to each other like a ferocious wind dragon charging towards the heavens! Sending three mutated zombies nearest nearest to the skill flying as they slammed onto the walls which are really surprisingly tough while the other two tumbled on the floor and then suddenly one of them unluckily tumbled towards a glass wall as it shattered from the sheer weight of the zombie, immediately sending the poor zombie to its death.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

"Holy!" Leo exclaimed in surprised at how powerful the skill had become, the skill had literally evolve from being a ferocious lizard into a dragon.

The other mutated zombies slowly stood up while shaking their as they suddenly released an earth shattering roar at the same time.


Leo wasn't intimidated in the least and gathered his strength into his body as bloody crimson bear appeared behind him and he also released his own earth-shattering


The two sides were in a stalemate as they just exchanged roars after roars.

"This is becoming stupid" Leo said as the corner of his mouth was twitching as he really felt the scene in front of him was absurd as this zombies who are probably already on top of the food chain of their group is being wary of him that they didn't even dare to attack him first.


"Dammi! How many times have I already said those words by now?" Leo was feeling frustrated. After all, he wasn't want to go over towards the zombies as he'd rather have them charge at him.

Of course, Leo wasn't really scared of them but what he worries about are them charging Leo at the same time and being charge at is no laughing matter as it would certainly send Leo slamming onto a concrete wall or glass wall, plunging him towards the ground from the highest floor of the building and Leo wouldn't certainly try to test his body's regenerative abilities if that really happens even if he was wearing his Combat Suit.

Suddenly, while Leo was deep in thoughts and because his eyes never left the four remaining zombies alive. He suddenly saw small minute changes in their movement.

'They are actually moving towards the crystal orb!' Leo exclaimed in his mind.

'Are they trying to protect it and so they instead opted to defense rather than attacking me? Is the orb controlling them or these zombies have a mind of their own' countless thoughts flashed inside Leo and one thing that made him frustrated too is that he can't see the details of the crystal orb and the only thing he can are floating question marks above it

[??? - ????]

"Alright, let's just finish this. I don't have a lot of daytime left" Leo said to himself as he prepared to just attack again.

Leo slightly bent his body and then he charges!


Leo immediately disappeared from his position and appeared in mid air on top one of the mutated zombies with his fish clenched.

"Haa!" Leo punched out as his fist struck the top of the head of 'The Big One' zombie.

Bone creaking sounds immediately sounded the moment Leo's fist connected that it even penetrated towards the zombie's head and the concrete floor beneath the zombie's feet immediately crumbled as the zombie was sent flying like a comet seven floors down of the Tower.

"Hmm?" Leo noticed from the corner of his eyes that a huge blood red fist was flying from his right side. Leo immediately used his [Ghost Steps] to dodge as he disappeared again and appeared 15 meters away from the attacking zombie.

Leo immediately swept away at the notification tab that had popped up from his side as it was interfering with his sight but if Leo had the time to look at it, then he would see the following words and some weird changes in it.

[You have killed a Level 35 - Zombie Guardian! Gained 4,737 Defender Coins!]

[You have been awarded x1 [Strength Potion] for killing a zombie beyond your capacity level!]

Leo then crossed his arms in front of him as another zombie was already attacking the moment he landed on the ground.


"Shit! That hurt a bit!" Leo slammed onto a pillar as he immediately grimaced from the pain on his back, 'Damn, that would have broken my back if I wasn't wearing my Combat Suit!'

"F*ck this shit! Earlier you guys were like lazy sloths and now you guys are acting like I just stole your f*cking girlfriend!" Leo was running and dodging around the floor as the three surviving mutated zombies was now hell bent on killing him.

Leo then stopped and behind was a glass wall, Leo smiled at the charging three huge zombies.

Ten meters...

Seven meters...

Five meters...

And when the distance between them reached the three meters marked. Leo disappeared like a smoke from his position and in mid air suddenly appeared behind the three mutated zombies.

Behind his helmet, Leo was smiling from ear to ear.


Leo gave three devastating kicks at the backs of three zombies, slamming them towards the fragile glass wall as they plummeted down towards the ground.

Leo landed and immediately ran towards the edge of the now broken wall.

Leo then took out his DMR from his Inventory and took his aim, "Just in case"


A bloody hole then appeared at the backs of the heads of the free falling zombies.


Sounds of splatting on ground sounded like a meat landing on a ground.

[You have killed a Level 35 - Zombie Guardian! Gained 4,737 Defender Coins and x1 Strength Potion!]

[You have been awarded x1 [Strength Potion] for killing a zombie beyond your capacity level!]

[You have killed a Level 35 - Zombie Guardian! Gained 4,737 Defender Coins and x1 Strength Potion!]

[You have been awarded x1 [Strength Potion] for killing a zombie beyond your capacity level!]

[You have killed a Level 35 - Zombie Guardian! Gained 4,737 Defender Coins and x1 Strength Potion!]

[You have been awarded x1 [Zombie Vaccine Potion X] for killing a zombie beyond your capacity level!]

"Zombie Guardian?" Leo was rubbing his chin as he gazed the notification tab in front of him.

Leo would glance at the popped up tab in front of him and then at the floating crystal orb. He did this at least three times before a smile broke on his face and he said, "I see now"

Leo then excitedly strode over towards the crystal orb as excited thoughts of possible rewards was swimming inside his mind.