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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 105

The moment Leo's hand was about to touch the crystal orb, a sudden notification appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations for clearing all hostiles within Beetham Tower!]

[You have been awarded: x2 Exo Suit!]

"Nice!" Leo clenched his fist in joy as he punched upwards like a victory pose.

Leo's eyes then landed at the floating crystal orb in front of him and he eagerly went and wrapped it around his hands as a floating notification tab immediately appeared in front of his eyes upon contact.

[Cleansing Orb - a very rare object that is a must in occupying a city! Upon activation, it would release a wide cleansing in form of a silvery light. Any hostile deemed the person who got this orb would be immediately turned into ashes, forever erased in the vast history of time!]

[Congratulations Host for successfully taking Beetham Tower!]

Looking at the rows of notification that appeared in front of him, Leo can't help but released a huge smile on his face.

[You have gained a x1 Cleansing Orb!]

[The item had been automatically activated!]

[Cleansing will start in...10..9...8...7]

"W-wait! W-what the heck! It just activated on its own! F*cking hell! I got scammed and here I thought I could just manually clean the city of these walking rotten corpses! But this..! Argh! So frustrating! You sly bastard!" Leo was pulling his hair in frustration and he even had evil thoughts that if only the System had a physical body..then he would beat him black and blue!




When the timer turned zero, the orb immediately burst into a dazzling pillar of light piercing through the ceiling of the building and climbed up towards the sky like a light pillar.

The light pillar hummed and strange beating sound like that of a heart was coming from the pillard before it bursted into waves of light like a shockwave as it swept through the entire city including the nearby towns and villages.

The light swept through the entirety of the city like a god's blessing has just descended and anything that it passed through, from Zombies, mutated monsters and even groups of humans currently heading towards the direction of Leo's Stronghold who had malicious thoughts towards it had their bodies slowly petrified and when the wind blew passed them, their bodies slowly disintegrated into ashes along wind the passing winds.

Abandoned corpses on the ground that the light passed through also disintegrated into ashes and the people and even mutated monsters deemed as friendlies or allies were bathed in light as their injuries and even the minor diseases in their bodies were cured and luckiest of them all are probably those survivors still stuck in city who got bitten and suddenly had their bodies healed.

If Leo knew that his thing could also cure the people that got bitten by zombies, he would probably cough up blood in anger for wasting a precious item.

At the edge of a destroyed glass wall, Leo was standing there with shocked in his eyes.

"Holy moly! This item is bat shit awesome! This is probably the most overpowered item so far!" Leo was giddy in excitement as he could clearly see the effect of the item towards the zombies and monsters.


"What the-?" one of the recruits, following behind the Scorpion Tank exclaimed in shock when he suddenly noticed the tower pillar of light that appeared at the location of the tower.

"What the hell is that!?"

"A god has descended!" one of them suddenly knelt at the ground and started praying.

"No shit!"

"Shit! It's coming! Brace yourselves!" a recruit probably the leader of this squad suddenly exclaimed in fear and shock when he saw a wave of light swooping towards their direction as all of them closed their eyes and waited for the inevitable but because of that they didn't see the zombies around them suddenly turning into ashes.

"This...t-the bite on my arm was h-healed!" a sudden shout of joy awakened them as they immediately opened their eyes and looked towards their companion who bitten earlier with eyes full of amazement, joy, fear and even worship.

"This is amazing! Your saved now kid!" their squad leader patted the shoulders of the young recruit.

"Y-yes! *sob* sob*!"

While they were focused on the kid who got healed, suddenly one of them noticed the changes in their surroundings.

"S-sir, t-the..t-the" one of them was constantly tugging at the shirt of their CO which made him annoyed.


"The zombies are gone!"

Along with his shout, the group finally realized that the zombies encircling them had disappeared and the only thing left are the blood on the ground that became proof that they weren't dreaming earlier.

The group and other surviving humans in the city were in joy as they celebrated the disappearance of the zombies which made them deemed that it was god's work but what they didn't know was that it was actually Leo who did it who was currently having mixed emotions on wasting a precious and expensive item because when he went to checked if the item is listed in the System Shop, he was shocked to discover that it actually cost over thirty million! A whopping thirty million defender coins and that was the cheapest while the most expensive one was something that could cover half of Europe, costing a whopping two hundred million defender coins! Which made him had the urge to vomit blood looking at those absurd numbers!

And his plans to use it in taking over cities and probably even using it to conquer London easily just went down the drain after that!

While Leo was howling in madness by himself, Alex was currently looking at the skies where the pillar of light that only lasted for ten seconds earlier disappeared to.

"It's the Cleansing Orb!" Alex mumbled while standing at the hatch of the Tank.

"It seems the commander made a huge haul if he even got something like that but...based on how stingy he is, he wouldn't use it knowing its effects. Did he had a change of heart?" Alex mumbled, this always cold looking soldier was actually thinking of something.

If Leo knows what Alex is currently mumbling behind his back, then he would probably smack his head and said

"I'm not stingy! I even let strangers lived inside my 'house'! Well...maybe sometimes though but I didn't use the Cleansing Orb with a clear heart! The cold bastard of a System forcefully use it without my permission! Damn him!"

The people back at the Stronghold was also clamoring about it when they witness the miraculous thing and their reaction when they found out who did it from Rachel made them actually believed more in the mystical abilities of Leo and their feelings of following Leo became more solidified.


"Wait! What about additional rewards!?" Leo suddenly jumped from his chair and when his eyes landed at where the floating crystal orb was earlier.

The crystal orb had already disappeared and in its place was a glowing folded paper. Leo immediately dashed towards it and grabbed the paper and immediately opened it but when Leo saw what was written inside, his face grew red in anger.

"F*ck you!" Leo crumpled the paper and smashed it on the floor.

What was written inside the paper was.

[Congratulations on your achievements so far! Keep getting stronger because you will be facing formidable enemies soon! *kissing emoji*

Good luck and godspeed!]

"I suffered seven hours of grueling battles(not really)! I climbed seventy seven floors of this goddamned building filled with powerful mutated zombies! Where is my f*cking reward I deserved! Argh! Two Exo Suits are not enough!"

Leo was really helpless at his "unfair" treatment but what he didn't noticed so far is the not so striking and unadorned medium size chest sitting at the edge of the doorway of an office with a plaque that reads "Executive Office" just sitting there, waiting for the destined one to open him.