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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 107

While walking the flight of stairs, Leo asked the system something that had bothering his mind lately

"Hey System, except for the meat of Level 30 Mutated Beast. If...if I let Olivia drink one of the [Beast Transformation Potion] that I have, will she be able finally walk if she becomes a mutant with beast like ability?" Leo asked with a somewhat hopeful tone.

Leo always had the thought to help Olivia every time he went out to go 'adventuring' but it seems his luck of encountering a Level 30 Mutant Beast doesn't even come close to one percent as he hadn't even seen..even one with mutant beast with the power level. So his plans to help Olivia had always been delayed for a long time but when he suddenly got those mutant potions, he was suddenly struck with a thought that he even thought of when he first found out about potions able to forcefully mutate a human being.

After all, Leo deduce that if a human takes a [Beast Transformation Potion] then wouldn't that said person undergo a upgrade in their whole physique?

[Yes, she will]

"Really!?" Leo's face lit up in joy.

[But the effects would be further diminished because of that]

"Huh? Why?" Leo's joyful face suddenly turned a bit gloomy.

[Instead of further enhancing the physique of the user, most of the effects of the potion would instead prompt to fixed first the disabilities or diseases of the user's body first which would expand a lot of the energy of potion and after that, the leftover energy then would be further distributed to the whole body of user which would then enhance their physique and finally gaining their mutant ability which further weaken their power]

"Wait, wait, wait. Are you trying to point out that if a person has disabilities or someone with, let's just say cancer takes a mutant potion, then the mutant ability they would get would be weaker than someone who naturally mutated?" Leo exclaimed at the new information.

[Yes and not only that, someone who had taken the shortcut through the use of the potion would be far weaker than someone who naturally mutated no matter how healthy they are]

Leo clicked his tongue, he understood what the System is implying. It means, that it would better if someone who is healthy than average takes the potion as the power they would get would be better than someone who is always stricken with sickness or someone who's not suffering from disabilities.

Leo also understood that if someone who naturally mutated would have the strength of Level 5 then someone who had taken the potion would probably just be around Level 3 and in the worst case scenario even Level 1, the only good thing is they would have a certain mutant ability.

Leo was already expecting some downsides, he was just a bit unhappy though as he wasn't expecting that there would be a lot of it at using the potion.

Leo already arrived at the 20th floor and headed for the lower floor, "Well, can't be too greedy now, do we? I'm already fortunate enough that I have some absurd powers and a state of the art assistant" Leo just shrugged off the information he got about the potion and just hummed happily as he took his time descending the Tower.

A few minutes later, Leo was just about to step foot at the seventh floor when he suddenly came into and thought of something, he tilted his head with a raised eyebrow, his gaze directed towards the ceiling while deep in thought.


After that Leo just shook his head and smiled as he continued downwards the Tower

At the southern west side of the city.

"Let's go! The commander is certainly waiting for us!" Alex declared with a commanding tone.

"Yes rir!" the recruits who now turned into soldiers replied with a decisive tone as they followed behind the Scorpion Tank and a hundred yards behind them were survivors around a hundred cautiously following behind them and some with their families, with most of them holding their weapons ready to strike a zombie if one appeared.

Fortunately for them, there won't be any zombies or beasts appearing in the city and its surrounding villages and towns for quite a while.

In the Philippines.

John was standing atop of a twenty meter tall bell tower while gazing towards the direction where a pillar of bright light appeared earlier.

"If that was an ability of a mutant like me then....his powers are absurd" John just smiled and wasn't really bothered by it as the place where that appeared was certainly far away from his location.

John then looked down, where he could two nuns worriedly calling him out to come down from the tower.

John smiled warmly towards them and waved his hand towards them and said, "Coming!"

John then hastily went down towards the spiral of stairs inside the tower with a lot of thoughts going through his mind.

In Jamaica.

"Wahhhh!" Devon raised his weapon, a long steel pole pointed it towards the direction of the pillar of light earlier and gave a loud battlecry which reverberated towards his surroundings.

Back in United Kingdom.

"That pillar of light from [Cleansing Orb] was huge that it wouldn't be surprising if other surviving people from around the world saw it. I wonder what their thoughts and expression would have looked when they saw it" Leo gave a chuckle, finally reaching the second floor where Isaac and Leo's cousin Luna was waiting for him at the end of the stairs.

"Welcome back" Luna smiled with relief.

"En" Leo smiled towards her.

"Welcome back, Boss" Isaac greeted on the side.

Leo just nodded and said, "Any casualties so far?"

"Luckily, none boss" Isaac replied.

Hearing it, Leo released a huge sighed, worried that there were some casualties but it seems his worries was unfounded in the end. After all, every single of those men are precious towards the development of the camp no matter how amateurish they are right now.

"Come on, let's go back" Leo said to Luna and he turned to Isaac and said, "Austin and Caleb along with their are already on their way here, cooperate with them with your men and make a simple barricade around the city centre"

While both of them are talking, Alex and the rest had already arrived in front of the Tower and waited there while Alex jumped down from the Tank and slowly made his way towards Leo.

"Yes sir! But what about the survivors?" Isaac said as he pointed towards the survivors gathered outside the building.

"I'll leave it to you and make sure to send some of your men to scour any resources you can find in the city" Leo said as he patted Isaac's shoulders and made his way towards the exit.

"Yes sir!" Isaac gave a salute before he immediately went and carried Leo's orders and with first to organize the survivors outside.

"Commander" Alex said to Leo as they met halfway.

"Uhmm, let's go" Leo just merely nodded and passed by him with Luna in tow and Alex just followed behind them.

A few minutes later, a SUV was speeding along the road with a huge black panther leisurely.

Just as the car exited the city, a notification prompt appeared in front of Leo.

[Congratulation: (Emergency Quest! - Capture Manchester!) has been completed!]

[You have obtained the following rewards: 250,000 Defender Coins and an Electric Generator 3000]

[For successfully conquering a city, you have been awarded with an additional 100,000 Defender Coins, a level 5 Stronghold Upgrade Blueprint and the City of Manchester itself is now part of your Stronghold!]

[Because the City of Manchester is not created using the System, it would not have any upgrades through the use of the System! So the host would need to put some attention on your newly conquered land so that it won't get taken back back by the living dead!]

Leo just smiled and ignored it as he gazed at the passing scenery from the window.