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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 108

Five days has already passed since Leo took over Manchester City.

A lot has happened within those three days.

Upon returning and finding out that the city adjacent to them is already cleaned of "pest", the people within the Stronghold threw a huge celebration because of it.

After all, what Leo did was a huge step for mankind towards hope, hoping that humans would once again become the "masters" of Earth but what they didn't know is that Leo had other plans already.

So after taking over the city, Leo had immediately sent more men to rescue the still living survivors stuck around the city.

Every house and building were searched, with no stone unturned.

In the end, they only managed to rescue exactly one thousand and one hundred thirty seven survivors, which is really pitiful compared to the original population of almost a million before the apocalypse.

Leo immediately arranged some people to take care of them by giving them warmfood, a warm place to stay, clothes and even the medicines they currently needed.

Other camp leaders of other survivor camps would probably leave bad comments about him wasting resources on them, especially medicines which is currently one of the most important things in the apocalypse except for food and water.

But what they didn't know is that he's not really worried about running out of those! He just needs real hard cash to buy those things!

Leo had already drafted a plan for the City of Manchester two days ago when they had a meeting, there would be two defensive lines in the city. One is an outer wall while the other one was an inner wall, like those medieval castles of royalties. The outer wall would only be constructed using galvanized roof and lumber as walls while the inner wall would be constructed using concrete.

This plan of his would take at least 3 to half a year to be completed, depending on how many survivors would flock towards them the following days and months as more manpower means faster construction time.

Leo had even mobilized the entire three squads to stand guard in the city. After all, the current protectors of the Stronghold is already enough to even deal a massive horde of zombies.

The current survivor camp of the city was centered around the Beetham Tower, the buildings and the vacant lands around it were turned into residences, workshops and training grounds for the camp's future "Army".

Over two hundred out of the over one thousand rescued survivors already enlisted themselves to join the armed force of the camp, bolstering the group's military might by another level after they finished their basic army training.

"Left, Right, Left, Right, Left!" resonant voices continued to echo along the surroundings of the two training grounds.

"Bastards! Put some strength to it! Get down on the ground and give two sets of push ups! Now!"

"Yes sir!" the trainees immediately dropped down on the ground and executed the drill instructors orders, all of them had the faces like they had just eaten a handful of houseflies as their decisions in their heads.

'F*ck! I shouldn't have joined this madness! What training!? This isn't the army! Why are we even training like we're joining the military!? I thought they would just give us guns and what not and do some useful and easy task! But this..Damn!'

The same scenes was also happening at the other training ground.

The training grounds are currently being operated under former Private First Class James Arthur and Corporal Edward Jones. This two who had always been on the sidelines, who got always gets ordered around finally had important positions inside the camp.

Leo had already implemented ranks/titles towards his armed force and they are as follows:

Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Elite Guard, Mechanized Guard, Shock Trooper, General and finally, the Field Marshal which Leo is entitled to.

The other ranks doesn't need to be explained but the Elite Guard and Mechanized Guard are actually special ranks and both of them are equal in ranks.

Elite Guards, only given to people who have mutated abilities or simply, the mutants.

Mechanized Guards, "ordinary" people who doesn't have mutant abilities but are veterans or simply elite soldiers, wearing their exo suits.

And lastly, a very special rank. The Shock Trooper, this group of people both have the specialties of both Elite and Mechanized Guards. A group of elite soldiers that also have mutant abilities and their would be, only distinction is that they would have their own Armored Suit like Leo...albeit probably the cheapest from the System Shop.

There are also other changes like the currently existing three squads and from now on, they would be called, Hunting Packs because they are like wolf packs who roams the land looking for their prey, which the "prey" are actually the resources.


At a certain training ground for youths inside the Stronghold.

"Stop it! You brat!" Flash yelled angrily as his little body wiggled to the left as he dodged a ball of fire as big as a softball.

Suddenly, he noticed three fireballs were propelling towards his direction. His face immediately turned pale and yelled filled in indignance as he ran, "This is bullying! Help!"

Two of those fireballs landed perfectly on Flash's butt, creating a hole on his pants and showing his white skin butt, now covered in black ash.

And the last fireball didn't flew towards its designated target and instead suddenly veered off towards the direction of a young man talking to two beautiful women and accurately struck the side of his head.

The young man's turned dark but he was still smiling like nothing happened.

When Little Wen Wen saw the person who just got struck by one of his fireballs, his face quivered as it suddenly turned pale. He immediately turned around and was just about to make a quick escape when a hand covered in popped up veins suddenly clamped around his small head.

Behind him was Leo with a dark look and his hair was a mess with some smoke even coming out of it.

"Where are you going, you punk~?" Leo said with a smile but his face was telling another story. His face has three cross-popping veins, showing his anger like those in TV Tropes.

Andy suddenly turned rigid when heard that devilish voice behind him, his eyes suddenly turned misty and snot slowly dripped down from his nose.

"Father!" Andy uttered a cry with his face filled with tears.


At the west side of the wall.

Alex was currently standing beside Henry and having a conversation, actually it was just Henry talking while Alex was just listening to the side with an expressionless look.

"Father!" a sudden, distressed cry reverberated from the other side of the Stronghold.

Alex eyes suddenly emitted a flicker of red light and he suddenly he disappeared from his position, leaving a helpless old man and two dent footprints on the wall.

"Great~ Now, I'm all alone..again~" Henry suddenly rolled his eyes and swung both of his arms forward helplessly.


Leo was just about to deliver a "devastating" hand chop at Andy when his suddenly came into a halt just a few centimeters away from Andy's little head when he suddenly felt an ominous feeling.

Leo's mind suddenly into overdrive when he heard Andy yelling father and multiple faces of women suddenly appeared on his mind and he tried hard to remember if he ever impregnated one of them before when he was still dating the ladies but then..he saw Alex appearing in front of him with Andy standing with a teary face between them.

Something suddenly click in Leo's head including the surrounding spectators on the side.

'Shit' Leo finally realized where that bad feeling is coming from.

"Father!" When Andy or Wen Wen saw Alex in front of him, his face immediately lit up in joy as he immediately ran and hid behind him and peeked at Leo.






Like an annoying stalker, that one word appeared in the minds of the spectators like they just heard something absurd in their lives.

All of them knew how annoying Alex is sometimes. For this people, Alex was the perfect soldier but he was always cold and expressionless.

The men in the camp both hate and respect him....well, they hate him because most of the single women in the camp likes Alex and the women even calls Alex, the Ice Prince because of how cold he is to others except Leo and his family. Even though Alex's face wasn't really at the level of a Prince. Alex is somewhat handsome but it's not in the level of a Prince...yet, especially with how scary his looks are.

The brat Wen Wen, like he was suddenly injected with "guts" in his blood, stuck his tongue out and gave the funny eye towards Leo.

'Annoying brat!' Leo finally grinded his teeth in anger as veins popped up on his face as he gave Wen Wen the death stare.