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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 67

"Thud, Thud, Thud!" Zabu was dashing through the crowd of zombies with heavy steps while he would swung his warhammer in every direction as he sprinted towards where the Striker zombie is hiding.

"Rawr!" Zabu roared as he towards a tree and landed on the trunk of the tree on both of his feet as he bent his knees and propelled himself through the air from the trunk leaving two deep footprints towards the Hunter who already noticed him since as it immediately shot it's tentacle towards him.

In mid air.

"Hmmp!" Zabu snorted as he immediately grabbed the tentacle that was just about a foot away from his face with his left hand.

"Come here! You freaking bastard!" Zabu yanked the tentacle towards with power as the Hunter was immediately uprooted from it's spot and flew towards Zabu.

"Die! You ugly piece of shit!" Zabu roared as he immediately brought forth his warhammer and smashed it towards the Hunter's head.

In slow motion, the moment that the warhammer connected on the Hunter's head. It's eyes slowly popped out before the head was crushed into meat paste as flesh and pale brain matter splashed out everywhere.


The headless body immediately plummeted towards the ground and the body killed a couple of zombies on it's way before creating a small crater on the blood wet ground.

All of these happened so fast that not even five seconds passed by.

After that Zabu continued to decimate the zombie horde and managed to kill one more Striker and another two Hunters before retreating towards the wall.

Arriving back at the top, Zabu breathed heavily, clearly exhausted from the battle while some of the men and especially the single women are staring at him with yearning in their eyes.

"Phew~ That was exhausting" Zabu took a deep breath and smiled at the people looking at him.

"Stop dilly dallying and start firing your toys!" Isaac yelled on top of his lungs towards the people who are dazed while his blood boiled after seeing the decimation caused by Zabu, eliminating at least two hundred zombies by himself.

"Yes!" multiple voices sounded as the gunfire became more intense again.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, Zabu noticed the minute changes around him as he certainly felt a sudden heavy tremor from the the wall.

"Hmmm?" Zabu had a confused expression but when he looked up towards where the horde is at.

"Oh crap!" what he saw was another horde of zombies approaching them from the distance and luckily for them their numbers are at least smaller than the first one but they are also facing another problem.

"I'm out! I need more ammo!"

"Me too!"

"Ammo! We need more ammo!"

Isaac was seen running on the wall towards where Rachel is, "Ma'am! This is bad! There's only 30 or so bullets left for every personnel here" he said panicking.

"I know! You don't to tell me the f*cking obvious!" Rachel raged as she kicked the battlement in front of her, clearly worried as she wasn't expecting another wave of zombies is coming.

"Don't worry you lots! The boss is coming!" Zabu made his way towards them while shouting as he could clearly hear the familiar thruster sounds of the Pelican even amidst the chaos of gunfire and zombies moaning.

Luckily for these people, the wall is high up and has some kind of slippery thing applied to it when the system created it that makes it hard for the mutated zombies to scale the wall.

"Shit! I'm out!"

"Me too!"

"Argghh! Are we gonna die!?"

"Shut up! You chicken shit! We still have the wall to protect us!"

The people started panicking when all of them finally ran out of ammo. Leo is also considered at fault too as he only left an ammunition of two thousand bullets at the camp, mostly because he was worried that there would be people who awakens their greed and start stealing ammunition from him. Clearly, Leo wasn't properly thinking at this part because no one would dare to do that and no one in their right minds would steal a bunch of bullets instead of stealing food. Bullets can't fill your stomach after all. It clearly shows that he still has his own shortcomings no matter how intelligent Leo is sometimes.

"Everyone! Take out your grenades and throw it towards the horde on your own directions! On my command!" Rachel clearly showed that she is a capable commander that even though she's quite angry, she's still able to properly think clearly.

Rachel took out the two grenades hanging at her right shoulder, "Ready!"


Multiple grenades shot through the air, producing a horizontal line of grenades arching through the air towards the mass of flesh eating zombies.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The result was a like a fireworks made of flesh, blood and severed limbs flying across the field.

"Hell yeah!"


The survivors started yelling when they saw the resulting destruction and then it came into a halt when they finally realized that their are sitting ducks inside the wall with not options left except except to wait for a rescue as all of them felt dejected as they just sat there with their backs leaning at the battlement. Everytime the wall get's pounded, they felt like their hearts are pounding along with it and when they hear the moans of zombies below them, they felt like their hearts are being squeezed tight as they felt that it would burst anytime.

Even the powerful Zabu is helpless against this horde because a one person can only do so much to help with the situation mostly because it was a situation bigger than he is capable of dealing with.

Suddenly, one of the men that was just about to sit down noticed something in the distant horizon.

"Look! The Pelican! The Pelican! The Pelican is back! The leader is here!" the person started shouting with so much excitement on his face that it started getting red.

"Waaa~! The commander is back!" Zabu roared like beast as he raised his hammer towards the sky.

Just seeing the Pelican made their morale shot up as they started crying a battlecry.

"Roar!" Zabu roared again towards the direction of the horde as the veins in his neck bulged out when he saw that the incoming new horde started getting decimated by the aircraft and because of that roar of his and the scene they just saw. The men or women started roaring in excitement even Rachel or Henry joined along with it.

"Follow me! To the gates!" Zabu yelled as he immediately jumped down from the wall and with that, the survivors threw their rifles down and started taking out their melee weapons and followed behind him through the stairs with their morale raised through the roof that they probably wouldn't even mind dying just to protect their home.

Surprisingly, the gates of the Stronghold slowly opened up for them.

"The one who kills fifty of them would get his own handgun and a pack of food for himself! If you kill a hundred of them, then I'll even personally asked the commander to reward you of your efforts!" Zabu took command of these crazy bastards.

"Waaa!" hearing it, the survivors especially the new ones started roaring in excitement. After all, no one is allowed to have his own firearm except for the privileged and even the food distributed towards them was limited, according to their contributions.

"Charge with me and kill these ugly ass motherf*ckers!" Zabu roared as a warcry and his head started shaking from it before taking the lead of the charge.

"Charge!" the survivors roared as they followed behind him.

And finally, the army of the dead and crazy survivors collided against each other and on this event, the survivors finally showed that their spartan like training wasn't for naught.

At the Pelican.

Leo clearly saw all of the scenes from back at the camp and he sat there with a shocked and dumbfounded look on his face.

"This people are f*cking crazy!"