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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 68

"This people are f*cking crazy!"

Leo immediately stood up and said, "Gideon, take over"

"Yes, commander" Gideon replied as the aircraft went into auto pilot or A.I'd piloted.

"Leo, what the heck are you doing?" Amanda hastily grabbed one of his arms and asked worriedly, seeing that he plans to go down as the hatch door already opened on them.

"Helping, of course. You guys stay here and watch" Leo smiled at her while patting her head.

Leo then turned back and immediately jumped down from the Pelican while his huge sword appeared on his back.

"Oh my god! Did he just jumped down from this height!?"

"That is crazy!"

"No! He is crazy!"

"Are we gonna die? No one's piloting this aircraft"

"I think it's in autopilot like those commercial planes?"

Suddenly, from out of eagerness. Dan hastily sat down on the pilot seat.

"What are you doing you bastard!?" Michelle was the first to noticed him and she pointed her pistol towards him.

Dan looked at her and raised his hands and said, "Relax, I'm gonna try to fly this thing"

"Don't freaking do it" Aria warned him.

"Geez, I'm just gonna try to fly it. Don't get so worked up" Dan smiled excitedly but when his hands just touched the control wheel.

"Uhhh~~~~" Dan suddenly started shaking like he just got electrocuted so bad that his eyes rolled up showing the white part of his eyes before he fell unconscious on the floor.

"Any unauthorized personnel trying to fly the aircraft is punishable through a minor electrocution" the voice of Gideon followed just after Dan fell unconscious.

"Ugh!" everyone immediately grimace when they heard Gideon, like they also felt what Dan felt just looking at him with smoke being emitted from his body.

Specially the case of Aria and Michelle as they also saw something similar before.

"That gotta hurt like hell. Austin went into coma for two days from that too" Aria said as she shivered, remembering the day that she also almost fell victim to it if it wasn't for Austin who eagerly went to try it without Leo's permission.

"Uh huh" Michelle nodded in agreement as she also remembered that.

"He won't die, right? Cause Leo would surely rage if Dan dies" Amanda asked them worried about Dan's well being. After all, Leo seems to put a lot of importance towards this "Mad Scientist".

"I think he won't. Austin didn't die from it"

"Don't compare them. They have different physiques as Austin is a soldier who has a tougher physique while Dan is not. He's just a freaking scientist for god's sake!" Amanda said something pretty logical.

When they heard her, everyone suddenly wore dark looks especially the new addition of their survivors as they didn't know if they will be punished if Dan really dies. After all, they just saw him kill someone with a petty reason of perverted looking at his companions.

"I think he's still alive, he's still twitching" a middle aged man suddenly butted in as he pointed at body of Dan that would sometimes twitch.

"Then why don't you check his pulse if he's still alive?" Amanda said while looking at him.

"Nah, I'll pass" he was clearly afraid that he would get a small electric shock if he touches him especially that it was currently unknown how much volts of electricity flowed into Dan's body.

"Tsk" Amanad clicked her tongue before rolling her sleeves and walked over to Dan.

"Hey!" Aria raised her voice towards her wanting to stop her.

Michelle were also worried for her and was just about to stop her but when she saw Amanda's resolute look, she stopped and just watch on.

Amanda crouched down and nervously put two of her fingers on Dan's neck where there would a pulse.

Amanda sigh in relief when she felt a pulse indicating that Dan is still alive.

"He's still alive"

"Yes!" the new survivors especially the adults started clapping happily as they felt like the death scythe of the grim reaper hanging below their heads just disappeared. Even the old priest and nun was relieved as they started praying, thankful.

"Good thing he's still alive" Michelle said smiling before she walked over towards the window where she would see the scenes happening below.

Down at the battlefield.

Leo was wreaking havoc as he would switch between his DMR and his sword, it was one sided slaughter as he headed towards where the group of survivors are fighting.


Leo cleared a bloody path towards the survivor group using his DMR.

Leo then managed to saved a couple of survivors that was about to get bitten by shooting at the zombies.

"Retreat inside, now!" Leo barked.

The group slowly back off as they started moving backwards , towards the gates. They were clearly trained or told to not show their backs towards their enemies in any circumstances.

"Close the gates!" Leo yelled.

Leo just stayed in front of the gate and didn't follow inside while the survivors manually closed the gate leaving Leo behind.

"Hmmp" Leo snorted when he blocked off an attack from both a Hunter and a Striker using his sword as sparks flew when the Hunter claws and the sword collided.

"F*ck off!" Leo punched the Hunters face sending it flying through the air while he yanked the tentacle of the Striker towards him that coiled around his wrist.

"Die! You repugnant bastard!" Leo switched his sword to his left hand and slice the Striker in half from his head to toe.

After that, Leo continued his onslaught by switching between his sword and DMR.

A few minutes later, Leo stood there bloodied in the middle of corpses piled up around him, like a berserker that destroyed an army of undead single handedly.

The people watching from the Pelican, the people atop the walls looked at the scene dumbfounded with shocked faces and they had only two different thoughts.

'Our boss really gets crazy when he's in a battlefield' the people who saw him fight before thought.

'This is one person that can't be offended at any circumstances' the newer survivors thought.

Leo then looked around him and suddenly got a headache, "F*ck, I think I overdid it"

Rachel looked at her son smiling widely, very proud but then she finally noticed the problem in front of her.

"Now, how are we supposed to clean up this mess?"