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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 69

Caleb and his crew consisting of David, Edward, James, Dylan, Michael and two more men who was recently added at the camp are currently scouring for resources in a small village called Tintwistle in two groups

"Sir! I found a few sacks of rice and some others here! Like a lot!" a man shouted from the front door of a two story house, that probably got abandoned amidst the chaos.

"Are you sure Lance?" Caleb and Edward immediately came over and Caleb questioned.

"Yes sir" Lance nodded eagerly as he immediately them inside towards the place where he found the foodstuffs.

"It's over here, sir" Lance pointed towards a destroyed wooden wall.

Edward immediately took out his torch light and turned it on before he pointed it towards the destroyed wall, illuminating what's looks like a set of stairs heading underground.

"How did you find this?" Caleb looked at Lance and asked.

"I was just tapping the walls when I suddenly I noticed that this part of these wall sounded weird from the rest like there's a space at the other side of the wall so...I guess I just got curious about it from watching many crime movies or tv series. So yeah, I destroyed it and discovered this" Lance explained as he walked through everything from how it happened.

"Alright, Edward and I would go down while you go call the rest to come over here, okay?" Caleb said.

"Yes" Lance nodded.

"Be careful outside" Edward warned just as Lance left the room.

"Let's go" Caleb lead the way inside using his own torchlight.

The journey only lasted around ten seconds before they reached the end of the stairs and what greeted them is a large room with at least a diameter around ten meters and in the middle of it are piles over piles of rice sacks, gallons of water, a row of canned food in stack on shelves, a bunch of junk foods like carbonated drinks and a bunch of others.

"This are sugars, salts and peppers. Look, there's even coffee and powdered milk here" Edward started inspecting the things inside the room with a look full of surprise and amazement.

"Don't tell me the people who previously owned this place are those called Doomsday Preppers on that TV series?" Caleb said while walking around the room, already calculating in his mind on how long the supplies here would last when they carried all of it back at the camp.

"You've watched that TV series before?" Edward was surprised when he heard some familiar words that he wasn't expecting from someone who was a former royal guard.

"Yeah, it was pretty interesting" Edward agreed on that as the other edge of his mouth rose up.

"How long do you think these would last us?" Edward asked Caleb as he already started stuffing the canned foods and condiments inside a duffle bag.

"Around 2-3 months?"

"That short? I thought it would last longer?"

"I already accounted the survivors that would join us and the other group along this trip" Caleb gave a reasonable answer.

"I see"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Both of them suddenly heard multiple gunshots and looked at each other before rushing upwards. They knew something bad must have happened as they were strictly given instructions not to fire their guns and instead use their combat weapons except when they feel truly threatened for their lives.

Above ground and just a few meters away from the house where Caleb and Edward are.


David emptied clip after clip as he slowly moved with a cold expression towards where another armed group is hiding.

"Shit! What the heck is this person? Isn't he afraid of getting killed?" a middle aged man with a beard cursed as he took cover behind a concrete wall.

"Damn you! I told you this was a bad idea! Look what you have gotten us!" a bald man with a tattoo on his face cursed at the man beside him.

There are around nine of them hiding inside a small house trying to not get themselves killed, all of them are armed with simple butcher knives, machetes, axes, while the middle aged man with a beard is equipped with a M1911 and the bald man is armed with a Parker Shotgun.

"Boss! What are we gonna do? We can't even get up to escape! The barrage is not stopping at all! How come this guy has so much bullets on him!?" a man around the thirties started complaining while laying down on the floor with his hands covering his head.

"Shut up!" the bearded man cursed at him and started blindly firing outside from the opened doorway.

"F*ck! Don't f*cking waste your bullets!" the bald man yelled at the bearded man which the latter just snorted and stopped firing back.


Caleb and Edward expertly crouched on the ground as they slowly moved outside towards where the rest are crouching down for a cover.

"What's with David? Why is he firing towards that house? What happened?" upon reaching towards them, Caleb started a barrage of questions while staring at the back of David.

Just as Caleb finished saying those, a bullet suddenly whizzed past his right ear scaring the daylights out of him as he immediately crouched down.

"Shit! Why didn't you tell me that there is someone trying to shoot us!?" Caleb yelled angrily at James.

"The bullet was faster than my mouth, sorry" James jokingly said almost laughing. It was his first time seeing this strict and cold field training officer of them getting scared.

"Bastard" Caleb cursed.

"Just tell us what happened" Edward finally can't take it and butted in their conversation.

"Well, long story short. Someone just tried to shoot us down while we were just about to reach the house and now here we are with David emptying mags after mags" James said.

Suddenly, the gunfire stopped.


"It stopped!" one of them joyously yelled.

"He's out! This is our chance!" the bald man yelled but just as he was about to get up and fireback at David, something was suddenly thrown inside the room they were in.

"Eh?" all of them uttered at the same time before someone suddenly yelled in horror.

"Grenade! Run!"

Some of them ran outside without caring if they get shot down while some of them dove towards a near huge sofa or in a nearby room.


Dust and debris flew from the resulting explosion.

"Shit!" the bald man suddenly cursed as he felt a muzzle touching the back of his head.

"Give me one reason so that I won't kill you guys" a cold voice sounded behind him.

'F*cking asshole! You've been trying to kill us since like forever and you even threw a grenade at us! And now you're asking why you shouldn't kill us!?' the bald cursed in his mind before he slowly raised his hand and slowly stood up.

He gave a deep breath and gave his best smile and slowly turned around.

"Sir, ple-"

"Your smile is disgusting" is what David said the moment the bald man just turned around.

'Fucking asshole!' the bald man cursed inside as the veins started bulging on his head.

And his minions started praying to themselves when they saw that their boss has gotten angry from being told that his smile is disgusting.

'Oh god! It's his reverse scale!'

'Please, don't f*ck up!'

'Please, don't f*ck up!'

'Please, don't f*ck it.up~!'