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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 73

Three days had already passed since the battle with horde of zombies.

Currently, there are three silhouettes sprinting through the dark forest under the cloudy dark skies, one of them is riding on the back of a huge mutated beast that has a color as dark as the night while the other person was running beside the beast with so much ease.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~

"We're here" Leo muttered as he gazed at the burning village below while Alex and his Kitty stopped just a bit behind him and coldly looked down on the village.

"Let's go!" Leo uttered with a cold voice before sprinting towards the village devoured by the sea of flames.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

They were running so fast that they are practically cutting through the air.


Leo came into a sudden halt at the entrance of the village and that the power behind his last step produced a sound like an artillery shell had just gone off and the reason behind it was the scene in front of him.

"Bastards!" Leo spoke in gritted that the muscles on his body became tense from his anger that the ground below his feet started to cracked under the pressure.


Suddenly, a silhouette of a demonic looking crimson bear appeared behind as it started roaring and it looks like it was breathing hard as puffs of white smoke would appear every time it breathed out. Of course, if one was to look closely they would actually see that the bear was actually synchronizing along with Leo's breathing.

The panther scampered in fear behind Alex when it detected the changed in the aura of Leo, especially when it felt the bloodthirsty aura being emitted from the crimson bear.

If the panther could talk, it would probably be cursing his luck by now that it had followed the boss of his boss who always had a savage aura around Leo when angered that the panther would have died in fear by now if it was just an ordinary mutated beast and not like a powerful monster like itself. After all, the mutated panther beast is Level 15, a level above Leo but even then it still get scared the shit out of him everytime he feels Leo's bloodlust.

"Oh boy, he's out for blood again" Alex muttered to himself while looking at his boss, Leo before he directed his attention towards the grotesque scene in front of them.

Leo then calmed himself as the crimson bear slowly shrunk into his shadow before he strode towards the village ignoring the immense heat around them.

Every place his eyes landed, Human corpses laid waste. Kids, women and even the elderly weren't spared. Some of them had cuts in their throats, mutilated bodies, crushed skulls, headless corpses and even women who died fully naked, all of them died full of despair, fear and unwillingness in their eyes.

This was the first time Leo saw a massacre like this and also the very first time that he had gotten this very angry that even though he had already tried to calm himself down, he still can't help clenching his fist so hard that it already started bleeding.

Leo took a deep breath and face Alex and said, "Help me bury them"

"Yes" Alex nodded and he ordered Kitty to dug a deep pit which the beast surprisingly can understand what the command was as he ran off just outside the village and started digging using its paws.

Alex then started picking corpses after corpses, filled with solemnity and Leo also helped, he didn't even bat an eyelid when he picked up a headless corpse or severed heads, legs or arms.

A an hour later, Leo and the rest finally buried all the corpses with their own grave. Leo just stuck a simple cross on every grave and he even went as far to picked up a huge boulder around two meters in diameter as he wrote the words using just his finger nails.

"Here lies the graves of the residents of Mourne Village"

Leo then closed his eyes and clasped his hands in a prayer and gave them a short prayer while Alex and surprisingly the panther too closed their eyes as they just listened to what Leo was mumbling.

A few seconds later, Leo snapped his eyes open and said gravely to the graves in front of him, "I, Leo Wood. In the name of my ancestors, promise all of you vengeance to the people that this to all of you"

Rumble~ BANG!

After Leo said those words, the clouds above them suddenly rumbled and from out of nowhere, a lighting as thick as an adult arm descended towards their direction.

The three of them immediately leapt backwards, the moment they noticed it.

Unfortunately for them, the lightning wasn't for them and the lighting struck towards the boulder.


The boulder emitted a white smoke like a hot pot suddenly being doused with water.

"W-what the?" Leo stuttered, shocked at the sight in front of him even Alex who always had cold look on his face was startled at the sight in front of him.

The words that Leo carved on the boulders was pulsing in golden light.

[Ding! You have a new mission!]

The system's voice rang inside his mind along with an interface that appeared in front of him.

[Kill Quest (Vengeance!) -

The souls of the dead heard your solemn promise! Now, you must avenge their wrongful death by delivering justice to the people responsible for the massacre of the entire residents of Mourne Village!

Reward(s) - Monster Familiar - Death Knight and 20,000 Defender Coins.

Failure - the souls of the dead will haunt you forever!]

Leo was startled at first but then it turned into excitement when he saw his quest reward.

"A familiar that cost one million defender coins!" Leo exclaimed, obviously very happy.

"Don't worry, I will certainly avenge you all!" Leo promised them and also for himself because the people who massacred the village just touched his bottom line, killing innocent people especially kids and women who are the future of mankind but what he hates the most are those people who rapes women against their will.

Leo then waved his hand as a Model Breakout of Harley Davidson appeared on the middle of the dirt road.

He then got on on the bike while Alex rode on the back of Kitty.

Leon then opened his map and started moving it around looking for a group of people around 10 to 20 people, he knows not just a single person can do what happened earlier but should be a large group, that's why he started moving the map around until he saw multiple green dots with a tinge of red in it, three miles away from them as the group of dots are heading towards Leeds and seven miles away from Dawn Camp/Village.

"Found you" Leo had a devilish smirk on his face while his eyes are flashing with dangerous lights, full of bitter coldness.

"Let's go!" Leo yelled as the bike roared towards the distance while Alex riding on Kitty controlled their pace just behind Leo.

Behind them, they didn't noticed the people standing where Leo and the rest were standing earlier as these people blankly stared at the back Leo and his group until they disappeared into the blanket of the night and only then did the group of people turned back and disappeared into thin air.

If Leo was able to saw these, he would be shocked to find out that this group of people are the spirit of the people who died earlier from which he buried them.

Which means they are... Ghost~!