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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 74


Exactly fifteen minutes later, Leo and Alex stopped just a mile away from the group they are pursuing whom Leo think as the most likely suspect for the events back at Mourne Village.

Leo then got off from his bike and stored it inside his Inventory before running off again without saying anything as they continued their pursuit while Alex just obediently followed behind him.

"Mwahaha! It's been so long since I had this much fun!" A tall burly guy covered with tattoos was laughing.

"Boss, It's already been ten years since I last tasted a woman! Oh man" a man around mid-thirties bellowed before running off towards a place where there is only a single light source but someone with a good eye would immediately noticed his bulging crotch as he headed towards the spot fifty meters away from their campfire where two men are currently ravaging two women, one is a young woman around mid-twenties and the other one was around the age between forty and fifty both of them could be considered beautiful specially the former but instead of the two resisting with their all. They just laid there on the ground with a blank look on their faces, devoid of any expressions whatsoever as they just spread their legs as they let the men ravage them.

"Hahaha, that f*cker really can't control his urges" another said while laughing with disdain as he watched the man ran off.

"Brothers! Listen! This sudden chaos is our blessing! No more government, no more police and no more prison for us! This time we will be able to do what we want and get what we want including women and those who resist shall be killed like what we did back at the village! Mwahaha!" the man called boss stood up and bellowed with hearty but sinister laughed.


Everyone cheered, there are at least around seventeen of them and almost all of them are wearing prisoner clothes and what's truly weird is that there are at least five people within the group wearing some kind of a prison guard uniform.

Pyak~ Pyak~

"Yeah, oh yeah.. uh uh" the man earlier was pounding his hips hard against the young woman as he wore an expression of extreme lust as he groped real hard on the breast of the woman below him.

"Uhhh~" the man closed his eyes as he suddenly moaned in ecstasy but what he didn't saw was the man beside him who's also doing deed was suddenly decapitated.

"Uhmmmmuhmmmm" the man suddenly felt a hand that covered his mouth as he moaned in panic specially when he saw the man beside him from the corner of his eyes, already covered on his own pool of blood, headless.

"Trash like you should be erased from this very world" Leo whispered word by word with a tone full of coldness.


A gushed of blood sprouted from the man's neck as Leo slowly slit the man's throat.

"Now, die in despair and pain just like what you did with those innocent people back at Mourne Village" Leo said with a cold look and then Leo took two blankets from his Inventory and covered the two women. Who, for the first time, started trembling as tears finally streamed down from their faces.

"Stay there" Leo said to them softly, his eyes didn't show pity but intense rage.

"Hmmm?" the person called boss, felt something as his face turned unsightly and he suddenly stood up and stared at the place where Leo is but what he didn't noticed was the pair of green eyes staring at them and another pair of eyes from a top of a tree.

The people around the man immediately noticed the changed of his expression especially when he suddenly stood up but then they immediately felt something amiss as they suddenly felt that their surroundings suddenly became covered in almost silence with the only noise coming from the campfire in front of them that even the moaning sounds earlier already disappeared.

All of them, then stood up one by one with their weapons in hand as they wore solemn looks.

"Boss" someone softly called.

"Hush" their boss gestured them to keep quiet and gesture towards the place where Leo is located.

Their boss then gestured them follow him as they slowly strode towards where Leo is. Sadly for them, they didn't noticed the man and beast tailing them.

"Who are you?" the man called boss stopped along with his minions at the edge of the second campfire as they stared at Leo, full of hostility.

Leo already knew from the start that they are moving towards him that's why he already moved the two women into someplace safe.

"Kukuku, you guys are here. I've been waiting" Leo started chuckling evilly as he slowly stood up from a log.

"Who are you!? How dare you kill my men!?" the man bellowed with anger.

"B-Boss" someone suddenly tugged on his shirt with a trembling voice.

"Wha-" the moment the man turned around and was about to curse at the guy, he suddenly stopped as he body started trembling.

Behind them was a beast as dark as the night standing before them as it looked at them with disdain.


Kitty growled menacingly and took a step towards the group while the latter took a step back immediately out of fear.

"M-monster!" someone suddenly yelled as immediately flee towards a direction and along with his cue the rest also started fleeing from all directions and all of them are wearing terrified faces like they just saw they their most terrible nightmare.

The reason they were this terrified was because the already met a mutated beast before but the monster was smaller than Kitty but it was able to almost one sidedly slaughter their group of over a hundred people but luckily for them, they were able to escape from the monster by the brave sacrifice of their 'former comrades'.

And that scene of the monster slaughtering their group was already etched deeply in their mind.

"Catch them and dragged them back here!" Leo yelled the moment he saw them running away.

Just as Leo finished saying those words, a shadow from down from the three and started chasing after the prisoner while Kitty followed behind the man.

While Alex and Kitty went to apprehend the culprits, Leo took out a shovel and started digging on the ground.

He started digging multiple holes just fit enough for an adult to go through and it was at least almost two meters deep.

While Leo are doing it, Alex and Kitty brought the unconscious prisoners and guards in groups of two or threes.

A few minutes later, Alex was able to catch all of them and with it, Leo buried them, neck deep on the holes he dug.

Leo then took out a huge jug of water and started pouring the water on their heads to wake them up.

"Bastard! What did you to do us!?" one of them shouted fearfully when he realized the moment they were in.

"Release us! Now!"

"We never offended you! Why are you this doing to us!?"

"Y-You! W-what are you doing!?" a man who wore a prison guard uniform started shouting hysterically when he saw Leo taking out a wolf carcass from out of nowhere.

"I may not be as cold blooded as you folks but I sure as hell more merciless and dangerous" Leo smiled coldly and started slashing the wolf's carcass and Leo dosed every single one of them of the wolf's blood on their head before he threw the wolf's body at the center of them.

A few minutes later.


A wolf howl reverberated from the distance, followed by another then another and there was at least twenty different howls.

"I'm sure 'my good friends' wouldn't mind having a late dinner with you guys" Leo started laughing like a devil before dashed away into the distance as he noticed from his map that the wolf pack is heading towards their direction.


"Please! Don't leave us!"

"Let me out of here! I'll become your slave if you want to just get me out!"

"Bastard! I hope you die a horrible death!"

The people started begging for mercy but when they saw Leo having no intentions of turning back, they all fell into despair and fear as they started raining curses at Leo.

Leo, Alex and Kitty along with the two rescued women stopped at a place not far away where they would be able to properly see the place where the criminals were buried neck deep.

"Ahh! Let me out!"

"Arghhh! No! No! No!"

"Aghh! You bastard!"

"Hii~! Wolves!"

All of them started panicking when they noticed multiple pair of eyes staring at them especially when they saw the thing/s or monsters behind those stepping towards them.


A huge wolf stepped out from the pack who is two times bigger than the rest, the wolf stared hard at the mutilated corpse of a wolf then at the people crying, cursing and some who had already gone insane, the wolves looked at them full of hatred and hostility.


The moment the pack leader howled, all of his minions dashed towards the men and lunged at them as they bit on their heads and pulled them out from the ground before making a meal out of all of them.

"Arghh! H-help!"

"Mercy! Ahh!!"

The people started screaming in pain and despair while some was bold enough to attack the wolves by punching their faces but it only resulted in making them far more angrier as the wolves slowly ate them alive and the men had horrified looks on their faces with tears and snots as they watched themselves slowly get eaten alive as the wolves feasted on their limbs and intestines.

From a distance away, Leo just watched on, not even a single bit bothered at the gory scene.

"Now, you can also feel what your victims felt before they died. This is karma"