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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 75

5:00 am, Monday.

Broooom~ Clank! Clank~

A Harley Bike zoom past a gateway sign with words "Sheffield" printed on it as it swayed along the wind as Leo passed by it followed by a person dressed in full black clothes covering his whole body with two identical swords on its back and the person clearly looks like a hassassin in the Prince Of Persia movie and with only his green eyes visible while riding on a skeletal horse and the horse's eye sockets are covered in light green flames as it easily gallops behind Leo even though Leo was already going 40 miles per hour on his bike.

Clop~ Clop~

Leo is heading towards Sheffield, he already sent back Alex along with the two rescued women back at the camp with orders to continue their search for foods and survivors.

Leo is currently heading to Sheffield with the same purpose and doing it as a two man crew along with his very first familiar, the death knight following behind him whom Leo calls it Shadow because the Death Knight would materialize and disappear from Leo's shadow.

His goal was to rescue as many survivors as he can as he already had enough funds to upgrade the Stronghold to Level 4 and train more survivors to become soldiers for the purpose of capturing the capital city, London.

"Ohh?" Leo and Shadow stopped in the middle of the road because it was being blocked by a horde of congregated zombies.

"Shadow, take care of them" Leo commanded as he pointed at the mass crowd of zombies.

"Yes, master" Shadow's voice was like sound of a specter talking.

"Neighh~!" the Undead Horse raised both its front hooves as Shadow unsheathed his twin swords from his back and charged towards the mass of zombies.

"Cool~!" Leo exclaimed when he saw Shadow literally bulldozed his way through as limbs after limbs flew through the air. Leo immediately followed behind and took out his DMR from his back and started shooting the zombies he passed by using his left hand.


[Ding! You Have Killed a Level 6 Zombie and gained 150 Defender Coin]

[Ding! You Have Killed a Level 5 Zombie and gained 100 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You Have Killed a Level 3 Zombie and gained 20 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You Have Killed a Level 3 Zombie and gained 20 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You Have Killed a Level 5 Zombie and gained 100 Defender Coins]

"Die! You son of a b*tches!" Leo gritted his teeth as kept shooting, he was like Rambo in a rampage and his smile was especially devilish because he kept hearing the notifications in his mind which sounded like a lullaby.

It took them a full ten minutes before they are even able to pierced through mass of zombies. That just shows that there are at least thousands upon thousands of the zombies gathered here.

"Hooo~" Leo took a deep breath and then strapped his DMR to his back and then looked behind him and muttered, "Such a pity, I should've brought the Scorpion Tank with me"

Leo felt reluctant leaving behind the mass of walking money behind but he didn't have any choice as there are only two of them.

"Hays~" Leo sighed as they continued along the way.

At the other side of Sheffield.

A huge convoy of vehicles ranging from SUV's to military vehicles are making their way through Sheffield. Every single person inside are wearing camos armed with Old weapons from WWII and melee weapons like machetes and axes.

In the middle of the convoy was a customized black SUV plated with steel and spikes on its body especially on it wheels and on its front low bumper, there is a sharp triangular object welded on it. It look like a car from the Death Race movie with how menacing it looks and the same goes for the other vehicles too, this shows that this group of people are ready to go rough with their enemies, be it men or zombies.

Inside the car, there is blonde young man with closed eyes around the age of Leo, maybe around 27 or 28 while being protected or sandwich by two burly men on each of his side and another two in front of him.

What's the most surprising is the man is actually armed with a M1 carbine along with two kukri machetes strapped on his back.

"How long till we get there?" the young man asked the man beside him impatiently.

The man in question look at the young man from the corner of his eyes and then leaned towards the barricaded car window to glimpse where they are currently at and saw a gateway sign that reads "Sheffield".

"We are currently in Sheffield, your highness. After we passes through here and Huddersfield then we'll be able to reach the so called Dawn Stronghold in a no time" the bodyguard/soldier replied.

"Hmm...I wonder what's so great about this place that Her Majesty put so much importance to it" the young man mumbled.

The man who talked to earlier, glanced at him and thought 'It seems he haven't heard about it yet, that the place has an unknown aircraft and some kind of a weird tank'

Of course, if Leo knew that there are people spying on them then he wouldn't even be surprised as he already knew about them a long time ago from Alex, where Alex would scout the surroundings of the camp every time he's at the camp. Which surprised Leo before because the country is still powerful enough to send men to monitor them even though the entire country is in disarray.

Sadly for Leo and Alex, they missed something or someone who's always watching them.

Bang! Boom!

The sound of something crashing through a metal sounded as the vehicle their in started shaking.

"Report! What's happening!?" the bald burly man yelled at the walkie talkie on his hand.

"Sir! There is a mass of zombie of heading towards us!" a man's voice immediately replied from the other side of the walkie talkie.

"How many?"

"A hundred, maybe two hundred or more, Sir!"

"Then what are you guys waiting for!? Eliminate them!" The man bellowed.

"Yes sir!" the moment the man's voice fell, people started getting down from the vehicles except for the people inside the SUV in the middle of the convoy.

There was at least thirty people that got down from the vehicles, all armed and ready.

"The three of you, stay here and protect his highness and the rest, Follow me!" the man who looks like the Captain of their team motioned them with his hand and ran towards the front of their convoy.

"Defensive formations!" the man ordered as the men immediately executed his order and created two rows of firing lines, the people at the front knelt in one knee while second row are all standing.

"First row! On my command!" the man raised his right hand and they waited.

All of them looked calm without any unease or agitation on their faces.

"Hold, Hold, Hold.Fire!" the man then pointed towards the mass zombies in front of them, who are just thirty meters away from their group.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The first row of soldiers started shooting his command and when they emptied their clip, the second row took over as the cycled continued as zombies fell down one after the other.

A distance away from them, Leo was watching them full of interest, alone.

"How interesting, isn't that the insignia of the royal family?"