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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 76

"Protect his highness!" the black man who was sitting on the left side of the young man earlier at the car is now standing in the middle of a clearing along with the rest of the soldiers, as the remaining twelve survivors formed a defensive line with the young man in the middle.

"Brock! Stop! I can protect myself!" the prince yelled angrily at the man.

"No! It is our job to protect you and lead you to safety until you reach the Dawn Stronghold" the man named Brock yelled back as he threw all formalities as he kept swinging his sword towards the zombies lunging at them.

"What is so important about that place that you guys are willing to sacrifice yourselves" the prince angrily bellowed as he was really clueless about it.

Brock didn't answer but beheaded two more zombies before he turned to look at the prince and then sigh to himself then looked at his comrades who are already mentally and physically tired as they panted for breath, "I was instructed not to tell you about this until we reach the place but it seems our chances of surviving this looks dim with us surrounded like this on all side"

The prince didn't say anything and just looked intently at him as he waited for his answer.

"At first, we really didn't know that there was a powerful group around Manchester who was able to eliminate almost half of the zombies inhabiting the city using only a single fighter tank and an unknown one at that"

"One day, when Her Majesty along with the rest of the royal family was fleeing from the palace, the managed to bumped into a small group of soldiers from the 23rd Division led by someone called Charles, a Captain and then from them we found out that there's a powerful two man group that could take on thousands of zombies by themselves and that's not at all. One of them, the leader, named Leo was seen wearing some kind futuristic armor that haven't been seen before that's the reason why this is deemed very important and this information was later confirmed by a group of scouts that was sent to look into it" the man was explaining with his back facing the prince as he was truly busy fending off the zombies but then when Brock was about to look back, "That's the reason w-" he wasn't able to finished his words when he felt a shadow passed by in front of him and when he followed what it was

"Your highness! Follow him and protect him!" Brock bellowed as he immediately followed behind the prince while the rest followed behind.

The reason that they got into this difficult predicament is because they ran out of bullets but the reason, mostly was because the sound of gunfire attracted more zombies to converge towards them. Fortunately for them, they are already lucky enough that a mutated zombie haven't appeared yet or a mutant beast or they would have even more casualties right now and with it, increased their chance of survival.


At a distance away, just enough to see what was happening to the group of the prince. Leo stood there with a pondering look like he was thinking of something hard that he can't easily decide on.

Of course, Leo didn't know that the reason the prince and his men got into this dangerous situation was just to meet him or he would have helped them by now without any hesitation.

"Oh dammit, I really did not expect that there's another horde here. I guess I'll just help them and it's not like I could leave them now that I saw what situation they're in" Leo just shrugged it off and took his DMR from his back as it was replaced by his huge sword immediately and again rode on his bike and made his way towards the prince's group as he went downhill and passed through the bumpy forest he's currently at

Suddenly, Leo came into a sudden halt as he stared at the scene he's currently looking at with a lot of interest.

"Oh? He's actually a mutant and one with an interesting ability" Leo had an amazed look on his face and then he gave a huge smile before he pulled down hard on the throttle of his bike as he accelerated towards them.


"Ha~!" the prince rested his two swords on his chest as the two swords trembled a bit.

"Cross Cutter!" then the prince lashed out towards the pack of zombies in front of him and the force behind his swing produced a sharp blade of wind in the shape of a cross.

The skill lasted at seven meters before it melted into thin air and anything that it passed through was cut into twos or threes.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, a tentacle shot towards him.

'Shit!' cursed the prince in his mind even though he already noticed it as he knew he can't dodge it as he's still stuck at his attacking stance earlier.

When the tentacle was just about a few inches away from his face, a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed his back collar and pulled him away from the tentacle's trajectory.


With it's target suddenly disappearing, the tentacle still continued its trajectory and struck the ground causing a small pit, the size of an adult's foot.

"W-what!?" the prince panicked at first but then felt relieved but when he turned to look back what he saw was an unknown man smiling at him.

"W-who are you!?"

"You really do have an interesting ability" Leo grinned and let him go as the prince's companions are already coming over.

"Stay there and watch how I do it" Leo said as he equipped his DMR.


[Ding! You have killed a Level 12 Mutated Zombie and gained 500 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 7 Zombie and gained 77 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 5 Zombie and gained 50 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 8 Zombie and gained 100 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 10 Zombie and gained 200 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 9 Zombie and gained 150 Defender Coins]


"Money! Hahaha~!" Leo was laughing hysterically as he noticed that the Defender Coins he's getting are far more than a same level zombies he had killed before which made him truly happy.

The prince and his group just ducked there with a dumbfounded look at Leo as they didn't need to do anything anymore as Leo was shooting everywhere like he didn't mind a damn thing if they shot or not.

A few minutes later, "Eh?" Leo uttered as his DMR wasn't shooting anymore but was instead emitting white smoke.

"I didn't know it would actually overheat if used for too long, so much for a rifle that has unlimited ammo" Leo felt unsatisfied and strapped it back on his back and pulled out his sword from it.

Leo grinned widely as he looked at the comical looked on their faces when he turned towards the prince and others who are on the ground taking cover from his onslaught.

"Now, you guys can start killing again" Leo turned his attention back at the zombies in front of him.

Leo stepped his left foot forward and leaned his body forward as his hand that was holding his sword pointed backwards like he was ready for a massive lunged.

"Hmmmp~!" Leo grunted as the crimson bear appeared again and his feet started bulging as he gathered his strength towards his legs while the ground beneath his feet started cracking under pressure.



Leo suddenly flickered and then zoomed forward like a bullet and every zombie on his path was mercilessly killed before reappearing thirty meters away from his original position and the impact of his sudden dashed cause small ground debris to fly everywhere killing the zombies around the prince and his group as they hastily laid on the ground for cover.

"Shit! He's a freaking mutant!"

"Ahhh! F*ck! That F*cking hurt like hell like an armor piercing bullet just shot me!"

The soldiers started cursing in pain as they laid down on the ground but even then, they are still warily looking around at their surroundings.

While the soldiers and the prince slowly stood up from the ground and continued killing the zombies while the prince just stood there with awe in his eyes as he stared at the back Leo, who is currently on an onslaught as Leo pierce through a bloody path while waving his huge sword at every direction as he tear through any zombies that comes near him.

'He's mutant among mutants' the prince had a crazy though in his mind as he saw Leo decimating the zombies and creating circular safe zone around where no zombie has been able to passed through.

"Behind you!" the prince suddenly shouted when he saw a zombie with claws suddenly appearing behind him.



A metallic sound rang out as the Hunter claws collided against Leo's arm. Leo already knew the Hunter appearing behind him even without the prince's warning.

"Hehe, surprised?" Leo sneered when he saw the confused look of the zombie when it saw that Leo's arm wasn't severed under his claws.

Leo then suddenly grabbed at the Hunter's neck and smashed the zombie towards the ground and then Leo raised his right foot and stomped it on the Hunter's head, squishing it into a pulp as brain matters splashed on the ground.

Leo then continued swinging his sword everywhere while moving, killing all the zombies that he passes by.



The prince and Brock uttered in shock when they saw Leo unscatched from Hunter's attacked and even killed in the end. Both of them knew just how powerful the attack of a Hunter Class Zombie is, that even steel would break or cut into pieces if a Hunter attacks it multiple times.

The prince and Brock looked at each other at the same time and both smiled as they knew what the other is thinking.

'We need to recruit him to join our ranks'

Sadly for them, this person they wanted to recruit was the Leo they are looking for.