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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 79

It was near dusk, with the sky slowly growing dark in the distance.

A fleet of vehicles is currently stuck in the middle of the highway road with armed soldiers wearing black camos cautiously roaming around the vehicles who had multiple passengers from kids, women, men and elderly inside fidgeting around at their seats as they watched the surroundings nervously and only when the soldiers passes by their vehicles they're on, would their tense nerves relax a bit.

Currently, there is also a man standing on top of a truck, who had an annoyed look on his face.

"Shit! I forgot about this guys!" Leo cursed as stood on top of a truck while glaring towards the mass of zombies just a few hundred meters away in front of them.

Leo then looked behind him and gave a wry smile, their fleet of vehicles has now increased from a motorcycle, a cargo and three SUV's to an additional two-twenty seater minibus and a 16 seater van they 'borrowed" on the way here. Their fifteen man group have now an additional fifty people in their fleet that they needed to protect. That's the reason why two SUVs with four people inside have taken the rear guard while the other SUV was located on the middle of the fleet.

"Damn, so much trouble" Leo cursed and took out a grenade from his Inventory that he had bought before from the System Shop and jumped down from the truck.

Leo just got down from the top of the truck when Prince Ashton immediately approached him, "What now?" he asked a bit worried. Of course, his worries were useless as he knows is powerful enough to clear a path for them but his worries was instead directed to the survivors they just rescued as they are already starting to show signs of panic.

Leo didn't immediately answer him as he tried to look around and pointed towards a flat clearing just a few yards away from the road, "There, get the people inside to set up camp over there and have the women prepare meals for dinner and they can freely use the supplies we have and don't forget to put torches or small bonfires on the four corners of the camp to prevent being ambushed".

"T-this, wouldn't doing that invite trouble instead?" Prince Ashton was confused by Leo's arrangement and what he didn't notice that, him a Prince is already subconsciously listening to the commands of someone who was of a lower status than him, not that Leo is.

Brock already noticed this changes about the Prince but he didn't say anything as he wants the prince to slowly realize that no matter high his status is, that there is someone out there except for the royal family that could easily order him around no matter what his current status is. After all, the world wasn't the same as before, it is now a world where the strong survives and the weak, eliminated. Even the mythical Mutants are now existing around the world.

Even the influence of the Royal Family have now become only limited inside their own secret based camp but of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't people outside that aren't willing to follow them but they can't also rule out the fact that there would also be ambitious people that would emerge like Leo, where this people would rather fight it out with the Royal Family than let them be suppressed and ordered around.

"You're a prince and on top of that, a mutant too so don't be a chicken now and if..if there was really are zombies, mutated beast or even hostile humans that wants to robbed and attack us, then we kill them. We have guns and they don't. You should also don't forget that your men are elite combatants including you and there's even me here. So just forget your worries, alright?" Leo smiled while patting Prince Ashton's shoulders.

"W-wait! Where are you going!?" Ashton suddenly yelled at Leo when he saw him getting on his bike and turning its engine on.

"What do you think?" Leo didn't turn back to look at him and just wave his hand that has a grenade on it as he sped towards where the mass of zombies are gathered.

Prince Ashton was startled by his reply and belated noticed the thing on Leo's.

"Is that a f*cking a grenade? Don't tell me he wants to" Prince Ashton muttered in shock and he suddenly thought of something horrible as he immediately turned pale with fright, 'Don't tell me he wants to lure those zombies? But there are at least ten times their numbers than the horde we fought earlier this morning! He'd die if he got fully surrounded'.

Prince Ashton wanted to yell at him to get back and just tell him to just look for another route they could pass through.

'Shit! If he dies then getting at the Dawn Camp would become much harder now that we have this many people following us! This bastard!' he was just about to run and follow Leo but someone suddenly grabbed his collar from behind.

Ashton was startled for a moment and then turned his head and was about to yell the person who had stopped but when he saw Brock standing behind him, he swallowed his words and annoyingly asked, "What are you doing?".

"Stopping you from doing something stupid, your highness" Brock stared at him, not even batting an eyelid.

"Me? Doing something stupid? It's Dylan! Can't you see that if he throws that grenade on his hand at the middle of those monster then he would certainly lure them towards him and if he gets surrounded with those many numbers, he'd die and we won't be able to reach Dawn Camp with this many people following us now!" Prince Ashtone raised his voice in anger towards Brock but made sure that the people inside the vehicles can't hear him.

"I know, that's why I stopped you"

"Why you! If he-"

"He won't, your highness"

Brock didn't let him finish and immediately interrupted him as he already figured out what Ashton was about to say.

"Wait, what?"

"Dylan won't die"

"How do even know that!? You don't even know what that guy's thinking!"

"You don't seem to understand, your highness. Dylan isn't stupid enough to sacrifice himself for people like us whom he just recently met today" Brock replied as he just stared at the silhouette of Leo getting smaller.

Hearing his explanation, Prince Ashton didn't what to say as his mouth just keep opening and closing.

"How would you even know that?"

"Gut feeling"

"Che! Then I hope you're right about that" Ashton sneered and walked passed him as he started making the survivors do what Leo's arrangements are before he left.

"Me too" Brock murmured to himself before he went to do his own thing.

And Leo didn't disappoint Brock as he was actually not planning to sacrifice himself and suddenly become a good knight and die a hero.

Stopping midway, Leo got down from his bike and then some kind of a grenade launcher suddenly appeared on his hands.

"Hehe" Leo snickered and started putting grenades after grenades inside the barrel.

"I wonder what would happen when a grenade, five times more powerful than the grenades of this era lands in the middle of those zombies"

"This time, I would certainly get two levels or maybe even three with this many zombies in front of me and a lot of coins too"

"Good thing it's almost evening now" Leo said while walking towards the horde of zombies as he didn't forget to summon his Death Knight, Shadow at his side.

"You'll accompany me tonight just in case there are sudden surprises" Leo smiled as he readied himself.

"Fire in the hole"