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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 80

Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

"W-what!?" Prince Ashton was just dozing off inside the car when he suddenly heard multiple explosions coming from the distance that he suddenly sat straight up from the back seat, startled and terrified. His sleepiness was already gone that he hurriedly got down from the vehicle and joined the others outside curiously and nervously looking through the distance where Leo went to.

"Your highness!" a soldier gave a nod towards him as a greeting when the soldier noticed him.

Kaboom! Kaboom!

"Shit! That can't be a grenade he's using! That's as powerful as a 105mm artillery round!" Prince Ashton started cursing as he stared at the dust cloud in the distance with a face full of shock. Luckily for them, for the first time in a while, the moon is shining brightly on the land that they can at least see a bit of what's happening over there.


"F*ck off!" Leo dodged on the side as a Hunter's claws swept passed his head and then turned his body as he replied with a spinning back kick towards the Hunter's head, smashing it into meat paste.

[Ding! You have killed a Level 9 Zombie and gained 107 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 14 Mutated Zombie and gained 323 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 10 Zombie and gained 123 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You are now Level 17]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 11 Mutated Zombie and gained 147 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 15 Mutated Zombie and gained 700 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 12 Mutated Zombie and gained 570 Defender Coins]

[Ding! You are now Level 18]

[Ding! You have killed a Level 12 Mutated Zombie and gained 570 Defender Coins]

[Ding! Your Familiar: Death Knight have killed.]

"I levelled up twice? That's weird" Leo felt confused as he knows that it's been really hard getting levels.

Suddenly, Leo realized something when he looked at the notifications tab while dodging the attacking zombies that would suddenly popped out from the smoke dust cause by the grenades and with new notifications continuously being added at the Notifications Tabs because of Shadow killing the zombies from left to right.

"So that's why, the zombies have gotten stronger again. This really makes me worried as I've only seen one mutant so far" Leo had a complicated looked on his face as he's really worried about the future of the human race.

Leo continued talking to himself but he didn't forget to launch grenades into the air from time to time as every explosion would result to a massive notification kills on his Notifications Tab. He at least sent over twenty grenades at every direction where most of the zombies are concentrated.

"Shit, this is really worrisome. Even though I really want to create more mutants but that potion is really expensive" Leo muttered to himself as he remembered something from two days ago.

[Beast Transformation Potion - gives the user a random beast-like form and gaining animal like senses, speed, strength, and agility.

Cost - 500,000 Defender Coins]

[Elemental Ability Potion - gives the user a random elemental ability from one of the elements of either Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning or Wind.

Cost - 250,000 Defender Coins]

[Beast Manipulation Potion - allows the user to gain an ability to tame any beast around him/her. Effect varies from how powerful the user is.

Warning - user must at all times remember that you should be able to beat the beast you're facing or it won't work.

Cost - 5,000,000 Defender Coins

Leo recently discovered that there would be one to three items randomly added on the miscellaneous section or more known as the System Shop every time he levels up three times.

While Leo was in deep thought, a tentacle shot passed through from the smoke dust as it headed towards his head. Seeing it, Leo's eyes immediately constricted into a small black dot along his body slowly bending backwards, as the tentacle swept passed in front of his face before it immediately retracted back to where it came from.

While Leo's body was still in the bending position, he immediately noticed that from the right corner of his eyes was a Hunter already leaping towards him with it's claws ready to dismember him.

The weapon on Leo's hand immediately disappeared as he immediately put his right hand on the ground and use it as a support as his lower body bent upwards like a one hand black flip and his left foot exactly kicked the back of Hunter's head as it smashed onto the ground.

"Capoeira!" Leo immediately and yelled at the dead Hunter on the ground.

While all of this are happening, the smoke dust slowly cleared up a bit after five minutes as he finally gained more visibility.

"It's already over?" Leo gaped in shock and with his superb eyesight and a little help from the moonlight, he saw his Death Knight, Shadow stabbing the head of a Striker zombie.

[Ding! Your Familiar: Death Knight have killed a Level 16 Mutated Zombie and gained 887 Defender Coins]

"Ohh.." Leo uttered a weird sound as he opened the Notifications Tab, there was over seven thousand new notifications in it.

"F***!" Leo suddenly cursed when he saw those massive numbers and finally realized that the clogged of red dots in his map disappeared with only a few surviving hostiles at the edges.

"Five minutes and this happened!" Leo said as he gestured his hand at the gory scene in front of him.

Leo even noticed that his already Level 20, 'I didn't even notice' he thought and looked at Shadow, who's coming over towards him.

"Huh?" Leo suddenly noticed something weird, it was the words above the Death Knight's head.

[Level 9 Death Knight(Shadow)]

'What!? It suddenly had a level!' Leo exclaimed in his mind and was slack jawed and then he look again the scene in front of him.

"Just how f*cking high was this guy's basic stats when he didn't even have a Level earlier and did all of this!?" Leo didn't even know how many times he had already cursed today.

"Master, I've finished already your task" the Death Knight immediately got down from his horse and knelt in one knee.

Leo didn't say anything and just stared at the kneeling Death Knight in front of him.

Suddenly, Leo gave a wide devilish smirk and started laughing from out of nowhere.

"Hahahahaha! This is awesome! Another powerful assistant that follows my orders!"


With how silent the night suddenly became, the sound of Leo's laughed managed to travel towards where the camp of Prince Ashton and the others are.

"What a creepy laugh" Prince Ashton said weakly as his body suddenly shivered.

'Did it suddenly get cold?' Prince Ashton felt something weird as he started to looked around but when he realized that he can't seem to pinpoint what was wrong, he just shrugged off his shoulder and slowly walked towards the front of their fleet and waited for Leo to return.