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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 81

9:00 pm.

A few hours has already passed since the zombie clean up done by Leo and his Death Knight.

[Added +5 Agility, +5 Vitality, +5 Endurance and +5 Stamina!]

Leo smiled to himself and then closed his Status Window.

Leo then noticed something from Prince Ashton who was sitting beside him on a wooden log with a campfire in front of them as they are surrounded by the other survivors who had their own campfires, some rested around it while the others preferred to sleep inside the buses and then there's Prince Ashton who's staring hard at his Death Knight [Shadow] with interest and confusion.

Leo said: "Don't you know that it's quite rude if you keep staring at someone?"

"Eh..?" Prince Ashton got startled but then suddenly felt ashamed when he realized that someone of his status is doing something embarrassing or rude.

"I was just come I haven't seen him with you before?" Prince Ashton, deserving of his status immediately recovered from embarrassment and pointed at cloaked Shadow who is standing behind Leo.

Leo then looked at the person Prince Ashton is looking at, "Shadow? He's been with me since we first met"

"Really? I'm pretty sure there was only you when you rescued us" Prince Ashton insisted as he can clearly remember even in that chaotic scene that Leo was all alone.

"Oh? You're talking about that huh. Of course he wasn't with us earlier this morning because I sent him to clean up the surrounding zombies around the outskirts of Sheffield and we just regrouped earlier back there" Leo explained with half a lie and half a truth and while hinting that Shadow and him only regrouped when he was facing the horde three hours ago. Leo can't really say that Shadow was a summoned familiar or they might freak out from it.

Leo also finally realized one thing tonight from the earlier fight. It's because he finally figured out the real reason that the Death Knight could only be summoned if the Sun isn't visible. Leo just thought that because Shadow was an undead that he could not be summoned when the Sun is visible and glaring above the sky but Leo figured out that the real reason behind it is because the [Death Knight] was too overpowered just based on how this undead literally decimated seven thousand hostiles all alone in under five minutes and that the System literally nerf the guy!

Prince Ashton nodded understandingly even though he felt there was something wrong about Leo's explanation but he just shrugged it off, then he suddenly remembered something very important, "Hey, that thing you used to bombed those zombies. Was it that weird grenade you were holding before you set off or did you use something different or it's actually your mutant ability!?" Prince Ashton's voice started trembling as he started imagining things in his mind.

Leo immediately snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Prince Ashton's excited tone.

Leo looked at his excited face and thought, 'Heh, good thing that Shadow has the ability to disguise himself and the horse to look like their living beings or this shitheads would have peed their pants by now if they saw what Shadow truly looks like. He even mistook Shadow as a noble from another country from how Shadow carried himself and how his currently dressed. Just what you would expect from an intelligent familiar, hehe'.

"Mister Dylan? So was it that grenade or it's something else?" Prince Ashton asked again when he noticed Leo staring blankly at the campfire in front of them.

"Ohh, it's the grenade. Why, do you want one?" Leo snapped out of his daze and looked at Ashton with wide smile as he smelled business.

"Of course! Can i see it!?" Prince Ashton stood up in excitement as he stretch his hand towards Leo.

Leo stared at him weirdly.

"*Cough* Can I see one?" Prince Ashton noticed Leo's gaze and felt embarrassed before he slowly sat down and regained his bearings while thinking, 'What's wrong with me today? I've losing my composure a lot from surprises over surprises since I met this person'.

Leo didn't mind and picked up his backpack and acted like he was taking something out from the inside of the bag even though he was actually accessing his Inventory and just used the bag as a cover up for it as Leo really doesn't to explain his abilities to random people, especially someone not under his command.

"Here" Leo handed a black grenade with a skull printed on it to Ashton, who took it from Leo carefully and held it like he was holding a very fragile thing which is understandable because it's a freaking grenade!

"Whoa! It's the same sized as a regular grenade but it packs a punch, huh!? Like an artillery round!" Prince Ashton looked at thing on his hands with shining eyes. He was so excited at seeing something new that he forgot one thing suspicious about it!

'That grenade has the same sized as a regular grenade from the army and if Dylan is telling the truth then this new grenade is as powerful as a 105mm artillery round!' Brock was shaking his head as clearly figured out the suspicious point about the grenade of Leo and just the thought of how it is made Brock shiver in cold sweat.

The commotion of the two certainly attracted some attention towards the two them as mostly the survivors around them are watching the scene with interest and nervousness.

After a little while.

"Can I get this one?" Prince Ashton looked at Leo expectantly.

"No" Leo immediately replied with a flat tone, a clear refusal. Leo wouldn't have this much guts to reject a member of the royal family if it was before the Apocalypse but now, Leo has the power and advantages to fight them already.

"How much are you selling this for then?" Prince Ashton immediately went into business talk.

Leo immediately showed him nine fingers.

"Nine hundred thousand pounds?" Prince Ashton guessed.

"No, nine pieces of Beast Cores for the other nine in my bag including the one in your hands" Leo explained properly.

"Beast Cores?" Prince Ashton said in a confused tone.

"It's the crystal thing you get from a dead mutated animal"

"Ohh! So that thing is called Beast Core huh? But no, just based from your request then it must very valuable that even our researchers doesn't really know what's its used for and it seems you know something about it too" Prince Ashton smiled slyly.

Leo just clicked his tongue and just stared at him and thought, 'How sly, truly deserving his title as a Prince as he immediately noticed it that it was valuable that I was willing to exchange this powerful grenades from something they probably deemed it as useless'

"Alright, no beast cores then. I want 10,000 wood logs, 10,000 Stones, 10,000 Iron and 5 tonnes of food in exchange for 30 of those grenades" Leo immediately stated another proposal.

"No! That's too expensive of a price!" Prince Ashton suddenly raised his voice as he was startled by the price.

"Uhmm...Uhmm...Uhmm...." Leo started waving his finger at Ashton.

"It's not expensive really, you shouldn't forget that your grenades does not work but mine does" Leo gave a huge grin.

"This" Prince Ashton was suddenly speechless as he just finally realized it! Even the eavesdropping Brock wasn't an exception to it.

'Right! How come his grenades works but ours is not!' Prince Ashton and Brock thought at the same time.

"Deal but you'll need to come with us to get the goods after our trip at the Dawn Camp!" Prince Ashton immediately agreed to it as he already started plotting in his head!

Leo happily shook his hand obliviously to the plots brewing inside Prince Ashton's mind.

'Hehe, once this is all over and you came back with us at the based then I'll kill you there and take your things from you' Prince Ashton started having thoughts of greed. Of course, he wasn't thinking irrationally. He knows Leo is very powerful and that's why he plans to lead him to a booby trap filled with landmines once there at their based! Because for him, no matter how powerful Leo might look like, he's still a human which could still be killed by a powerful explosion!

Of course, if you Leo knows what Ashton is thinking

He would probably just shake his head from disappointment.