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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 82

8:00 AM.

A large fleet of different vehicles are currently moving along the highway road. Leo's fleet of eight vehicles has now increased into ten as they rescued another thirty one survivors along the road.

But Leo wasn't happy with it as he furrowed his brows in worry.

'We're lacking in people to protect the fleet and even with me here, it would still be troublesome if we suddenly got attacked from all sides. I could get the men from the survivors and arm them but they would just be useless baggages when we're to suddenly face a battle and casualties would surely not be avoided if that happens. Will I really be forced to summon Alex and the available soldiers from the camp to help me? But it would reveal my identity if I do that and I need to know the place where the royal family barricaded themselves' countless thoughts was swimming in his mind as he can't decided what decision to take.

"If there are no mishaps, then we'll reach the Stronghold in three hours" Leo mumbled to himself.

"Once we're there, what then? I can't just tell them that they have been travelling with the person they had been looking to meet and that can't happen or my plans would be ruined. about I assign a proxy leader instead?" Leo was bothered about his true identity once they reach the Stronghold but then smiled wickedly when he realized that he could just assign an actor to act like him.

Leo then smiled as a transparent communication earpiece appeared on his right ear, "Alex, can you hear me?".

"I can hear you loud and clear, commander. What are you orders?" not even a second longer, the voice of Alex sounded in the earpiece.

"Where are you right now? I can hear the sounds of battle around you" Leo asked as he would occasionally hear gunfire but mostly the clanking of metals or a flesh being sliced apart. Leo curious as he clearly ordered Alex to train some new recruits while he was away from the camp.

"Sir, I'm currently in the middle of the City of Manchester along with the new recruits you've task me to train into how to properly fight a zombie in close combat - You over there! Don't use your gun!" Alex immediately replied then suddenly berated someone on their side.

"What!? - Whoa!" Leo almost yelled in shocked and his motorcycle wobbled because he lost his composure for a bit but managed to immediately regain his balance.

Inside the truck, Brock saw Leo wobbling on his motorcycle and said, "What happened with him? Is he drunk or something?"

Sadly, no one answered him as the person beside him, Prince Ashton is soundly asleep.

Leo then started telling his plans to Alex on how he met a prince on the road from the royal family who wants to meet him and told Alex that he used a fake identity instead to mingle with them and how he plans to plunder them when he finds their based. That's the reason why he wants someone to act like he's 'Leo' so that his cover won't be blown and he needs a good candidate for it.

"Who do you think is a good candidate for it Alex?" Leo asked.

For a moment, there was only silence from the other side and just Leo was about to asked again, Alex finally replied, "I think Zabu would a good actor, sir"

"Ohh? I thought you would have at least recommended someone like Alastair not Zabu, so why?" Leo was confused as to why Alex recommended that loudmouth brat.

"Because he has a huge build, a very straightforward person and has a rude mouth, a very perfect definition of a warlord" Alex said.

Like a bulb of light just appeared above his head, Leo was startled to realized that Zabu really looks like a warlord of some kind.

"Zabu is it then!" Leo agreed immediately.

"W-what? Why me?" Zabu's weak and embarrassed voice suddenly butted in.

"Shut up!" Leo berated him.

"Kukuku" Alastair's annoying laughed came over as he was probably with Zabu and enjoying Zabu's stupid face right now.

While Leo, Alex and an unwilling Zabu are putting up a plan to fool Prince Ashton and his subordinates, the others who were also given an earpiece communication are also listening to their conversation in silence but when Leo suddenly mentioned about a prince

"Really? You met a Prince!? Who!?" an excited voice of Amanda suddenly chimed in.

"Who among the Prince's did you meet then?" Michelle also butted in trying not to sound excited too.

"Does that mean a Prince is coming here!? Then I need to dress up and look good in front of him! - Mom! Did you hear that? Leo is bringing a Prince with him!" Aria's excited voice also came over with an excited scream as she started shouting at her mom.

"Yes, yes. No need to get so worked up about it" Rachel's not so excited voice was also heard, probably not that excited to meet a royalty at all.

'F*ck! I forgot that everyone who was given an earpiece can also hear what Alex and I are talking about' Leo cursed in his mind that he had forgotten about the functions of his earpiece communicator.

Leo was about to berate all of them in anger but held it back as he didn't want the two people riding on the truck to see him looking like an idiot and suddenly yelling at the thin air in front him.

"Just...just follow the lead of the others okay?" Leo tried to sound nice to the girls.

"I know! We heard everything!" Amanda angrily said.

"Uh huh" Michelle just uttered a sound of agreement.

"Leave it to us! Don't forget your sister was an aspiring actress before this!" Aria's said in a proud tone.

"Don't worry, commander. I'll make sure Zabu acts his role when you guys gets here" Alastair voice butted in the conversation.

"Mom, please the other residents about my plan, okay? I don't the person who would ruin it would be from the residents" Leo told his mother.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing" Rachel's voice reassured her son.

"Alright, I'm turning off my com. off just contact me through this if you guys need to tell me anything"

Leo then sighed to himself as the communication earpiece on his ear was turned off.

"Man, having a lot of women in the family is so.annoyingly troublesome sometimes"

"What prince!? I'm far more better than that bastard!"

Leo gritted his teeth in annoyance and looked back at the said person on the truck who's currently fast asleep with a dark, not realizing that it was just pure jealousy on his part.


"Wha~~!" Prince Ashton was suddenly startled awake that he unconsciously stood straight up and his head collided with the truck ceiling.


"Arghh! That hurts!"

"Your highness! What happened!" Brock's panicked voice sounded.

"I-I dreamed of so-someone wearing a scary looking armor was torturing me while laughing like a demon and then...and then crush my head into a pulp! Ha~ Ha~!" Prince Ashton voice trembled as he started breathing raggedly because he felt that the dream was so vividly real.


"What are those two yelling about!?" Leo said in annoyance as he could hear Prince Ashton yelling in pain.

Sadly for Leo, he didn't know that his simple dark stare at the prince would caused him a nightmare, causing him to have an insomnia that wouldn't go away for a long while.